Capture The Flag: The Runaway Edition [Minigame]

Capture TheFlag is a very exciting minigame that can be played with friends. The basic concept is to steal the opponent team’s flag from their tower and bring it back to your own tower. This map is a little different as it has two modes. There’s also a touch of hunger game style gameplay as you have to gather gear from the surrounding area.

Creator: BluFlyawayTwitter Account

How to play?

At least two players are required to play the game. After picking a team then start the game. Before starting, you can choose a mode. After that the game will start in the map that you selected.

In order to carry the flag the player must be within 1 block (from the player’s feet) from the flag. The flag wil automatically hover over the carrier’s head and follow him around. Keep in mind that if the carrier falls too fast then the flag will snap off the player (you can still pick it up again).

Take the flag thhrough your tower doors to gain a point in normal mode / win in runaway mode.

If the player who holds the flag gets killed, he will drop the flag (the flag will stay in the place where the player died). If the player of a team dies, he will respawn in 5 seconds.

The Modes

There are two modes in this map and they include the following:

Normal Mode

The flag spawns on the top of the respective towers. The first team to capture the opponent’s flag and take it to their tower 3 times wins the game. The game starts instantly. Random loot chests will generate in the surrounding houses.

Runaway Mode

This is a little different from the normal CTF. The first minute is all about collection. Gather loot from the surrounding environment and gear up. When the timer ends the teams will be teleported back to their towers and the flag will spawn in the middle. What’s different about this is that the flag will run away from you as you go closer. Once the running flag is caught, it will no longer run away. The opposing team can kill the carrier and steal the flag. The first team to take the flag to their own tower wins.


  • This map searches for the teams before starting so it will not work in single player. At least 2 players are required
  • Currently there is only one map. (more coming soon)
  • Random gears will spawn in the surrounding houses in the map.
  • In normal mode a starter gear will spawn in the towers.
  • There are a few custom items that may spawn in the chests(llama llama is the only custom item currently)


  • Play fair
  • Do not switch the difficulty to peaceful
  • Make sure only one player chooses only one mode.
  • Play in adventure mode


  • This is a prototype map so expect bugs (lots of it)
  • To carry/hold the flag, the player (feet block) must be within 1 block from it
  • The player cannot hold is own team’s flag
  • If a player dies he respawns in 5 seconds
  • The flags are actually invisible zombies with elytra but they barely do any damage to you
  • A player holding the flag will have trouble shooting arrows.
  • To use a custom item, drop it on the ground.

Upcoming Features

  • New maps
  • Powerups
  • Different maps provide different advantages/disadvantages.


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    Everyone needs this map!

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    Cool its nice map to play with my friends

  3. samuel says:

    You cant speel but the map is great

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