Cube Dyger [Shaders] [16×16]

Cube Dyger is a shaders pack which makes some major changes to the look and feel of the graphics in-game. It’s in particular the sky and water which have got a complete overhaul. It looks incredibly realistic, especially during daytime. The sky reflects beautifully in the water and everything appears to be much more alive and real. The block textures also look a little bit different in an attempt to make them look more 3D.

Creators: Legion Dygers

cube-dygers-shaders-1 cube-dygers-shaders-5 cube-dygers-shaders-2 cube-dygers-shaders-4 cube-dygers-shaders-3

Install Guide

  1. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager app) to extract the downloaded zip file.
  2. Open BlockLauncher and use it to install one of the four shaders (Ulta/High/Medium/Low).
  3. Restart BlockLauncher and go in-game to see the new shaders.


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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

36 Responses

4 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. DeathCop4000 says:

    Can you give me the apk file for latest blocklauncher ? For some reason , Google play is failing to down load it

  2. Zobeiro Nicole Zamora says:

    The shades does not work

  3. Bob57557 says:

    What is this map

  4. Bib says:

    Hi, does ultra lag alot? I dont feel safe, oh also love mcpedl.

    • Editor says:

      Depends which device you’ve got. I tested it on a Nexus 9, Android tablet and for me it worked perfectly fine with ultra.

  5. John Hernandez says:

    Doesn’t work, if I put the .zip ultra/high/medium or low and then restart the blocklauncher, it just crashes evrytiem.y u do dis

  6. Michelle says:

    Whys it in Japanese/Chinese?

  7. hallomon xpert says:

    Please, click lime in the Nether Suit skin after 48 hours T_T.

  8. Someone says:

    What do you do after extracted it?

  9. MknannaPlayzYT says:

    Won’t give me a choice between Ultra,High,Medium,or low, even though I extracted it :/

  10. Jared Pucho says:

    Will this shaderpack work on my Samsung Galaxy tab 2? And will this work on mcpe 0.15.1?

  11. Jared Pucho says:

    Guys what should I do everytime I download blocklauncher beta it says download failed due to network connections and BTW my network is fine?

  12. Jemi says:

    I want this work for 0.15x

  13. Little Man says:

    does this work for minecraft windows 10 beta edition?

  14. TheUndeadGamer says:

    Are you gonna update it for the official 0.16.0 update once it’s released?

  15. FatBoy says:

    Uhhm Hello? i am currently on windows 10 and it seems to now work (could not parse pack sucsessfully)

  16. Jimlaurencem says:

    Does this work on 1.0.4?

  17. Andrew Nemesis says:

    Is it compatible with 1.0.7?

  18. Lord Vader says:

    I want to download this shader but Dropbox won’t work can anyone help me???

  19. Ironbeconcraft says:

    Can you put an iOS download link

  20. Zayed says:

    Why I can’t download the shader in pocket edition!!!!!!

  21. SuperSonicSpeed361 says:

    awww i want it on ios when is it coming?

  22. Random says:

    The medifire file got deleted 4 me

  23. Rogatka says:

    Please make this for iOS! I need it, same for probably others!

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