Easter Parkour 2018 [Parkour]

Easter Parkour 2018 is a Jump’n’Run world. The map includes a special texture pack which makes the gameplay more enjoyable. There are three different difficulties and they include easy (green color), normal (yellow color) and hard (red color). At the very beginning of the map you’ll go through a quick tutorial to learn the basics of the game and functionalities for the different blocks.

Creator: Coernerbrot

Special Blocks

There are three special blocks included in this map

  • Checkpoint block (stand on top of it to set your spawnpoint)
  • “Over Head Ladder” – with that you can climb at the block with the ladder at the bottom
  • Finish Portal – takes you back into the lobby (there’s also a new item in your inventory which you can use to instantly get back to the lobby)

Note from creator: The map can be played in multiplayer. But you have to know, that if a player starts a level then all other players come also in this level. When you finished the tutorial you can play the level easy. After finishing that the button for level normal appears. So you can only play level hard after finish all other levels!


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24 Responses

3.85 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. hihihi says:

    Hi first
    ps im just posting first

  2. Icegirl1106 says:

    Hey, really cool map, but didn’t manage to play with the texture pack, but still, really cool!!

  3. Cayden Lo says:

    I think you should make the first stage easier because it is too hard to be easy

  4. Jm says:

    It is Very Wonderful!

  5. Cube456789 says:

    wow it is the most map of the parkour.

  6. This is bad says:

    This is so bad

  7. Murdcraft says:


  8. AngelizQueen says:

    It was awesome

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ummm… level one is super hard for me ☹️

  10. Stephen says:

    Very nice

  11. addons are cool says:

    make a 2019 next easter

  12. BigBoy6969 says:

    Hey m8 ummm I sucked really hard so I had to cheat to get to the end of every level bc I was sad I was that bad I didn’t even get to use the special ladders (why tf do I sound 12 anyway) I was very disappointed at the fact I couldn’t just go in creative so me being me wanted to beat the system so I gave myself ender pearls XDXDXDXDXD and ahhhhh that spam thing was crazy and why tf was there a piston that just pushed 1 block with a wooden button on it… and I’m so sad that their was nothing at the top of the flower (did u not think I would break ur map?). But honestly next map u make make more levels so u can make them easier and also make sure u clear my inventory every second 😂😂 or ban ender pearls or however u made creative unavailable.. but great map overall if ur amazing at parkour 😉

    • Coernerbrot says:

      Thanks for your long comment! That the levels are to difficult I heard from many people so next year or maybe in a Christmas version the levels will be easier. In the next map I’ll add a little “Easter Egg” (bad joke I know) with that you can go in creative mode!! (cheat a fishing rod and hold it in your hand 😉 ) The big flower was only a test if I can build big object to make the map nicer but I can’t XD! The piston I used while testing with scructur blocks.

      In the next version at the top of the flower there will be an other secret!!

      Thanks for playing my map

  13. Ana says:

    Ova mapa me ježi

  14. EASTER SUCKS says:

    this map is broken it SUCKS

  15. Lyla says:


  16. WHY says:

    Level 1 is way to hard

  17. Danny Sorrentino says:

    Dude level 1 is wayyyyy to hard

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