Concrete Parkour [Parkour]

Concrete Parkour is a really fun parkour map where all throughout the map you will automatically get different boost effects in order to complete challenging jumps. There are lots of great levelsย so you can expect quite a lot of gameplay. But since it uses repeat command blocks to detect the player position it might cause lag on low-end devices.

Creators:ย Team 47.3 (Electrocat1463 & Caz1971)

How to play?

The different block colors represent a few different possibilities: boost effects, spawn point, teleport or immediate death. Half of the fun is figuring out which is which so I won’t go into details about that here.

The boost effects (e.g. jump or speed) are essential for completing certain jumps.

There are multiple levels throughout the map and onย some places there are checkpoints.

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57 Responses

3.89 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. EnchantedBlade says:

    Why is it so laggy? ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘ pls fix

  2. GSG9Gaming says:

    Is this inspired from the scary blocks map from mcpc?

    • Team 47.3 says:

      I do love that map, but it is not based on it. I loved the clean concrete color and texture and the fact that they fixed the execute command, so I started to make this map. ~Electrocat1463

  3. Taiuri says:

    It lags to much when you get on a block that gives an effect

  4. Darryle says:

    It was fun

  5. BlueFoxKidd says:

    Its Too laggy for me

  6. Fxxboi says:

    Its not laggy idk what wrong with ur devices

  7. Ninjamaster64 says:

    Not laggy
    Get your selfs an iPad Pro 9.7 inch and then say “laggy”

  8. The_Game says:

    Good game

  9. cookiebuild3r says:

    This is one of the best maps I have ever played! The parkour and the special block abilities was so much fun! Please make more maps like this!

  10. cookiebuild3r says:

    It’s only laggy on phones, my windows 10 laptop played this map with zero lag. Unfortunately repeating command blocks can lag out people using cheap phones. So it’s not the map creators fault!

  11. Entity_21Savage says:

    It’s too hard!

  12. Vladizar says:

    My device is not low-end, it is realy powerful!!! But when i’m standing on JumpBoost Block (for exemple), my device is laaaaaagggiiinnnggg!!!(((

  13. Derzi says:

    I like it! Did u get the idea from the red engineer? Anyways it’s not laggy and fun and difficult, but not ragey (well kind of) I like the challenge. It’s fun! Good job I hope you make more ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Team 47.3 says:

      Actually no. After I uploaded someone sent me a link to that video XD I already knew the commands from Pc

  14. Lollipop1426 says:

    way too laggy.

  15. Ericwong says:

    Very lag! Are the phone of the auditor have problems?(my phone model: ASUS ZenFone max ZC550KL)

  16. Nathaniel says:

    This is confusing?

  17. Jamie2004Pierre says:

    Lol very laggy

  18. Jack Stone says:

    Just poor…I was excited when I 1st saw this but when I downloaded it and played it it lagged hardcore bigtime!!! POORLY MADE!!! Next time make it where you get the effect every 3 seconds not every time you stand on it! Just laggy and bad it took like 10 min to finally load. Laggy map and no thought into it rather then the builds and commands which were poorly executed. Would not recommend to people who hate lag.

    • Team 47.3 says:

      Here’s the problem with making it every three seconds… One: Poeple could cheat. Two: It would make the map harder. Three: It seems like I don’t know that I could be a normal person and use repeating command blocks.

  19. TheAwesomeCake says:

    I loved the map! I only lagged like 2 times but I was more of lag spikes ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. McpeHelper says:

    It’s not laggy something must be wrong with ur device or the map might not support your device I tried refreshing when it did lag and it fixed it. I hope this helped ๐Ÿ˜Š

  21. Neena says:

    It was laggy for some of us, including me, okay? Not everyone’s devices are like yours. Please fix, it sounds amazing.

  22. Anonymous says:

    theres simply too many command blocks for my device to handle so its really laggy

  23. Jamblaster36 says:

    Play It On Windows 10 Its Fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. ParkourKing says:

    Until level 3 everything was fine no lag. Then it was wayyyy to laggy I was surprised my game didn’t crash, I liked the map except when it got laggy I couldn’t play anymore ๐Ÿ™

  25. BossKaiden says:

    Very interesting. Creative idea.

  26. Minty says:

    I really really really hate the creator because when you finish the map and want to see the work you can t even go into creative he/she did permanent adventure mode i hate him/her so much

    • Team 47.3 says:

      Lol thanks you can turn on cheats and go away from the starting area. It’s the only place where you are locked in adventure

  27. Ella says:

    It’s so fun it’s not laggy I have a n iPad Air 2

  28. Gideon says:

    i used windows !) edition it was not laggy

  29. Panduma says:

    I experienced slight FPS lag as well but it is not the developers fault! You did an amazing job creating an amazing map that was fun to record! I hope to see more maps from you!

  30. Gamerz says:

    Guyz plz stop complaining about the lag, He cant fix that you have poor devices k? Accept it and deal with it.

  31. xBrickDestroyer says:

    One of the best Maps i’ve ever played

  32. Makayla Kane says:

    This map was great and very fun but level 5 was a little confusing.

  33. AtomicDegree850 says:

    This is soooooo laggy

  34. Sophia says:

    How did you do this?

  35. Rolan says:

    Hey can you reduce some commandblocks beacause its too laggy

  36. Some one says:

    I can’t play too much lag when I die and re spawn I ag Ike crazy

  37. Banana says:


  38. Drus13YT says:

    You guys create this 2 days after my birthday lol.

  39. Levi says:

    Hey what is the new map called I really want a new map

  40. tunglam2006 says:

    When i get to level 4, i set checkpoint but then i got death loop

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