Diamond Compressor

Compress your block of coal to a diamond. The process is simple. Simply place the block of coal in the Diamond Compressor and wait 20 seconds for the process to happen. As soon as it is done you’ll be seeing a text message saying so and then you can collect your diamond.

The mod is still in its early phase of development so suggestions and comments are welcome to help the creator improve on later versions of the mod.

Creator: jkark1032

Block ID & Crafting Recipes

  • Diamond Compressor (200) – 2 iron furnaces + 2 glowstone dust + 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond ore
  • Diamond Ore x 4 (56) – 8 diamonds + 1 stone

ScreenShots011 ScreenShots012 ScreenShots013 ScreenShots014download

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13 Responses

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  1. Joseph says:

    Cool mod

  2. kavan says:

    Mod, I need a cars and planes mod

  3. Nathan says:

    It sounds awesome but I can’t but the coal in the compresser

  4. Drayven says:

    How do you do it on iOS

  5. Oren Staines says:

    How do you zip a file

  6. Ivan Tchoudinov says:

    I suggest having to put in 10 coal, since compressing it will make the diamond small. 10 coal should make it a normal size diamond. Also, how do you make the iron furnace?

  7. themodder says:

    can u use it on minecraft windows 10????????

  8. Why u gotta know says:

    It’s kinda cheap tho

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