Crazy Wipeout [Parkour]

Crazy Wipeout is a map based on the once popular game show called Wipeout. The map features an obstacle course which includes many different parkour challenges. There are also some automated mechanisms controlled by redstone which are intended to make the course even more difficult for those who try it. You can either play it alone or with friends in a multiplayer game!

Creator: MattH44Twitter Account

The yellow banners represent the location of a checkpoint.


  • Gamemode: Survival
  • Difficulty: Easy


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13 Responses

4.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Nehemiah says:


  2. Gekocaretaker1 says:

    I think this looks cool. Can someone please make a cyan texture pack?

  3. JacobGamer0902 says:


  4. JacobGamer0902 says:

    Didn’t Download

  5. 420.DankMemezLord says:

    “once popular”

  6. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    For me its a really hard map; probably the most hardest parkour map I ever experienced. But nice map!

  7. EndCraft says:


  8. Connor says:

    It is fucking bad

  9. campbell.c says:

    this is a great map

  10. campbell.c says:

    I loved this map thank you for making this map

  11. campbell.c says:

    loved playing the map

  12. campbell.c says:

    Im going to love this map

  13. Mohammad 8888 says:

    Hi this is awsome

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