Danger Inbound: Meltdown Edition Addon

Toxic rivers, a fiery moon and mutated monsters are the first few signs of a world turning to hell. Most of the Overworld (and other dimensions) have been turned into a nightmare. The night creatures are much more powerful and there are also new monster types with new abilities. Everyone have a desperate desire to live, but only a few of you will. Even friendly mobs have realized the evil of (some) humans and will escape them at any cost.

Creator: AlexFirey1411, Twitter Account, Website

A Changed World

The environment is completely different. Water looks like toxic waste and the moon is on fire. The monsters thrive in this new environment. Never before in Minecraft’s history have they been more powerful.

There is no point complaining about the weather. There are things much worse from here on part of your reality.

Escaping into other dimensions will not save you. The Nether and the End have also been infected by the same evil virus which has set roots in the Overworld.



  • Enderman have their usual abilities of teleportation and moving blocks. However, now they will be able to teleport farther distances, and they also have more health and speed. They also have the abilities to summon Fangs and Vexes similar to the Illager/Evoker.
  • Skeletons have been replaced by Flying Phantoms which can shoot you from a long distance.
  • Guardians are stronger and have the ability to fly when they are out of the water. However, their abilities to cause damage while in air is worse.
  • Zombie Pigmen have been replaced by Nether Archer Phantoms which can fly and shoot enemies at a long range. However, they are friendly for as long they aren’t provoked.
  • Llama’s spit causes more damage.
  • The player does more damage and has the double amount of health.
  • Zombies and Husks are immune to sunlight and they usually travel in groups. They are also able to detect targets from much farther away, creating the possibility of hordes to form. Husks are faster, can open doors and can detect you from even furter away than the normal zombie and if you get hit by it then it can cause you blindness.
  • Arrows causes more damage.
  • Blazes are stronger and can cause rapid fire.
  • Cave Spiders are faster and their poison lasts longer.
  • Ocelots are much more afraid of players than ever before and will run for their lives. Sometimes they attack creepers.
  • Chickens, Cows, Pigs and Sheep are all afraid of players and will run away.
  • Rabbits are bigger and as a result are slower when they run away from the player. But their fat makes them also more difficult to kill.
  • Creepers deals more damage but they are really the most destructive when they are charged.
  • Dragon’s Breath is more powerful.
  • Elder Guardians are larger and also stronger.
  • The Ender Dragon is faster at times and also much stronger.
  • Large Fireballs deals more damage.
  • Ghasts are much faster to dodge attacks and their fireballs are also stronger.
  • Horses are stronger, faster, larger and jump higher.
  • Iron Golems attack players when provoked. They inflict slowness and have twice as much health than before and they are also faster.
  • Large and Medium Magma Cubes are faster.
  • Shulkers have a longer attack range and their projectiles inflict also a poisonous effect.
  • Small Fireballs inflict more damage.
  • Snow Golems are more difficult to kill and they also have the ability to detect enemies from farther ahead.
  • Snowballs inflict more damage and can be thrown farther distances.
  • Slimes cause more damage. Large ones are also much faster.
  • Strays shoot slowness arrows instead of poison and they can also shoot from longer distances.
  • The Wither is both much faster and stronger. It will hunt players and dodge attacks more frequently.
  • Wither skulls sometimes create bigger, fiery blasts.
  • Wolves are bigger, stronger, faster and will defend the player more efficiently.
  • Wither Skeletons are stronger, faster and have the ability to teleport.
  • Witches summon Flying Phantoms (replaced by Skeletons).
  • Zombie Villagers are faster and stronger and they can no longer be cured.
  • Polar Bears are bigger, faster and stronger.
  • Spiders are bigger, faster, stronger and will attack wolves and ocelots.


  • The moon, sun, rain, snow, fire, water, lava, most terrain, the End and Nether blocks, most hostile mobs, wolves have new textures.
  • The spiders have a new model.


  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon (55.47 MB)
  2. Let packs import in-game
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the resource pack
  4. Create a new world and add the behavior pack only
  5. Start the world!

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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17 Responses

4.82 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. NeonPlayz says:

    Woah! Sick addon 👍

  2. I Hate Adfly says:

    A new challenge that I can’t download. Btw, Strays always shot slowness arrows, not poison ones. Typo?

  3. Superstarzs says:

    Wow it this going to be a series of addons called the Danger Inbound Survival Series.
    Please try and make each one of these abit difference too because this is very similar to the other one

  4. SolidMoney25979 says:

    This comment is bigger, faster, stronger, and will leave 5 stars on this post. 😊

  5. Steven says:

    Errmmm question are horses supposed to be able to jump 60+ blocks up?

  6. CMAN says:

    “Strays shoot slowness arrows instead of poison and they can also shoot from longer distances.”
    Do you mean they shoot POISION instead of slowness?

  7. Brantley Laney says:

    What about making the water inflict poison when you enter it, or are in it for too long? Makes sense if it is toxic waste.

  8. Abraham says:

    When you were talking about the iron golem the word players turned out as layers

  9. M1N5X says:

    Farther? I think you mean “Further”

    Nice and challanging tho

  10. SmooshyVN says:

    I just tried the Danger Inbound one, and it’s horrible, i mean, so hard. But i love it. Now, i’ll try this one. Such a Nightmare

  11. Alex says:

    I like it nice and hard🙂

  12. SmokingMCxxxx says:

    Can I show your Addons to my friends? They’ll enjoy it.
    I’m not good at English,sorry 😢

  13. Anonymous says:

    Its literally the texture and addon i’ve been looking for. Its the best i’ve ever played. Id recommend it to anyone

  14. DeadlyDeadz says:

    AWSOME addon pleas make more versions of DangerInbound

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