DanTDM’s Lab (Ported) [Creation]

DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart) is one of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers out there. This map is a replica of the new lab which Dan uses in his Let’s Play videos in which he is usually accompanied by his loyal companion Dr. Trayaurus.

There is one downside though. It’s built in a flat world and this means that you can’t really use it for a survival adventure. Other than that it is really cool map to explore if you are a fan of The Diamond Minecart!

Creator: TheLCFProYT (original PC map)
Ported by: Bensen247Twitter Account

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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73 Responses

4.6 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Stormfives says:

    No one loves me….my map AND mod were declined….why…..the challenge thing for nauruto and the batman mod…….why

  2. DabKing says:

    Wait hats what map im usint

  3. maisong says:

    Now all we need is a mel bot add on

  4. Opilkm27 says:

    Love this map and Dantdm is awesome

  5. firegamer says:

    Wow cool

  6. Brian Dickson says:


  7. ShadinqYT says:

    How Did You Do this?! I am mind blown!

  8. Lavaboy says:

    Freaking out right now!

  9. Lavaboy says:

    Yeah! 🙂

  10. Bdude1994 says:

    Can you make this as a survival world please I really like that

  11. AlexBeGamingYT says:

    Can you please make a who’s your daddy map I want to make a video about it

  12. Childerboyz says:

    Can someone make the desert lab as well?

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Foong Zhi Yang says:

    Im your biggest minecraft fan TDM your name is Danial Midelton right

  15. Jason says:

    Cool map omg

  16. Mb Gamer says:

    i love dantdm

  17. Kaelyn says:

    Awesome place

  18. Daniel says:

    Thank You soo!! much ive been Looking for a map Of my Favourite YouTuber TheDiamondMinecart Thank you so much BTW Thank you editor for uploading These Thank you And thanks for the importer Best YouTuber is DanTDM TheDiamondMinecart

  19. Playerwhoplaysmc says:

    Its a bit dark..
    Can u update it and make it more lighter?

  20. Animal_Lover888 says:

    omg its awesome thanks so muchhhhh!!!!!!!

  21. Dipper says:

    It would be cool if the thinknoodle lab was built am I right or am I right

  22. OFkgamer says:

    Dantdm is not the best youtuber the best youtuber is PEWDIEPIE! cause i have i guess now he is 600000 subscribers or hes still 500000 and something subscribers

  23. DAVETDM MCPE says:


  24. Tilly says:

    Please import little Kelly’s castle and the mall

  25. Anonymous says:

    This is honestly amazing it must have taken forever to build! P.s I love dan

  26. Hi says:

    It’s a great map! What I do get a little annoyed about is how many times I get kicked out while on that map.

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Po says:

    Hey this was awesome

  29. Wolfie_772255 on ROBLOX follow me says:

    ~ This Was so Cool Thanks so Much I think more maps from Pc should be ported like the real woodland mansion! BTW this map was so cool thanks 😀 ~

  30. Wolfie_772255 on ROBLOX follow me says:

    My name on roblox is Wolfie_772255 plz follow me !!!!!

  31. RoboBro2002 says:

    Can you make a it a template too? So you can activate it easier when making a new world?

  32. Hammad says:

    Hey can I give you some of my maps

  33. Zizoe says:

    Epic map But can you make gaming whith Jen home plz pat and Jen r epic to

  34. Nurul Aini says:

    Creator can you please make the old lab in the dessert if you don’t know how watch Fed x gaming’s vid on how to Do it

  35. poop says:

    when steam glass comes in make it with stain glass

  36. Noah🐯 says:

    I think Pat and Jen are really cool to but we need a morph add-on! 🙁

  37. Noah🐯 says:

    I can’t believe that he made a Hatchamal anamtronic! 😰 I’m scared to see it I think it’s now freddy

  38. Noah🐯 says:

    We need a dab mod!!!! (Dabs)

  39. KatKoin says:

    I love DanTDM, but… BOOOO! The crystal isn’t even colored! And, there is nothing in the treasure room! (Well, just empty rooms.) For a DanTDM fan like me, this was kind of a letdown. But otherwise, cool map.

  40. Itsjustjay09 says:

    He is the resl creator of minecraft he added in herobrine

  41. Ipayz says:

    Can You Make It Without Any Words At The Back?

  42. anton says:

    i love dantdm

  43. creeper79 says:

    Great Map please make more 😉 [*~*]
    Also could you also create danTDMs old lab I like that one more. I don’t know why

  44. 8xDragonx8_MasterBuildz says:

    Great now I can test my addons in there

  45. Great says:

    I love how the map was designed! It is even nicer if you put shaders! 😎
    BTW I am going to ask permission..
    Is it okay to use this for a Minecraft server and don’t worry I will put credits on who made this! 😀

  46. mark says:

    Love your vids and the videao whar your bruther comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Savage creeper says:

    Can anyone make a sonic mod plz I love sonic.psi like him a little

  48. Smarmy says:

    Where is the lab somebody tell me the cords pls 🙁

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