Charged Creeper [Puzzle] [Parkour] [Adventure]

The Charged Creeper is a super complex redstone alternative map which is a part of the A-Z Adventure Series where this is the third part.

The map includes playtime totalling between one to two hours and is a constant mix of parkour, puzzles and adventure.

Creator: YJproject, Twitter Account

Previous Parts


After beating the Blaze boss and escaping the nether you found a teleport which sent you to a forest. Now you must find your way home through the forest.


  • Never break/place blocks unless told so
  • Set Peaceful mode on
  • Don’t use a sprint mod
  • Can be played for up to 1-2 players



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  1. Neo says:

    dude the link is broken

  2. F-Craft says:


  3. AxeloMCPE says:

    what version you are using, if version 1.0.5 you can use the command block to make the conversation without sign

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