Chicken Parkour 2 [Parkour] [Roller Coaster]

If you love chickens (and don’t consider yourself one) then perhaps the Chicken Parkour 2 map is the perfect suit for you. Basically it’s a normal parkour map with some roller coasters and mazes and as icing on the cake there are also (perhaps not surprising) lots of chickens running around everywhere in the map.

Our bet is that the chickens are there as distractors to make the parkour harder to accomplish. Imagine trying to jump from one block to another at the same time hearing loads of chickens chattering. Anyone should understand that the parkour obviously get much harder!

Creator: sheepyboych1 ch2 ch3 download

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4 Responses

  1. Lukman says:

    Can you make another link it say what you looking is remove or been deleted

  2. IDEK says:

    Make a McDonald’

  3. Sam says:

    The link was deleted.

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