Christmas Giveaway (Ended!)


Here is a list of the winners. Winners will be contacted via email (make sure to whitelist [email protected]) or on Twitter (DM).

There will be more chances in the future for people who didn’t win this time. Thank you everyone who participated!

But to all winners – congratulations!

You’ll be contacted within 7 days (9th January is last possible date you’ll hear from us). You have until 15th January 2018 to accept the prize or else it expires.


  • Xbox One X (x1) Value: $500 USD
  • Nintendo Switch (x1) Value: $300 USD
  • iPad Mini 4 (x1) Value: $399 USD
  • Google Play Gift Card $50 (x4) Value: $200 USD
  • iTunes / App Store $50 (x4) Value: $200 USD

How to enter the giveaway?

There are two ways which you can enter as a participant. If you do both of these things then you will retrieve two entries and increase your chances of winning. However, you are only required to complete one of the following options to enter.

Option 1: Retweet + Reply

1. Retweet the following tweet.

2. And then reply to the same tweet with a random message. Done! +1 Entry

Option 2: Play the Winter World map and find three pass codes!

1. Download the Winter World map:

2. Play the map and search for 3 different pass codes. The codes are written down in books which can be found in chests on three different locations around the winter area. Note them down as you find them.

3. Write a comment on this page and include all of the pass codes. Order doesn’t matter. Done! +1 Entry

When are the winners announced?

All winners are selected at random. The winners will be announced here and on Twitter on 31st December, 2017 (changed to 2nd January, 2018). It can take several weeks before a winner receives his/her prize.


Important Information

  • If there is no easy way to retrieve a specific prize then the winner will receive the value of the item in cash (via PayPal) instead.
  • There is no way to influence your chances of getting a specific prize. The prizes are given away at random to random participants of the giveaway.
  • Same person can’t win more than one prize item. In total there will be 11 winners.

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59 Responses

4.94 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Alan D'Silva says:

    I’m soooooo hyped!

  2. Adwait koyande says:

    Thanks for making available such a diverse collection of add-ons and maps on your website please keep up the good work.I am making a Minecraft map which I want to upload on your site but how do I do that?.also very thanks for your maps.

  3. Amir says:

    Do you actually give those?If you do it is AWSOME!

    • Editor says:


      All comments on this page automatically require moderation before being posted. To avoid cheating no comments which include the pass codes will be displayed on the page until the winners have been announced.

      If you answered with the correct codes, don’t worry, your entry is counted!

  4. Person420 says:

    Are there location restrictions for the giveaway?

    • Editor says:

      Nope. As long as you are in a country reachable by mail from the US you’re fine. And if a winner can’t retrieve a prize then we can always send the item value via PayPal ($).

  5. Romek says:

    I have done it I think if I have plz say if I have or not 😀🤩

  6. TheKillerbro466 says:

    Can semana get the gift cards through email? Plz

  7. TheKillerbro466 says:

    Can we get the iTunes card via email because I already found 2 codes

  8. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    Why my comment about codes are deleted?

  9. Fares says:

    This is awesome

  10. Dan says:

    What if someone won doesnt have paypal

  11. Piper The Redhead says:

    Noo i really want an xbox to play minecraft onXD
    Too bad
    I dont want to enter
    Mum wont pay for one

  12. votivemitten230 says:

    what happens to the comments if they aren’t moderate?

  13. RaezaR says:

    How will the winner be contacted if they win?

  14. Choi siwoo says:

    I found all codes

  15. SkatTz says:

    How TF did u guys find three? I only found two

  16. Owiww says:

    Those are the codes

  17. Music .alian.dancer says:

    In ready snowy , reindeer,Christmas tree

  18. Armando Qiu says:

    I hope than i got the prize .
    I have such hard day back there

  19. TheScimitar says:

    My comment still says “awaiting moderation”, does that mean I’ve been been entered?

  20. Emma says:

    Omg it took so long to find the codes! It was so fun though! Holding my breath, holding my thumbs, crossing my fingers and praying✨ Good luck everyone!

  21. MonkeyBomber says:

    Honestly, I don’t care if I win

  22. Jonathan Wibowo says:

    And there is codes comment posted in here.

  23. Kent Impok says:

    The code Christmas tree, levers, and elytras can be found inside of a gift on top of a tree. The code Snowy can be found on the snow man. The code reindeer can be found inside the gift on the frozen river

  24. Kent Impok says:

    Am I now considered a participant?

  25. Kent Impok says:

    I hope i could enter😁. All I wanted is a gift card. But it’s ok if I don’t get any.

  26. LOko23 says:

    Hey why all my comments are deleted
    Does it mean im not entered the giveaway
    Pls Lemme enter the Giveaway

  27. Waide says:

    My codes are Snowy ChristmasTree and reindeer

  28. Oskar says:

    I found the codes im also on twitter AmazingOsko its snowy , reindeer,christmas tree!

  29. xXConquerGamesx says:

    I posted a comment on here like 3 days ago and it hasn’t posted yet. please help me

  30. Christian says:

    I’ve been playing this for a while and found snowy, reindeer and Christmas tree. I loved how this map was designed and hope this happens every year.

  31. Jimen971 says:

    Snowy, Reindeer, Christmas Tree.

  32. Diacart Playz says:

    Everyone here taking a lot of time to find the codes but people on twitter can just make a few clicks and enter XD

  33. Logan says:

    The codes are:
    Christmas Tree

  34. Monique says:

    The codes are Christmas tree reindeer and snowy

  35. ScaryCherrie6 says:


    Christmas Tree


  36. Zack says:

    Reindeer, snowy, Christmas tree

  37. The Potato says:

    Snowy, reindeer, and Christmas tree.

  38. Darkwolf says:

    Were the winners chosen already?

  39. Thunda says:

    Why are most winners you tubers?

  40. Lol says:

    I didn’t win 😭 but I already got a switch for Christmas

  41. bPANASLAPd says:

    I follow the person in twitter that is underneath Nentendo Switch. My twitter username is @bPANASLAPdYT

  42. Dan says:

    Wait, am I picked editor? or is it another “Dan”?

  43. TheRealTRLG says:

    Hello I’m TRLG i’m one of the winners i just like to ask if how i can clam the prize? thank you very much xD

  44. #UNSUBFROMSHOT says:

    I got the codes they are
    Christmas tree

  45. Tonytony400 says:


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