Craftable Items (Command Blocks) [Redstone]

This is a redstone and command blocks machine which can be used for making custom crafting recipes and of course also craft the items. The crafting process similar (but not the same) as to Minecraft vanilla. It’s a very clever and cool way to make crafting recipes in case you would need some new ones for a map.

Creator: InviziyTwitter Account, Discord: Inviziy#4479

How does it work?

Simply place a dropper on the ground face up and put the recipe into the dropper (An easy way to place the dropper is to jump and place the dropper under you.) Then stand on top of the dropper for the item to be crafted.

Open the access panel on the side if you’d like to change the recipes or products for your own crafting needs.

Things You Can Do

This machine allows you to make your own crafting recipes and products. Now you have a use for those spider eyes and bowls sitting in your chest. Change the recipes so you can craft diamonds from anything

Maybe you’re more of a vanilla player. Use this to reset items, turn slabs back into blocks, or those useless books you have too many of back to leather and pages.

You can use the dropper anywhere in the world for crafting! Play this world as a survival world, it’s also multiplayer compatible, play with your friends and make your own recipes.


If you have any questions you can use the help section inside the map. If that doesn’t answer it feel free to contact me:


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11 Responses

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  1. xxscienceboyxx says:

    Wow! This must be revolutionary!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Minecraftian revolution boi 😀👍

  3. Lionel says:

    Wow that is great.

  4. ILikeMCPEDL says:

    Editor, I submitted a map called River Base Lodge earlier, I just wanted to know if you guys checked it or denied it, email me back at [email protected] (that’s my YouTube public email, and its fine for use to email me)

  5. GamingT says:

    This amazing

  6. A hooman not hater says:

    Ok, I’m not hating, This IS good. but, such a simple command getting so much praise it just seems too much.

  7. peter says:

    idk how to doit

  8. LilSlothieSloth says:

    Plz make tutorial

  9. PhantomZNeuroX says:

    what about 64 diamond can be crafted with 1 dirt

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