CommandParkour [Parkour] (1.0.5 Only!)

This is a short map which consists of five easy parkour levels. It’s mostly a showcase to demonstrate how command blocks can be used (in version 1.0.5) to create awesome parkour maps with no interruptions. Some features include automatic checkpoints and text announcements on the screen to display rules and similar information.

Creator: AmazingGamerPH
Updated: 25 May, 2017

The fact that you can automatically present text on the screen (as seen in the images down below) opens up for amazing new possibilities for map makers. Hopefully this map will provide you an insight of what things you’ll be able to make.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Make sure gamemode is set to survival mode

Important: This map requires version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Android users can sign up for a beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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48 Responses

  1. MCPELOVEVF says:

    Omg I loved it! Hope we’ll get more command block maps in the near future! And you guys from mcpedl should make a new category – commands! Can you do command machines like in Minecraft PC?

  2. Clare McCarthy says:

    I’m sorry but I have the newest version of Minecraft so it wol’t work

  3. Clare McCarthy says:

    Can you make a way for it to be the newest version? Though I just love this map and it’s pretty great thank you! Sincerely, Clare McCarthy

  4. TheTrueOP1 says:

    Great Work Dude Awesome Map

    Please Make Another of These

    I hope everyone will enjoy it

    Anyway you have done a great job

  5. Slimeboy says:

    It’s pretty cool but it is short and I don’t like design

  6. Burak says:

    Very good map.

  7. Fouladgar says:

    The new update isnt allowing me to put maps

  8. Lavaboy says:

    WOO WOO! This is flip in awesome! The 1.0.5 update creates more possibilitys for map makers! This map I will play! Wait… Should i make some custom commands for mcpe? I’m not sure.

  9. OfficalGWK says:

    Awsome from now on mcpe maps will be so much better. Thx for making this 😀

  10. Marshmallows says:

    I Now that Command /title @a title §1 Level 2

  11. WinterCrafter12 says:

    Can you tell me how to do a title screen?

  12. Harvey says:

    Mr. Editor Can you ask the Creator what command did he used in the Map I still dont know how do they put The Words On the Screens


    Good map bro i complete the parkour but its so hard i wait for next parkour i hope you make tutorialnya for this 🙂

  14. 04DanTDM says:

    Oh you use /title @p title/subtitle (text)

  15. Dakota perham says:

    Yay people are making maps with command blocks now 😀😀😀😀 I am on ios tho 😭😭😭😭

  16. EXIMIOUS says:


  17. David 2017 says:

    MCPE comunity create some COOL maps!This map!

  18. AmazingGamerPH says:

    Report a bug @ this website is in develop. Thanks for Good Feedback.

    • Editor says:

      Please use MediaFire next time to provide the links. Dropbox will block your downloads after X amount of downloads. You can send new adfly links but please use MediaFire if so.

  19. GDSniper says:

    Why isn’t there a pop-up that says level 1 level 2 or level 3? I am questioning because I don’t have that and it’s featured in the screenshot!

  20. Marshmallows says:

    Hey guys For asking words on screen copy this
    /title @p title [Your Word That Want To say]
    The other
    /title @p subtitle [Your Word That Want To Say]

  21. Dada says:

    How you remove the text from the commands whats the command called?

  22. queen says:

    wow soo much talking for one thing

  23. IrfanGraal says:

    Great map!

  24. Sam says:

    Update doesn’t let me download the map it says not supported for this version. Please help.

  25. nellipotpot says:

    I can’t import this map using .mcworld or .zip files… I’ve tried other maps and they work smoothly… Why does this happen?

    • Theashortnose says:

      They haven’t updated the map yet. I’ll go try now to see if it works for me. What running system are you on?

  26. SplendidCombat says:

    can you make CommandParkour V2 please,i very like this map and i wan more parkour! .
    i hope you see my comment and reply my comment!

  27. Editor for mcpedl says:

    Here video that’s made peace

  28. Sax Player says:

    Great map even AA12 played your map

  29. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like it that much because in some parkour levels you always slip off the block

  30. Anonymous says:

    Spawn so laggy

  31. Anonymous says:

    i hate your map amazeing gamer you made me unsubscribe to you channel and dislike all your videos i hate your map

  32. Adam says:


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