City of Kingston [Creation]

City of Kingston is a modern city still in its early stages of development. Most buildings which have been built so far looks to be almost completely finished. There are obviously details here and there which might change over time but as a whole it’s look pretty good. Hopefully we can expect some cool updates for this map over time as it continues to develop into a bigger city.

Creator: SethKing92, Twitter (City of Kingston)Twitter (Personal)


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27 Responses

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  1. AkeramyVN says:

    What the map ? So small , dude

  2. Erwin The III says:

    The map is really tiny, but why does it have 70 Megs? Also make sure to put it “bad for low end devices!”

    • Kevin Chan says:

      It’s because this is a map based on Republic of Peaceland State of Democratia and this guy wipped out everything except the main city.

  3. kurtis says:

    i tried to use this map but after a few seconds it just crashes my game any tips on how to stop it?

  4. KidBobsWorld says:

    Look the map is in early development/alpha which means (Not Even Ready) and this is a really detailed city, so progress will take long especially if he’s a one man team

  5. poop says:

    i love it!do you have an idea of how to downloud it?

  6. Aidan says:

    This is such an amazing city so far! The buildings are amazing, and I’m happy that I got it before it was so big because now it won’t be so much to explore! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. sam says:

    omg such ine detail love it

  8. Alex123 says:

    Eh good enough

  9. Amaya says:


  10. OklahomaCityCITIZEN says:

    Kingston is in Jamaica but the city of kingston is bigger than this im adding more stuff i put a big airport and convention centers,malls,house,city hall,theme parks i also added a culture

  11. Anonymous says:

    Same name as my city

  12. SethKing92 says:

    Thx for all support I spend a lot of time also it’s not lagggy it’s just ram on your phone

  13. Foxgamerteev says:


  14. 1213288 says:

    its is good

  15. PeacelandGov says:

    Great city with decent designs. Keep it up Seth!

    While the City of Kingston used the same seed with the State of Democratia, as Kevin mentioned earlier above, it is NOT affiliated with the Republic of Peaceland and is a completely independent city state, with fundamentally different building styles and designs. In fact, we provided support and is about to establish diplomatic relations with the newly emerged city state. We hope this answers your questions regarding Kingston’s legitimacy.

    Again, great map!

  16. KillzObey says:

    can you please put this on MCPE addons? i cant download itroperly in ios 🙁

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