Republic of Peaceland [Creation]

The Republic of Peaceland is one of the largest and most detailed maps so far created for Minecraft PE. It consists of two different cities by the names of City of Democratia and City of Hollywoodenplank as well as a vast amount of different creations scattered around the lands. There are lots of things to see such as hospitals, libraries, universities, suburbs and much more. As a whole, it’s a really great map to explore!

Creators: PeacelandGov (Twitter, Facebook), Nick_Miao (Twitter), PLBroadcasting
Updated: 20 April, 2017 (read changelog)



  1. Download Map .McWorld
  2. Go in-game and enter the world!

Do you rather download this map as a .ZIP file? Click here!

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117 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Corpus says:

    MCPE Pls i beg of you

  2. martinwang9 says:

    Why is every map builder using the seed “0” for their map? Is this a coincidence or is there something special with this certain seed?

  3. Daisy says:

    Where’s the university

  4. CutieMuffin says:

    Yay the insides in the building are finished!!!

  5. IGN says:

    10/10 rating for this world! Such details and I can see that a lot of effort is put in 😉

  6. PeacelandGov says:

    I thought Id leave a comment because theres this new rating system.

    To reply those who are encountering difficulties with Adfly, I apologize for the inconvenience caused–its a new function that uses random domains but it seems to be causing a lot issues. Hence I wouldn’t use it again for upcoming updates.

    For the moment, please use the “open in browser” function to prevent being redirected to an Ad site. Its pretty obvious but for those who didnt know–ads saying “a virus is detected” is utter BS. Close the tab and it would be fine.

    Again, I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    • Guest-1337741550 says:

      Hi! This is my favorite map and I really appreciate the time and the amount of detail that you put into this. I was just looking and saw that a post that hap updates including a new bridge that was posted about 2 years ago. I was just wondering if another update could be coming, or if 4.2 is the final. Thanks!

  7. SquarishSiren26 says:

    Never mind, good map

  8. SquarishSiren26 says:

    Hi, I have a problem, can anyone of you guys have the specific link download in? Is it on mediafire? Cause won’t work on my device, it says reload but I won’t, maybe cause my phone is rooted, can anyone of you guys send the specific link where to download, likedirectly to mediafire of any download without going to adfly pls, I want to download this map

  9. Leandromcpe11 says:

    Why I click the download world(mcworld,zip), the word “the virus has detected” appearing on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P555? So, I cannot download the map. Pls fix please to download this map.

  10. Luke says:

    Hey I rencently downloaded the map and every 5 mins I get kicked out of the map and then I have to go back in and I could be somewhere where I was at the start of the game Y is this happening to me

  11. John says:

    This map is amazing thank you creators! I can’t wait to play it.

  12. Hannah says:

    Can I use this for a role-play? I will give you credit(or course)

  13. DeKaasJongen says:

    Hey can you please make a download link directly to mediafire? First i have to go trough and everytime i come on that site it automaticly starts downloading a weird apk and thats very annoying.
    -a true MCPEDL user who hates

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hello Editor,

    I downloaded twice via .mcworld file, importing it but it never showed up! And I got 44 Worlds, the 45th never came!


    Yours Sincerely,


  15. Jack Grimes says:

    I clicked to download the Minecraft world file but it just gave me a zip file

  16. YouShallNotKnowMyName says:

    I downloaded this map. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT! Sadly, Minecraft only crashed when pulling up this map during 1.0.0 – 1.0.6. I have 1.0.6 now, and it finally works! I added Queen’s Cinema (Somewhere in Queensland btw) I remodeled a few houses, and an end tower in honor of the 1.0.0 update. But… In the process I was hit by a shulker and I literally shoot up like a rocket if I touch the ground. 🙁 Good map though.

  17. PeacelandGov says:

    Also the Twitter tag is wrong: it should be @NickMiao0928, although you dont have to include it as I dont post there anyway. Instead, please add our Facebook page: Thanks!

  18. PeacelandGov says:

    Hey Jared,

    Here is the changelog for 4.20. Editor, please include this in the desc as well. Thank you!


  19. CupableCsGyT says:

    Did he make the buildings hollow coz i want fully fledged buildings

  20. Jared says:

    What were the New changes?

  21. PeacelandGov says:

    Hey Editor I tweeted about update 4.20 but in case you didnt see it, please update this post. Also please add the Facebook link as well. Thanks!

