Clean Glass Redstone [32×32]

This is a simple texture pack which implements a couple of texture improvements. Glass blocks and glass panes have a much more clean design. The design for them is less pixelated and are thus more easy to see through. Also some blocks related to redstone have been redesigned to look cleaner.

Creator: RobMims
Updated: 10 June, 2017 (updated for 1.1)

The two primary things which I enjoyed with this pack is that the glass and redstone look much more simplistic.


The resolution for the piston has been doubled (to 32x) and there is also some slime added to the sides of the wooden part of the piston.

The observer block is changed to the texture which is used in the Minecraft for PC (version 1.11). I couldn’t see a big difference between the default textures and this one though.



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. SettingsGlobal resources > Activate pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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27 Responses

3.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Paradiscal says:

    I recommend linking faithful, as it seems the textures have the same style

  2. TM03 says:

    I was making this:((((

  3. TheStraightUpG says:

    Wow not even your texture pack it’s called code crafted and it was made way before you poster this

    • Editor says:

      Are you sure it is CodeCrafted? I thought it looked quite different.

      • Jeff says:

        The redstone and the glass are both in codecrafted, but nothing else that i can see

        • guest101 says:

          The redstone yes. but the glass nope, codecrafted glass has a solid border..

          And for the glass, It is same with the clear glass texture pack pc version, but not sure who made it.

    • SwiftNinja99 says:

      It’s actually a version of XisumaVoid’s minecraft tweaks texture pack. You can download it from his website, and add extras. To download it on ios, get an app called MCPE Addons. Open the file there, go to the “Studios” tab, and export it to Minecraft from there.

  4. Bao Nguyen says:

    Some of the block liken hay and the furnace and shulker egg are lag or change color

  5. Random guy 2415352 says:

    I have a bug or glitch with this texture pack. On the front of the furnace half of it is blue and the rest normal. I hope you tell the creator about this glitch.

  6. TheTechGuy says:

    I have found 2 glitches in this this texture pack. The first one is that the front on the furnace half of is blue and half of it is normal. The other is that on the side of the water is a glitchy green.

  7. FallenDuelist says:

    There is a problem, some blocks like the furnace and hay bale have something wierd going on with them. They have this red and blue thing on them.

  8. SarveyB says:

    Thanks, really useful for redstoners

  9. Eduard says:

    Great work bro! But the texture of the furnace, haybale, hopper and etc. hope you fix this! 🙂

  10. Nick says:

    Looks great but I noticed for me the furnace and hay block textures are messed up

  11. Royal Gamer 348 says:

    Really buggy but works great good job guys

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have a different problem. In survival, I doesn’t seem like I can see the durability of my tools and how many items I have. Hopefully you can fix this in an update. Thanks!
    (Also, if you have the glitches, download a texture pack like Faithful. I recommend faithful because it fits in with this.)
    Good job!

  13. Chefsj05 says:

    I like this texture pack alot, especially with the clear glass but when i play with this on, the minecraft blocks go corrupt for some reason. Please fix this

  14. Golden_Donut32 says:

    How do you download this texture pack? (Btw I’m new)

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is very useful for me ’cause i use redstone quite a lot, but there is one little thing, i use this texture pack with Faithful and the grass and bed texture has a lava texture glitch on it, so please update this pack, besides that, the texture pack is great, thank you

  16. Bear says:

    I love this pack but it needs an update! And it really bugged out in 1.1

  17. FrostVenomX01 says:

    Whenever I open up my decorations in creative my game crashes plz help

  18. Angela Wang says:

    Is it possible for you to update the texture pack to the latest version as my colored beds aren’t showing and they crash me out every time I try to tap on one. Thanks! Would be much appreciated!

  19. Elijah says:

    I really like this texture pack in 1.1 but the colored beds textures are messed up please fix it.

  20. Tun says:

    Doesn’t work for minecraft 1.1 or 1.2. Coloured beds look and other new blocks look weird! Please update!

  21. A person you don't know says:

    Hey, can you fix these? Also someone make a 16×16 texture pack, I need it now.

  22. AAA13 says:

    I think you update for mcpe 1.2 at 8 march

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