Console Edition World for Bedrock Edition [Creation]

After I talked with someone who said they miss playing on the tutorial world on Console Edition Minecraft, I thought that someone should had made a map of it for Bedrock. After some searching, all I could find was the map for Java Edition.

As this is a ported version of the map it is entirely possible that features of the map aren’t working as they should. Either way, we hope you find some use for it!

Creator: Minecraft (if anyone know a more specific credit feel free to let us know)
Ported by: TelepathicGruntTwitter Account

Important note: When you enter through the passage at start there will be a chest on your right which contains a map item which you can use to map the entire world.


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15 Responses

4.5 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. wyen says:

    It good map

  2. EnderCake says:

    First comment!!!!

  3. Aragon E López says:

    Awesome 👍😉

  4. IronDragon1062 says:

    Nearly exactly like consul edition, could you make a copy of an overwatch map?

  5. James Isbell says:

    Been wanting to play this!

  6. Werewolf_37 says:

    :O I am following TelepathicGrunt on Seeds Pro for Minecraft.

    • TelepathicGrunt says:

      Seed Pro has died. Me and a lot of other ex-Seed pro members moved to a different app called Block Amino for Crafters. I am TelepathicGrunt there as we’ll 🙂

  7. ender says:

    yo cant you just port it from the old console ?

  8. Dead Ender YT 1 says:


    • TelepathicGrunt says:

      This is the Tutorial world itself from the latest version of Console Edition Minecraft. All I did was moved it to Bedrock Edition as a map.

  9. COOL-981 says:

    Does anyone have the one from TU31 – XBox 360? i really need it!

  10. ender the stranger says:

    a tutorial world like the console 1 for mcbe

  11. Warrior_Dude says:

    First time I activated the fireworks they went all over the screen and earrape explosion. Other than that, epic map port. Been waiting a year but didn’t know how to do it myself

  12. bal_masque says:

    Great port. One of the most important ports of all ports 😃

  13. skylord_wars says:

    The creator should be 4J Studios.

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