Dungeon Escape [Adventure]

You wake up inside an undead prison. Cold and alone. One day, a shining savior come to your aid. He drops a key in your cell. Maybe you’ll be able to make it out. But even then, you must traverse the undead prisoners who did not make it and slay the immortal Fallen Knight. Can you still escape and live?

Creator: dudebroagain


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29 Responses

4.45 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. kidgamesxboxpro says:

    finally a good map

  2. Declan says:

    It is the best

  3. Jodie Irvine says:

    The best

  4. daqueque says:

    What version do you support?

  5. Cassia Taylor says:

    For one thing, if it’s immortal, how can you slay it? Second, what textures are these? Good map but a bit boring…

    • dudebroagain says:

      For the first question, you have to explore and find clues to how you can kill it. For the second John Smith Legacy but I changed the textures a bit. Lastly, I understand it’s not for everyone

  6. Xyz says:

    Make part two or more maps like this.

  7. IncredibleLego says:

    The map is very short (about 15 minutes) but it’s very beautiful, congratulation! I hope you will make a extended version of this map in future! I have only a personal question to ask you: how did you enchanted the sword with fortune?

  8. Yannikong says:

    finaly a good map in this site!

  9. Arriana says:

    Umm I don’t know if this is a pro lime on my part or something but it says a newer lever version I can’t use the map Help!

  10. Veqom says:

    This map is really good and interesting.

  11. dudebroagain says:

    Thank you all for the support.

  12. FlyingGoat64 says:

    Hey does anyone know why whenever I download a map it says “a newer version of the game has saved this level it cannot be opened” my game is up to date so I am not sure

  13. Anonymous says:

    WHY DOES IT SAY A NEW VERSION IS MADE? Cmon I want to play this so bad

  14. Playblood says:

    Very good Map, we want all the story!!!

  15. Ahmedwolfy says:

    It Cool? Tell Me Guys Please

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