Desolation [Custom Terrain] [Survival]

This is a custom terrain which has been built to be used as a survival world. You’ll spawn on a medium sized island and surrounding the main island are a couple of other small islands. There are no structures on the islands so you will need to build everything from scratch. There are no set objectives or quests so you will have to make them up as you go.

Creator: TeamBOB123

It’s a really nice terrain which was most likely built using WorldPainter and then ported to the bedrock version of Minecraft. I might actually make a tutorial for it later at some point.

One downside is that it isn’t built in an infinite world. It could have been done though if it was ported a bit differently though, so maybe that will happen in an update.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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12 Responses

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  1. Aarib_Aaqib[YT] says:


  2. NoriX says:

    Really looked forward to it being an infinite world,a bit disappointed now.

  3. FallenDuelist says:

    I absolutely love how they have come out with so many awesome custom terrain in the last few weeks! This is ine of my favorites! And I have an Ipad, so the .Mcworld maps are really helpful! Thanks for another great map!

  4. XchronoxO says:

    Nice map! Keep up the good work!!

  5. DankMemes says:

    What is WorldPainter?

  6. AtomoRaigenCDN21 says:

    I have something to say…
    This is how I make my own custom terrain using command blocks, Make your own biomes with this command

    Commandblock:Repeated, Always active

    /execute @p ~ ~ ~ fill ~-2 ~-10 ~2 ~2 ~-10 ~-2 [block of choice]

    Go to my twitter for more info

  7. xMetrix says:

    im so bad at survival :G

  8. Julio says:

    This is awsome

  9. idk says:

    Eh This is pretty good! (iDubbz reference)

  10. Just a regular player says:

    I love all the custom terrains that have been out!

  11. Crazykidblogs Macdonald says:

    Love this map!!!

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