DeepOceanCity [Creation]

The development of DeepOceanCity has been in progress for over two months. Today is the first release and this is without doubt one of the best cities we’ve reviewed. The city is situated on relatively small island far out in the ocean. On a very little area the builder have been able to fit many different types of creations. A shipyard, a beach with a boardwalk and a ferris wheel, skyscrapers, lots of fine homes and everywhere just beautiful details.

Creator: ethanBawesome, Twitter Account

Here’s a beach with a nice boardwalk which features a ferris wheel, a roller coaster and more.


The shipyard got loads of containers and just a little further out in the sea is an anchored ship.

deepoceancity7 deepoceancity6

The bridge doesn’t yet lead anywhere else than to the city. It’s likely it will be connected with another island in the future but at this point we can’t confirm anything.


Along the shoreline there are lots of beautiful (and probably expensive) houses.


The details are almost overwhelming. Here you can see some sewers and a bus. There are lots of things like this which really makes everything so much more impressive!


Another fine home.


The latest update include some new houses, skyscrapers, a large ship, a train station and more.


Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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97 Responses

4.56 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Prabuddha says:

    Link not working

  2. shock 000 says:

    This map was amazing I use the shader for the best experience

  3. Ty says:

    It is a very good map

  4. Strale22 says:

    Can u put this on mediafire please?

  5. Ember says:

    I love this map! I think it is very well-built. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to install texture packs.

  6. Isabel Munden says:

    I tried to download this using ES download manager on an Android device, but it keeps saying ” Bad Zip File “. I don’t wanna use the Astro Launcher app because the reviews on Google play say that it is bad, and I don’t know if I should trust it. Please tell me what I am doing wrong as I would really like to have this map on Minecraft Pocket Edition!

    • Editor says:

      The bad zip file error usually occures when you are trying to open a file which has not been fully downloaded yet. Please make sure it’s 100% downloaded in order for it to work.

      • Isabel says:

        I have already made sure that it is fully downloaded, but it still says bad zip file. I even tryed extracting it into the MCPE worlds folder, but it starts the extracting process before suddenly stopping and saying ” Exception found! Bad Zip File “. I am unsure what is happening, as I am followed the rules for downloading it exactly the way they are written. I have tryed everything so far, while still straying away from Astro File Manager. Please tell me if there is anything I am still missing. Thank you!

        • Editor says:

          That’s really odd.

          Have you tried downloading it on your computer? I usually find that using my computer (which I am more familiar with) is easier and works most of the time.

    • T.. says:

      Maybe you can try to download it in other browser

  7. Tomo says:

    I LOVE IT! But there are a few buildings not furnished yet, do you think you will do that or not??
    Ps. LOVE IT

  8. Th3FaMousSkat3r says:

    This is Awesome I just downloaded it and for sure I will make a Roleplay in this map

  9. RedGamingCore says:

    So good

  10. White Knight says:

    How many skyscrapers/towers are there?

  11. TetchedCircle21 says:

    This map is very well built, and has more detail than any other city map I’ve downloaded.

  12. GoldBunny says:

    Please add another island that’s is just skyscrapers and another that’s a mall center with many stores. Please this is an awesome map!!!

  13. raphael says:

    Please upgrade this city add police station and hospital??

  14. Mariah Galutza says:

    It doesn’t let me download any maps from this website:(

  15. Ayyybouuuu says:

    I click the .mcworld link, it takes me to a white page been waiting 5 minutes

  16. Anonymous says:

    Link is not working its just taking me to a blank page and its not loading!?!

  17. Cutzie says:

    Editor,Can you ask other creators of maps to add .Mcworld please,Thanks

  18. Kngihtz says:

    I wait for more than 2 hours but nothing happen when i dowloaded it

  19. mrbuddhaburns says:

    AAAARGH!!!!! it keeps making me stuck on that mediafire!!!!!!!!!!! plz help!!!!!

  20. *insert Name Here* says:

    Amazing! Going on Creative Mode to finish some buildings inside and add another island with malls and ec cetera, thanks!

  21. Donutz says:

    This is probably the second best map in MCPEDL. The #1 best map is Craftmania.

