Castle Wars [PvP] [Minigame]

Castle Wars is a multiplayer map where you have to build a castle and then defend it against the other team. It’s a really fun mix of gameplay where you’ll start out building a castle and then fight to protect it in a battle. The main objective for both teams are to protect an obsidian block. The team which first loses its obsidian block has lost the game. Make sure to read through the instructions in-game.

Creator: jackalot, Twitter Account

How to play?

Since this a PvP multiplayer map it requires at least two players but preferably more. Each team will start out by building a castle. The design of the castle be any way you like as long as it’s built within the assigned borders. Another requirement is that there must be a clear path to an obsidian block placed somewhere at the castle.

Press Set into Battlefield once you have completed the build and then press the second button to get back to spawn.

At spawn you will be able to use another button to teleport to the Castle Wars arena.

The objective is to mine the other team’s obsidian block or defeat all of their team members. If killed during a battle you are not allowed to respawn until the game is over.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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10 Responses

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  1. Nicklas says:

    Good minigame idea

  2. ShoxLegend says:


  3. Daniel Fish says:

    also, i am a map maker apprentice and this would be a huge honor!!!!!! thanks a billion and please email me your gamertag!!!!!

    • Jackalot says:

      Just saw this comment, This was the first map I actually posted online before, the editor took that out however. This map was rushed in all honesty but I am making something huge at the moment, it will probably not be done until like next month or something. Also, sadly I am nots emailing my gamer tag to anyone.

  4. ICanDerp says:

    I think the .zip file download link is broken. Please fix it soon!

  5. jackalot says:

    I would love to watch any gameplay videos, link me your video when you make one and I will watch it with pleasure.

  6. jackalot says:

    This is the new version of Castle Wars.
    The start button as a whole.
    Build areas now show where to the castle entrance is so you do not have to go to the battle field just to test where it is.
    This is a mcworld only link, i don’t know how to zip things but I think mcworld is easier especially for my fellow Pocket Edition users.

  7. Emmo2233 says:

    Unspeakable used this map today!! Omg I’m so happy I found it (btw it was on his mcpe acc)

  8. jackalot says:

    Well now I notice naming this game castle wars was a bad idea. Too many maps with the same name.

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