Donkey Kong In MCPE [Minigame]

This minigame is based on the classic arcade game by the name of Donkey Kong. It’s a platform game where the player needs to jump over obstacles to get to the top and rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong. It’s a really well made minigame with some neat features to make it well worth playing.

Creator: The_Redstoneer (inspired by SethBling)

How to play?

Press to button in the lobby to start the game. Jump over the minecarts which continuously come driving down the rails. The objective is to reach the top platform and press a button to complete the game.

If you get hit by one you’ll die immediately and have to start over.


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14 Responses

4.62 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. zsrrgdgdavdvfdabad says:

    lol just kidding it was great! 😀

  2. Muhammad says:

    Hi Hello Anyone um

  3. KingShades says:

    This is great it actually kills you when you hit the minecart, makes it more fun.5/5
    I hope in the future updates you will need to fight donkey kong when you reach the top to finish the game

  4. Toop says:

    Seems cool!

  5. Aditya says:

    What was updated

  6. Ali says:

    When redstone neighborhood will be uptaded? I’m waiting ☺

  7. Brendinu says:

    Does this work on Xbox one?

  8. ham03 says:

    Good job

  9. OliverQueen says:

    It really kills you unlike other maps I’ve tried

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