DarkSide Factions Realm Map [PvP] [Survival]

This map combined all features of Factions (Survival) in one single map. It is best suited for Realms or for local multiplayer. In Factions you basically have to save your base and raid other’s bases and most importantly survive!

Creator: DarkSideStudios (view more credits)


  • DarkSide Studios
  • Ashus01234 (Owner)
  • Tyngominer122 (Co-Owner)
  • CatmantylerRox (Sr.admin)
  • Vibrantfrog1428 (Staff Head)
  • TheExtremeGame1 (Builder)
  • Spyer (Builder)
  • WindLightRealms (Main Builder)
  • ThunderShock166 (Builder)

You can join their Realms here.


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9 Responses

3.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. DarkSideStudios says:


  2. Halks says:

    it would be nice to post minigame maps that involves bow

  3. Ggzgs says:

    It’s great

  4. Eugene says:

    This map is lazy… And boring.. the design is plain and no fun. The only thing cool is the use of nether portals, but even then.

  5. qusyxi says:

    I cant open the map. Its say ‘A newer version of the game has saved this level. It cannot be loaded’. Do you know how to fix it ? Im using mc v1.8.0

  6. Taruna18 says:

    Hey, can you make it support for 1.8?

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