Darth Vader Addon

This add-on is for all you Star Wars fans out there. It adds the lightsaber and armor set of Darth Vader who is the main antagonist in the Star Wars movies. By wearing the armor set you will gain a few new abilities which will make you immensely powerful in Minecraft.

Creator: RexiarTwitter Account
Other Credits: solvedDevTwitter Account

How to be Darth Vader?

You can turn into Darth Vader by wearing his full armor set. The clothing items replace the Chainmail armor set (boots, leggings and chestplate) and the helmet replaces the Skeleton Skull. So you will either need to craft those items or access the creative inventory and search for it there.

By wearing the full armor set you’ll gain a few new extra abilities.

  • +0.03 speed boost
  • +20 health hearts
  • Immunity to projectiles and fall damage

Besides the armor set also the red lightsaber has been added. It replaces the diamond sword and deals 50 attack damage.

You can place down the helmet on the ground as a decoration. This is because it replaces the Skeleton Skull and is a placeable block.

General Darth Vader Features

  • Armor replaces chainmail armor (except for the helmet which replaces the skeleton skull)
    • Wearing the full armor set gives you new abilities
      • +0.03 speed boost
      • 20+ hearts
      • Immune to fall damage and projectiles
  • Lightsaber replaces the diamond sword (deals 50 attack damage)


  1. Download Resources .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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21 Responses

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  1. The_Plasma says:

    Mild brief explanation and please don’t get mad at me…..
    Darth Vader is not the main antagonist in some Star Wars movies….It was emperor Palpatine aka Sheev….
    Darth Vader was became an ally in the end of the second trilogy

  2. Rage says:

    Please add a Star wars addon and add darth vader for enemy!!!!!!!

  3. Zebreh says:

    This is the BEST ADDON EVER

  4. I Hate Adfly says:

    “So you will either need to craft those items or access the creative inventory and search for it there.” But the items are not craftable…

  5. NubFunny says:


  6. Alex says:

    So I have a problem with the resource pack and I’m on ipad and it doesn’t let me click on Download

  7. JacobBro says:

    First off editor, u cannot craft any of the items as you said “you need to craft them or get access to commands to get them”. You get the skeleton head by blowing a skeleton up with a charged creeper. The rest of the armor is trade via a blacksmith villager

    • Alison Gehri says:

      why are you being so rude to the createor? you should be greatful he/she made this at all for us players! he/she didn’t have to do this for us you know. maybe you should straiten up and work on your manners!
      :[ ps I put the 5 stars for the creater not you!!!!

  8. VaderGuy5217 says:

    Cool addon

  9. Buyamed says:

    It’s ok but please change it so it makes more stuff🙂

  10. AwesomeNinja886 says:


  11. TheBatz501 says:

    This addon is great! A way to improve it might be by making the shut out of diamond instead btw.

  12. TheBatz501 says:

    This addon is great! A way to improve it might be by making the suit out of diamond instead btw.

  13. SebasGamesAndVlogs says:

    I call this amazing addon love it bro 😀😀

  14. Drake says:

    Plz do war addon

  15. Daniel says:

    So good

  16. Daniel says:

    Actually I like it I’m kidding I love it

  17. Alexandre Moralss says:


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