  22. William says:

    Where is the police station is on the map

  23. PeacelandGov says:

    Hey Editor, could you please add our new Facebook page (@PeacelandGov) into the desc? Thanks mate.

  24. Kitella says:

    Hai Nick Miao! Do you make this map with multiple other people? I ask this because I would be interested in helping with the map. I believe it would be great experience for future building, I also have to much free time X3 I have a few ideas to!
    (P.S If you have google hangouts you can contact me at gigikate27)

  25. Lilacsofwisdom says:

    I need coordinates to 3 places and that I can’t find for a roleplay I do with friends (you may join if you have Xbox live btw just reply with your username) the locations are
    -The Queensland hospital
    -The amusement park
    – Any highschool
    – Any neighbourhood
    If you have found any of these please comment the coordinates!
    ~ Lilacsofwisdom

    • PeacelandGov says:

      Hey Liacs,

      Look, I cant really tell you the cords because, well, MCPE. But, I can tell you how to get to places.

      Firstly: Queensland Hospital. Lets say you start off at the Democratia CTR station, which could be entered through the City Hall (Basement) or at Oak Tree Drive (Behind the Spleef Stadium). You go down, and go to platform 1 (left platform) that says To Queensland. Afterwards, you go along the tracks and in about 2 minutes, you’d be in Queensland.

      To go to Errorland, you can fly towards it from Uptown. Its in front of the Uptown City Hall. This would be easier than taking the subway.

      The highschool (Uptown College) is in, well, Uptown, right next to the Queensland Bridge.

      Neighborhoods could be find in again, Uptown, or Springfield, which on the Mt HWP between Downtown and Uptown.

      Hope this helps

  26. AshleyGaming827 says:

    This worked great for me! No problems, but a little lag in-game. Other than that it’s awesome! 🙂

  27. J says:

    Where are hospitals located in the map? Felt like I saw them before but can’t find them now.

    • PeacelandGov says:

      Hi J! This is NickMiao0928.

      There are 3 hospitals in the map

      The Democratia City Hospital and the Peaceland Hospital (or together, officially as United Hospital) is located in Rainbow, Democratia.

      The Hollywoodenplank Hospital is in Downtown, Hollywoodenplank (Duh), near the Pier

      Whereas the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is located in Queensland

      If you dont know how to get there, I suggest you take the subway

  28. Tinynayla says:

    It won’t download! It loads a quarter of the way and then freezes and reloads. Help!

  29. PeacelandGov says:

    Hello people this is NickMiao0928 (creator of the map, president of the Republic of Peaceland) speaking,

    Thank you all for downloading this map. I really appreciate it.

    To improve our upcoming update, please provide any bugs/errors you found in the map. (Bugs in the City of Democratia can be excluded, as we kinda wiped out the city for a massive renovation–you’ll see)

    Feel free to express your ideas as well!

  30. wefl says:

    really beautiful! I appreciate your work, and I really love the world too. Good job! 🙂

    • PeacelandGov says:

      Thank you for your appreciation! If you liked the map, please tell your friends about it. Dont forget to check out for our upcoming update (v4.20)–initial goal of release date: March 28th 2017!

  31. Henri Baillargeon says:

    WoW that is incredible

  32. PeacelandGov says:

    Hey editor, is there any possible way I can see how many people has downloaded the map since November 2014? I didnt keep track of the stats until earlier on Nov 21st and I only counted the stats on MCPE Uni***se. Thank you!

  33. Taylor Kelly says:

    I’m on an iOS device, and when I click download it takes me to the same page over and over again. What should I do?

  34. Enderkeenan says:

    To good it’s so good I love it

  35. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been waiting 2 days for it to download and nothing has happened, it is an awesome map as I’ve seen on my friends iPad but I can’t seem to get it for myself, I don’t know what to do?

  36. Eli says:

    Does anybody know w the coordinates of the amusement park?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Let’s Get Started!

  38. Slyraider says:

    When i click on the link it takes me to do mediafire page, i clicked on the download buttom but it didnt seem to do anything, can someone please explain how to download, thanks in advance and i am using the .mcworld link since i dont have a computer

    • Lilacsofwisdom says:

      Just wait 1-4 minutes its a large map and takes a long time to download. You can just leave you device sittting out while it loads thats what I did

  39. Diamond Duplicator says:

    Someone please tell me how I can make one of my worlds a .mcworld file (I wanna Sure I Can Keep My World Too) Thanks! I’m Using IOS!

