Cyanic PvP [16×16]

The Cyanic PvP texture pack changes the look of all items, weapons and food items. Also the graphical user interface such as the crosshair, hotbars and experience bars have been redesigned. Some of it has been inspired by Zelda but the best description is that it runs in a cyan color scheme.

Creator: KarsTimesTen, Twitter Account


  • Cyan colors instead of red
  • Chocolate cakes
  • Rainbow portals
  • Optifine patch
  • New designs for food & tool items
  • Cyan graphical user interface

cyanic2 cyanicdownload

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12 Responses

1.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Can yavuz says:

    Yes you may to game

  2. Thumpy999 says:

    how did you change the GUI?!?!

  3. Gianna says:

    Cool texture

  4. LotsOFlaPIs says:

    Epic brah u should make more

  5. Mememaster says:

    It said it was no longer stored on mediafire plz fix

  6. KingCreeper347 says:

    The download link needs to be updated

  7. Duncan3dot says:

    Please update the download link
    !!! I NEED THIS !!!

  8. Map judge says:

    It looks so lame 😒 if you ask me

  9. Gioruto says:

    Please update the link!!!!!

  10. ItZ_ZeN4Hire says:

    Is this compatible for mcpe

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