  22. Jiraxii says:

    Guys, download Chrome, then go to this website, then go to a map you wanted, now scroll down until you see a download button (It should be a mcworld to import easier), touch/click that then press download, it will say how many mins will it take to finish and is easier than Safari.

  23. Sara Kajcsa says:

    Best Map Ever!! Me and my BFF did a role play on this map! We had so much fun!!

  24. Fallen Gotham says:

    Thank you for using this on my addon

  25. KawaiiWolfBoyHQ says:


  26. Meepy says:

    Shaders work perfectly on this map, especially at night.

  27. Lil' Sniper says:

    OMG best map ever, looks great with RSPE shaders.

  28. TayTay_101 says:

    This map is amazing!! It worked really good for me!!! I have an IPad5🤓👍🏽

  29. SuperTGaming says:

    Guys I found a under water temple thing go to the high school entrance and turn left and head out to the ocean and also have night vision

  30. Shireen says:

    I have so much fun playing the city thanks for giving me the town
    Byeeee!! !LOL!

  31. Dab says:

    When I go on mcpe when it says importing world it stops and I lose the download

  32. Mia says:


  33. Mcpedllover says:

    WOOOOOW jaw dropping

  34. Emmy22 says:

    This is a very good map to test addons !

  35. Paul says:

    Awesome map!

  36. Paul Koutsivos says:

    Here is the link to my YouTube channel like subscribe and comment on the other vids 🙂

  37. Eve Bordeleau says:

    😭 It doesn’t even work on samsung tablets so I can’t play! 😭

  38. A guy who wants you to smile says:

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate the help editor has given us good job editor!

  39. Venus says:

    How big is it? I want to make a very big city and want to just edit this map for me, but how big is it?

  40. Chocolate says:

    Please new update 🐼

  41. Matthew says:

    What are the coordinates of the map?

  42. Lol idk says:

    Everybody reply to me if u are having trouble!

  43. Matthew says:

    I’m using a iPad mini that I got in 2016 and it works for me

  44. Alalalala says:

    4/5 stars

  45. Beamzachiloveit says:

    Very good but my device is noob lag gg but baeautiful yeah

  46. Kyat2kyt says:

    I have an idea for the next version where your building th bridge to the other place you could make canyon homes I would really like to have canyon homes there

  47. Anonymous says:

    Can u put some stuff inside the skyscrapers pls

  48. Aurelion soul says:

    Well,this map is awesome I downloaded it almost 3 times

  49. Zainab says:

    How much time dos it take to donload

  50. MeriPlays says:

    The map ended up downloading eventually, but took a long time. How big is the file?

  51. Random Man From The Future... says:

    It’s 16.MB ;3

  52. Brianna McDaniel says:

    Amazing map! Love the houses! P.S. I fixed the road at the spawnpoint.

  53. cam says:

    overrated! most pf the building have no insides its no good for a roleplay or for screenshots. there is a reason they only showed overviews and houses. basic bomshell of a city.

  54. ._alyy_. says:

    DeepOceanCity is one of the best city maps to roleplay, it includes a school, grocery, and everything you would see in a city. To me, it seems very realistic. Hopefully the next update includes more structures to explore.

  55. DoritoCatzXx says:

    I downloaded this map before and it was awesome! I sadly had to delete it cause I had over 67 worlds. But I deleted them and I’m back for it again!, I hope you could decorate the inside of some of the structures instead of leaving them blank. I hope that will be fixed very soon! <3

  56. Zoe Patrick says:

    I want to know why this download is not working

  57. Werewolf_37 says:

    I love to use this map for disasters! But I also like the design.

  58. AwesomeNinja886 says:

    Awesome! I have great memories of this city map (This is one of the first maps I ever downloaded), AND there are interlocking Ocean Monuments now!

  59. Geryjerryson says:

    How do i download this map????!!!

  60. Anonymous says:

    When I download it it goes to minecraft and I can’t find it

  61. Ferrum says:

    It’s not working , I download it then o clicked it and it’s not showing the map.please fix thanks

  62. Gabriel Te Paa says:

    How to download??

  63. LordMinecraft says:

    Where’s the train station

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