  40. Mr. Toilet says:

    I know how to fix the problem that makes you load forever. First make sure you have a lot of memory left on your hard drive (storage space) Second, clear out your ram storage too, Third, make sure your device is a newer gen device. And that’s all 🙂 (If these don’t work please consider talking to a professional)

  41. Cookielover6879 says:

    Hey guys , this world looks so amazing. I would love to download it but all that comes up is letters and numbers and codes ,please help A.S.A.P .thank you

  42. Emerald gamer68 says:

    All u have to do is wait for a while then it will load

  43. Wild says:

    Hey I am having problems downloading it. I don’t know if it’s because I have an apple divice or not because .McWorld is supposed to work with ios. However, once I get on the file it won’t show up. In fact it wont load at all! I try about 20 gazillion times a day and it still doesn’t work. R.I.P plz help

  44. Gabby says:

    Are you going to add it for iOS? The map looks awesome but I have IOS and yeah. Thank you so much if you add the download

  45. Kinq says:

    Hey,it directs me to media fire what do I do now,I wanna download it but instead of the option of opening in minecarft it goes to media fire

  46. Jared says:


  47. Kinq says:

    Hey! Is this able to download with no PC or computer,and do you know any mc theme parks with .mcworld files

  48. Beats says:

    It just freezes 1/4 way

  49. Geonic says:

    Its so Slow to download help!

  50. ElectroGamingHQ says:

    Can I use this in a map I’m gonna make? I’ll give credits to the people who made this


    Cool that is the best map ever from looking at the picture!!!😀

  52. PenguinAle21 says:

    I live the map but the only problem is that it messes my textures and texture packs!!!!! I had to delete Minecraft and get it back 🙁 tho I used a backup thing for my worlds. My device is Ipad Mini 4

  53. Taye Sangkhae says:

    This is so cool

  54. ScarletDevil57 says:

    Great world, seems like this must be a major project that the creators have worked on for some time now. Now it’s time to do what everyone else is doing and nuke it, AFTER I finish exploring. Just wanted to say, some of you people might want to turn fancy graphics off in your settings else this map will cause you some memory problems.

  55. Afrah says:

    AMAZING !!! We want maps like this please 🙂

  56. DarthChaos says:

    I’m gonna install the Nuke addon on this world. > : )

    In any case, its a great map!

  57. Carl says:

    yes you updated it

  58. WoofOrdial says:

    This was posted on my birthday

  59. XxTheMlgGamerxX says:


  60. Jaion says:

    How do I download this?

  61. Hunchy780 says:

    This is the most incredible map I have seen. So much detail! Every sign is so well placed. You included everything imaginable. Amazing job!

  62. MinecraftTPlayz says:

    this will be explode by nuke!!!! xD

  63. Chakithelazy10 says:

    Uploaded November 26? Look it says THAT lol

  64. Annieboo says:

    Rrrr a lot of trouble to danlod

  65. Nicholas Miao says:

    I am the creator of this map, twitter name Nick_Miao, Nicholas Miao in reallity and Minecrafterian in game. Good thing u added my name in the creator bar

    Just want to say keep checking for updates in MCPE Universe. Version 1.3 is out

    • Editor says:

      No problems. I updated the download link to the latest (v1.3).

    • Rustelk2930 says:

      Hi i was wondering if I could use this map on a server, operated by Plug PE. I will give full credit to you Nicholas and since it is using Plug PE it will not be on all of the time. I understand if you say no.

      • PeacelandGov says:

        Sure. However please make sure you credit the Republic of Peaceland by me (NickMiao0928). Thank you for your support!

        Also, please check for updates. The upcoming update (version 4.20: the 420 joke in case you missed it) includes a lot of urban renewal. Follow us on Twitter (@PeacelandGov) for more!

    • MC guy says:

      I have a question why is there Chinese on the signs all over the world

      • Meow says:

        Miao is a Chinese last name
        so the creator may be Chinese and writes i it.

        • MC guy says:

          Well I know that bc I’m Chinese.
          I just want tot KNOW why he spent so much time adding Chinese all over the city

          • PeacelandGov says:

            Hi! I am the creator of the map (Peaceland Gov) There are Chinese signs all over the place because Chinese along with English is the official languages of Peaceland

            Realistically speaking, its because Im from Hong Kong, and I wish to allow more people understand the map. Afterall, a billion people speaks and read Chinese worldwide.

    • Alyssa says:

      Thanks for making this map! It really inspired me to try to make my own city to!
      I call it — Diamond City! (It’s not a map tho..)

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