Cobblestone Island [Adventure]

Cobblestone Island is a fun and exciting adventure with tons of surprises. The villagers of this exotic island have been locked behind bars by some evil mobs. You’re a brave warrior and it’s your objective to find all of the required items to override the locked door and release the villagers from their captivity. The items are hidden all over the island and to get them you have to complete numerous challenges.

Creator: KidsourceTwitter Account

The villagers are locked in a jail cell. Find 30 Prismarine Crystals and drop them in the hopper to save them.

The Prismarine Crystals can be found all over the island. To obtain them you have to complete all kinds of different challenges.

A giant pizza! Nom nom!

This map includes mob battles, puzzles, hidden custom armor, hidden custom weapons, more than 50 different buildings and much more.


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21 Responses

3.84 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Harrison says:


  2. Gabriella says:

    Amazing 😉 I loved it please keep making more

  3. Chester Marcelo Gamboa says:

    Nice map 🙂

  4. qorib redcraft says:


  5. RamoUltimate says:

    This is a really nice map! I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but this is the first collectathon Minecraft map I’ve ever played! But it only took me 5 minutes until i got stuck because of an explosion and there is no way to get out. If you ever think of updating this map, please remove or go light on the explosions, as they ruin the fun. To get that out of the way, it’s a pretty solid map! A+

  6. KingCharles111 says:

    Where’s the ideas board?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good map

  8. Kidsource says:

    Thanks for trying out our new map everyone! Here’s a video of the map that reveals some secrets and gives you some tips.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How long did it take to make this map?

  10. Gertrude says:

    It does not work! I spawn in an ialand with no creations on..

    • Kidsource says:

      This is a loading problem or it could be that you have the wrong version of Minecraft. The map was tested over a hundred times before uploading. It also has worked correctly for hundreds of players that downloaded it…sorry you had a problem.

  11. KaiTheGamer266 says:

    It liked it

  12. GreenDragon5090 says:

    Love This Map, Relaxed
    Map For All Ages

  13. Hebriseeker622 says:

    Wait what weird ,huh?

  14. Rachel herring says:

    Amazing map please make more

  15. Jordyn cieslik says:

    Is the map really good

  16. Clare says:

    Can someone tell me where the idea board is please?

  17. Jenna says:

    Where is the idea broad

  18. anonymous says:

    Great map! Amazing job Kidsource! My one problem was that I could not find the idea board! Keep up the great work!! 😊

  19. Blakely says:

    Where is the idea board??? Please someone helpppp😢😢😢

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