DS Advance PE Texture Pack

This texture pack is focused on improving all of the ugly textures in the default pack and make them more good looking. Doors, blocks, flowers – basically anything which previously had noisy textures have been either improved or completely redesigned to blend better with the other blocks. It’s a really good pack for anyone who enjoy the default Minecraft look but wouldn’t mind some improvements.

Creator: Palladium Knight (original PC pack)
Ported by: florretardada

All Features

  • New paintings
  • Improved textures
    • Beacon
    • Enchanting table
    • TNT
    • Crafting table
    • Comparator
    • Daylight sensor
    • Jack o’ Lantern
    • Jungle door
    • Oak door
    • Birch door
    • Iron door
  • New textures
    • Furnace
    • Note block
  • Fixed the quartz bottom texture to look like its sides
  • Gold block looks similar to an iron block
  • Diamond block looks like an emerald block
  • Lapis lazuli block looks like a redstone block
  • Netherrack, quartz ore and glowstone look less noisy
  • Comparator, daylight sensor and jack o’ lantern
  • Jungle, oak, birch and iron doors have
  • Rose bush, peony and large fern looks more good looking
  • Granite and diorite stones are cleaner
  • Sticky piston is improved


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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31 Responses

4.27 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Anisa says:

    Its so much better than regular Minecraft textures.

  2. SlavicCulture999 says:

    Hey! Saying that Red Redstone is ugly is entirely wrong! Is this an OPINION pack? Yes it is.

    • Palladium Knight says:

      the original pc version doesn’t contain those textures, it’s florentardada’s mistake cuz he kept some old version textures

  3. Dangry says:

    Ew. I think it could be a little better. I think it would be better with more transparent parts for the door.

    • florretardada says:

      talk this with this original creator on his profile in planet minecraft, is not with me

    • Palladium Knight says:

      I’m the original creator, I think oak door without transparent part is much better , also this version is contains blocks from a very old version and others from newer version so wait until florretardada update it

  4. BlueberrySans says:

    Look less noisy?

  5. YY Minecon says:

    Ain’t the tall grass from plastic texture pack? (It just looks like it IMO)

  6. Lament says:

    Hey, nice resource pack you got there! 🙂

  7. Enderman PE Official says:

    Redstone and Emerald block is the ugliest block I have ever seen, thank god I can delete certain texture

    • florretardada says:

      sorry if you think this, but if you want to talk to the creator about your feedback, say on his profile in the planet minecraft

    • Palladium Knight says:

      Hi, I’m the creator of this pack, if you check the pc version of the pack, you will not find these texture, florretardada kept some old textures without telling me, but he told me that he will update it

  8. Exotic says:

    Wait when you said “Granite and diorite are more clean” you were wrong its cleanER not more clean GRAMMAR POLICE XD BUTT good job though #GrammarPolice #BUTT #cleanER

  9. jay says:

    Love improvements, but Dead bush doesn’t​ work

  10. Palladium Knight says:

    come on dude update it ! the pc version is way much better than this one

  11. No says:

    Editor I would like to ask why you are insulting blocks it’s strange i like the Minecraft blocks

    • Editor says:

      I don’t think the blocks have feelings so they are probably not hurt. 😉 On a more serious note, it’s just based on my personal opinion. You can have a different opinion, that’s totally fine!

  12. Nxen says:

    Can u make the diamond block look like the iron block please? You can make two files or something but it is just my opinion because you really can’t obtain emerald blocks in survival P.E without villagers. Great texture overall.

    • Palladium Knight says:

      actually this existed in an old pc edition of this pack, but then I deleted it, also check the pc version because the pocket edition is a total mess

  13. PricySpcae says:

    You should add a door animation so it could open much smoother

  14. PricySpace says:

    You should add a door animation so they could open smoother.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It looks really good!

  16. Notch says:


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