256393152: Desert Temple At Spawn

This is a great seed to use if you’re just starting a new survival world. It includes a temple with some treasures right at spawn and just a little further away there’s a village with more items to loot. The surrounding areas consist of a jungle biome, a desert biome and a savannah biome. That’s really nice if you want a few different options for where to explore next.

Found by: SkyofMeow

The spawn is in a jungle biome which borders a desert biome. Just a little further ahead on your right you will find a desert temple.

Treasures can be found inside the temple by entering it and then destroying the colored blocks in the center and drop down into the treasure room. Watch out for the pressure plate – it sets of an explosive trap! It’s not the best loot ever, but it’s still useful if you’ve just spawned.

There’s a savannah village just a little further to the left of the temple.

There you will find a chest which contain some iron items and a couple of apples.

Seed: 256393152

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4 Responses

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  1. Antonio says:

    What version is it
    No work for me

  2. Ashlynn Hall says:

    THIS IS SO COOL 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  3. superspider3500 says:

    “It sets of an explosive trap!” Do you mean off an explosive trap?

  4. VexingBitGam3r says:

    Yes! First seed that works!!! @Antonio, do you have the lastest version of minecraft? This is (supposed to be)

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