EckoSoldier Let’s Play World – Survival Island Season 2 [Creation]

This is a public world release for the Survival Island Season 2 Let’s Play series with EckoSoldier and his friend Rob. 40 episodes have been released since it started and it has finally come to an end for the season. Today you will be able to download the world and explore it on any of your devices which got the Minecraft Bedrock Engine game version (1.2+).

Creator: EckoSoldierTwitter AccountYouTube

Let’s Play Series

You can watch the first episode for the Survival Island Season 2 Let’s Play series here.

Important Notes

It’s a little bit backdated because of some syncing issues between Minecraft: Console Edition and the new Minecraft Bedrock Engine. But overall, it works pretty good.

It is an amplified world. If you wonder about the extreme terrain it is because it was created as an amplified world on the Minecraft: Console Edition.

Minecraft: Console Edition Seed: 23998886688, Amplified World


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5 Responses

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  1. Adam Turner says:

    Can You Guys Make All Maps Transfer for iOS bc some maps I really want but it’s for android only 😞

  2. Danielplaz says:

    Can you tell me the .mcworld link for media fire without having to go to ad fly as ad fly will not work for me

  3. Realms says:


  4. CakeCraft says:

    gud not bad all works for android

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