Dandelion [16×16]

Dandelion is a cute texture pack with soft colors and an overall organic look. If you want simplistic textures combined with something which brings its own unique style then Dandelion is the pack to choose. Everything (not only the block textures) like the GUI and menu options are completely redesigned.

Creator: Steelfeathers (original PC pack)
Ported by: TheBaumHD, Twitter Account
Updated: 3 February, 2017 (1.0.x support, bug fixes)

dandelion2 dandelion3 dandelion0

Download (1.0.0) (.McPack)
Download (1.0.0) (.ZIP)
Download (0.16.0) (.McPack)
Download (0.15) (.ZIP)

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

53 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Grace says:

    I pdk how to install XD

  2. WaffelzMaker2000 says:

    How do you download this to Minecraft pe I am so confused please help me:)

  3. Phantom_x100 says:

    I love it thanks 😀

  4. Sharon says:

    I have iOS anyway of getting texture packs in 0.15.0 for free?

  5. TBRNFfrags says:

    Why not texture shaders i’love shaders please gif me tekture shaders..?

  6. raginggamer says:

    Nice texture!?

  7. Xxx-Aren_$$XX says:

    i tried this and i saved it to my computer and then linked my phone too and when i opened minecraft, i didnt have the texture pack. BTW i have iOS

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dosen’t work for windows 10 edition. Game crashes when i click “Manage”

  9. Speakable1 says:

    I can’t apply the texture pack. I have extracted the .zip file and moved/copy/cut into the resources pack. If i go to game and to texture packs the is no dandelion texture pack in game. Can someone help me?

  10. Gedzion says:

    Lol best texture ever 🙂

  11. JullianPlays says:

    When I download the texture pack and apply it to Minecarft it crashes my game and I have to redownload it but luckily I don’t have important worlds please fix it and also If it’s not for 0.16.0 please make one it be wonderful! 😀

  12. Haze says:

    can u put the download for 0.16 in zip?? im on computer, the .mcpack doesnt work for me :/

  13. John David says:

    Me too can this work on 0.16.2

  14. Diaben0u0 says:

    I downloaded it and now i can’t get passed the Mojang loading screen because it crashes. I have a ton of worlds that I’ve spent a lot of time on and now I can’t even get to the title screen. I’m pissed, man.

  15. DezzerLP123 says:

    hello editor you have made a bag the daestroy stage ar not for blocks ar itz for Environment and the zombie ar baging not pixel 128 x 128 ar 128 x 64 and the sheep ar sooooooo bagging pls and the effets icon ar bagging i fixed the baggs

  16. Clarky says:

    does it crashed the game if i put it on the global texture pack :3 just asking.

  17. Sebastián says:

    I personally LOVE this resource pack, it’s updated to 1.0, it’s a very small file and looks awesome. Unfortunately I seem to get kicked off the game whenever I get to the menu, I’m not totally sure if this only happens with the menu as I have just downloaded this resource pack, but I would likely appreciate if is ever gets fixed (btw, when installing it, mcpe recognizes it as having “several missing files”, which could be the reason as to why this happens. Thanks for reading, I really hope you can fix this problem.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The zombies have floating heads and it seems like they’re bodies are invisible. Please fix ASAP. Thanks!

  19. DG12345 says:

    I cant see the inventory grids (both creative and survival) pls fix this for mcpe 1.0

  20. Xboxexpert9 says:

    Plz fix the zombies . I’d love that!

  21. CrEePySAUCE says:

    Hi! I love this texture its my totes FAVE. Can you add a new texture to purpur, dragon heads, and paintings? I love everything else i love the texture. Excellent job😄

  22. CrEePySAUCE says:

    Thanks so much for even reading the comments😁 You did a very well job with this texture. Also a side note i forgot, can you fix zombies

  23. CrEePySAUCE says:

    Than You!!!😘😁

  24. CrEePySAUCE says:

    This is my favorite texture thank you so much

  25. cugu cugu leh says:

    please make huahwi texture pack

  26. Ethan says:

    Would you please port the Super Minio Bros texture pack, an 8bit Super Mario Bros texture pack that is for pc, to pocket edition?

  27. Ur Mom says:

    It’s great! 😛

  28. Arazhul says:

    Hallo BaumHD ich hete eine Frage könntest du mal bitte ein Video machen wo du zeigst wie man Mods Downloaden tut Were sehr lieb von dir

  29. Nichole says:

    Do the pictures have to be the same as the texture pack? Or it’s suppose to be like that btw I’m on IOS

  30. bloop says:

    This is my favorite texture pack!!!! I’ve looked high and low for something I could see myself playing with indefinitely, and this is it. Thank you!

  31. Alli says:

    Hey! Does anyone have a problem with the health at the top playing in survival? Mine looks like a bunch or pixelated blocks instead of hearts 🙁

    • Mayuki says:

      Same thing for me. Another problem I have is I can’t see the grid lines on both of the survival and creative inventories. When I open up my hot bar, it’s all glitched out and it’s definitely not the right textures.

    • meme says:

      yes, it’s like this for me too, i hope it gets fixed because this is my favorite texture pack

  32. Cazimie says:

    The path texture is still missing. Can’t wait for update. It’s perfect :3

  33. Chimshook says:

    Can you make it to mcpe 1.1.0?

  34. Thicc says:

    Could you make the dyed beds and the items a different texture, please? And I love this texture pack!!

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