Dyable Tails & Ears Texture Pack

This texture pack replaces the leather cap and tunic with cute ears and tails of animals. You can dye them in any color and wear them similarly to any other wearable armor item. It’s great for roleplay. For example, dye your ears pink and roleplay a pig – oink oink!

Creator: DamenSoul

How does it work?

Two of the leather armor items (cap and tunic) have been replaced by ears and tails. Fill a cauldron with some water, add a dye and then dip your items in the cauldron to dye them.

It’s a really cute (and slightly strange) texture change for the game.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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38 Responses

4.32 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. LegoAidan10155 says:

    Haha, awesome. Very inventive

  2. FoxyRawr says:

    Yay!!! It’s not the but I love this! I’ve been looking for a addon/recourse pack for this! Thanks so much!!!

  3. DamenSoul says:

    Aha~ Thank you so much for posting my pack!

    • SummerCrystal16 says:

      It didn’t work it says detected Duplicate pack And I don’t see it and I’m using my IPhone 6 help please 😭

  4. AshDaWerewolf says:


  5. Lester says:

    This Addon Is Perfect For My Cousins Skin (MLP skin)

  6. Inventour" says:

    Great Add-On/Texture Pack. Suggestion: Can you make a custom armor Add-On/Texture Pack?

  7. Matti says:

    That’s just weird

  8. MLGhomie78YT says:

    I’ve needed this forever!!!!!!! Thx!

  9. edgist sans lvore evre says:

    Or as I like to call it, the furry Addon.

  10. Mega_Jigen says:

    This Texture pack can enable any version like 1.1.5

  11. DemyX says:

    Wow for real this is awesome

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like it

  13. Anonymous says:

    Fox tail not a wolf tail. I know this since I’m a skin maker and I’ve made many skins with werewolf ears and tail.

  14. Undertale fan says:

    Furries has been confirmed in Minecraft

  15. Zayn Hosein says:

    It don’t work some reason?!?!!

  16. Dumdumb says:

    Could have been better if they were 3D, but does mcpe support those?

  17. XxTigerLillyxX says:

    Thank you for this I love werewolves and this is just…thank you so much.

  18. Emma says:

    Thx so much for this

  19. Snowymouse26 says:

    I’m first! Did this remind anyone else of Aphmau in a bad way? Great add-on, its surprising what this small add-on did to my roleplays!

  20. DamenSoul says:

    This guy made an amazing review on the pack ^_^


  21. ThisIsAUsername says:

    I have no words but this is awesome!

  22. gabe w says:

    yay a furry mod xD

  23. Durp Gamer says:

    Wonderful!!! Me and my friends use this to do werewolves rp!!!

  24. XxJoanna09xX says:

    Can you please make a 3D version of this? I really want to roleplay like aphmau but my laptop is broken 🙁

  25. Nunya says:

    This is great!! But it won’t work. I’m rn in versions of 12+

  26. Lauren says:

    Hey i love the mod I do roleplay’s with my friends! Also this kinda reminds me of aphmau XD anyways do you think I would be possible to look 3D? If it’s possible? Anyways love the add on!

  27. 🦄Emma Da Uincorn🦄 says:

    Well could be better could be worse could you make it look more like Aphmau the ear and tails like the 3D

  28. Lililth says:

    Is it like a 3d tail and ears? If not does anyone know where to find one kinda like the one Aphmau (Look her up on youtube).

  29. Jade says:

    Hey can you do a dyeable mirmaid tail with leather leggings and boots

  30. Jade says:

    It’s awesome. Can you do a dyeable mirmaid tail with leather leggings and boots plz 😄

  31. Anonymous says:

    Cool! Do you know how to make a 3D and moving version of this? If you do know, can you please create it! That would be great!
    Thank you, and have a nice day!

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