Defscape Texture Pack [32×32] [64×64]

Defscape is an elegant texture pack with a very clean look. It looks really nice both in medieval and modern types of maps. Every block texture is incredibly detailed because of the high resolution (64×64 pixels) but the details always look very well put in place and never overwhelming. Everything from blocks and items to the sky and water have been redesigned.

Creator: d3fin3d
Ported by: MrChuyito15YT (Twitter)
Updated: 1 February, 2017 (bug fixes)

defscape-3defscape6 defscape8 defscape1 defscape3 defscape2 defscape4 defscape5

Download Texture Pack (32×32) .McPack (v1.0.x) (Recommended)
Download .ZIP (v1.0.x)
Download (0.15.9 – 0.16.0)
Download (0.14.3)
Download (0.14.2)
Download (0.13)

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Installation Guides

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53 Responses

  1. DeathCop4000 says:

    Which map is used in screenshot no.1 ?

  2. AdrianHD says:

    Is this texture pack compatitable with 0.13.0??? Thanks..

  3. CYD says:

    There is line going between the clay blocks and they you try to break the item/blocks the thing turns dark or black. Please fix. Otherwise this texture pack looks great! Good job!

  4. carlthellama says:

    how do u download for windows 10 edition

  5. Ironrender880 says:

    This Texture pack is great

  6. WowAmISoStrange says:

    Looks fantastic! So downloading…

  7. EbeDaEbcent says:

    Does this work on 0.14? Tnks

  8. Lance Hendricks says:

    What is the map in the 2nd screenshot?

  9. IcyCrazy Crap says:

    Is this compatible in MC:PE 0.15.0 Beta?

  10. Leoj says:

    Can i use this for 14.0

  11. Geometry Dash InvalidInteger says:

    Editor, I have a problem. Everytime I try to install a texture pack, MCPE crashes. What can I do to fix this?

    MCPE Version:
    OS: Android 4.2.2
    Device: Acer Iconia B1-711 (Quad Core)

    • Editor says:

      Maybe the reason is that it isn’t compatible with your MCPE version? Go to the texture pack section and find one of the latest packs and try them. I know some of them work for 0.15.9/0.16.0. Try Flow’s HD.

  12. Alice says:

    Is there any other texture packs compatible with mcpe 15.9/16.0

  13. Albert629 says:

    Will it crash my game

  14. SlidPancake3841 says:

    The Best Texture Pack Ever I Saw

  15. jaion carter says:


  16. Anonymous says:

    Everytime i click the ‘download’,, it brings me to this page called “”…… whats that ?

  17. EnderMan says:

    Help please after i downloaded ths texture pack and added it to my minecraft pocket edition i couldn’t open minecraft i opened it and i crash pls help!!

  18. EnderMan says:

    By the way i am IOS user with an iPad 2 air my MCPE version is v1.0

  19. 👾 says:

    I notice that the Compass is broken 😛 is like changing pictures. it make me dizzy plaese fix it! Responde please 🙂

  20. zStrikerSlash says:

    The texture of the clock and the bussola is bugged the clock is with the normal texture of the minecraft and the bussola moving

  21. Pharohking1234 says:

    Im on version 1.0.3 and this texture pack looks awsome can you update it?

  22. ShinySoul345 says:

    It crashed my device (iPad Air 2) so I had to delete it on iFunbox, but it looks like a good pack!!

  23. Herotisium says:

    I dunno my iPad mini 4 crashed too

  24. Danny says:

    Hi, I really like this textrure pack. The only problem is the spacing between letters in the home screen, most of my world names go of the edge and I have OCD and it really bugs me lol


  25. Daniel says:

    It dosn’t work for ios please update it.

  26. Nixon says:

    What’s the castle map?

  27. Rico(HD) says:

    Editor what is this pack for? Pc or PE?

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