Dragon Craft Z Addon

This is an addon which aims to bring the Dragon Ball Z Universe to Minecraft Pocket Edition. It includes new mobs such as Saibamen, Namekians and Saiyans. There are also a new range of attacks (items) which can be used to battle the new mobs. Right now it’s limited to just new mobs and items but hopefully it could include something a bit more complex in the future as the features for addons evolve.

Creator: Hexdro, Twitter Account
Updated: 29 January, 2017 (read changelog)


  • Power Pole (Wooden Sword) – A weapon used by Goku and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z
  • Cursed Curved Blade (Stone Sword)
  • Future Trunk’s Blade (Iron Sword)
  • Katana (Golden Sword) – A weapon used by the great Yajirobe himself
  • Z Sword (Diamond Sword) – The most sharpest sword in the known universe. Only those who are worthy can hold wield it.
  • Senzy Bean (Golden Apple, Enchanted Apple) – Heal up!

Ki Attacks

The following items are meant as special attacks. You use a new attack by picking up an item and using it. Some of the attacks be obtained by trading with villagers.

  • Kamehameha (Bow and Arrow) – Fast and some serious damage. Causes a small explosion
  • Death Ball (Egg) – Huge explosions
  • Death Beam (Snowball) – Deals a lot of damage and very fast
  • Red Beam Attack (Ender Pearl) – Teleportation device
  • Ki Blast (Fishing Rod) – Deals a lot of damage
  • Ki Fire (Bottle o’ Enchanting) – Causes an explosion and some fire


All of the following mobs drop Ki attacks such as Kamehame Wave, Death Beam or Instant Transmission.

  • Majin Race (Wither Skeletons) – They are one of the strongest and most deadly races so be careful!
  • Frieza Race (Zombie Pigmen) – They don’t wield any weapons but they are beefed up and can punch pretty hard.
  • Namekians (Villagers) – Six different types such as Goku, Gohan and Vegeta. They don’t do much currently.
  • Saiyans (Skeletons & Strays) – They are very strong and shoot explosive Ki Blasts.
  • Saibamen (Zombies) – They are weak alone but if they group together then they get a lot more dangerous. Underlings of the Saiyans.
  • Frieza’s Soldier (Husks) – A little bit stronger than Saibamen.
  • Frieza’s Soldier 2 (Zombie Villager) – If a Namekian is killed then they will turn into this mob. It’s slightly weaker than the normal Frieza’s Soldier. They also dress a bit differently as they are wearing purple.


  • Added Black’s clothing
  • Added Black’s Ki Blade
  • Replaced names for items, mobs,
  • Trade with villagers for some of the Ki Attacks
  • Bug fixes


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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54 Responses

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  1. zStrikerSlash says:

    Cool addon

  2. Jackie says:

    Thank u so much

  3. Bustfireslasher says:


  4. Big fan says:

    I’ve been waiting for this addon for ages 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Naruto fan and mcpedl fan says:

    Can u do naruto craft?!! Please!!! And I very love this addon please make naruto craft addon!!!🤗🤗👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. PWAPikachu says:

    This is the best add-on please make more DBZ add-ons I was Waiting for the fun

  7. Naruto fan and mcpedl fan says:

    Naruto craft addon < or ninja craft addon! Please!😺😺🤗😶

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you make Tokyo ghoul next?

  9. Emma says:

    Yay there’s vegeta and kakarot

  10. Hexdro says:

    Hey! Creator of the addon here, I hope everyone enjoys Dragon Craft Z! 🙂

  11. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    AWESOME! Can there be a herobrine addon where you can be herobrine?

  12. Magio says:

    Awesome I want someone to make a orespawn addon that will be awesome!!! But your addon is cool to

  13. Ryandog419 says:

    Awesome add on could you do something similar for the anime naruto

  14. Mark says:

    Oh it was nice
    And can you make more kind of this like Naruto or bleach Fairytail … ? If you can do that so it will be amazing

  15. JEMMO says:

    I can’t install this on my windows 10, i tried to follow the tutorial but i don’t have the folders mentioned in there.. Please help me??

  16. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    Kame..Hame…….HAAAAAAAA!! cool add on…love it!

  17. ObsidianRange says:

    I really enjoy it but can you make a gun addon with every thing that you can shoot or use a gun for like a snowball ender pearl bow fishing rod egg tnt and make armor with that pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee

  18. Dan tdm says:

    I will put this on a video

  19. Bruce w Jacobs says:

    Okay Dan your awesome!

  20. Swallowbird says:

    Dude can you just consider my idea. To make a falcon from avengers elytra wings texture and retexured a sword as a fist so when you bunch someone you give them knock back. You could retexured pumpkins so they look like Felton extra googles and when you wear it instead of a punk is jace it can be the view but with red and lines to show targets. Reply if you will consider my idea PLEEEEAAASEEE

  21. Wane says:

    You should make a batman addon

  22. Danny says:

    Amazing addon! But can you possilby make an elements addon? By that i mean elements like: fire,water,air,ice,earth…
    Please make it if it is possible!☺

  23. Keven says:

    I liked the add on you made and I loved everything about it the add on was so good that I even tried to play it in survival and I don’t play add on in survival at all but I have a question can you make a Naruto add on please because I tried myself but am not good at making add on so please make a Naruto add on

  24. TheKingOfClash says:

    Very good addon can’t wait until u add more dbz mobs and items also can u make a naruto addon thx

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why does it take me to adf.fly?!

  26. Matthew says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    Wow this addon is gonna look interesting!! 😀

  28. GSiBountyHunter says:

    Awesome freaking mod I love DBZ thank you so much, can you make one specified off of Batman villains please bro! Appreciate it. Thanks from the Ghost Squad

  29. Hasan says:

    Can you do a “miraculous: tales of ladybug and chat noir” add-on,please?

  30. Keven says:

    Dude I tried so hard to make an add on but I don’t know what to change I have an add on creator app on my iPad and I don’t know what to change in it

  31. The almighty somethai says:

    Can you do gravity falls addon?

  32. Yong says:

    Do a Sword art online craft

  33. marvgamer155 says:

    Cool addon dude!!! Im a fan of dragon ball z. Plz add more characters like perfect form cell, android 16 (replaced with irongolem), cooler,and ssj goku. Plz i really like this addon ill rate it 11 from 10 if you add those characters thank you

  34. Kawaiiipie says:

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE Make a sailor moon addon!!!!!!!

  35. Gmbdragon123 says:

    can you make the ender dagon shenron and make the villagers fight back (goku vegeta gohan and piccalo of course)And make namakiens heal people like dende?

  36. Anonymous says:

    i love it

  37. ProHD says:

    Amazing I like this Addon plz add more characters and make the saiber men smaller hopefully you will bring more great stuff to this addon😂

  38. Rico Crawford says:

    I tried to download it and it didn’t work

  39. Coyote says:

    Can you do the 1973 Robin Hood (Disney) add-on pls?
    Reply if my suggestion is noted
    By the way good add-on

  40. WalkingTNT12124 says:

    creator pls make it so taht you can fly in survival too, it will really add to the addon

  41. Erwin says:

    Awesome add-on!!!😍😍can u make NARUTO?CAN U PLEASE!!🙏🙏

  42. Bobby says:

    Can you add super sayion


    Good enough

  44. Anonymous says:

    Can you do something with Saiyan Armor? I think it looks really cool and think it would be awesome if we could where it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you do something with Saiyan Armor? I think it looks really cool and think it would be awesome if we could wear it!

  45. - says:

    nice addon I’ll give u sum advice plz make the siabermen smaller and remove the sword on buy and frieza

  46. Minecrafter says:

    Cool I gress…

  47. bloody Chicken nugget says:

    Good add on but I am not a weeb (anime fan)

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