EggWars [PvP] [Minigame]

EggWars is a PvP minigame which can be played by anywhere between 2-16 players. Each player will spawn on an island where they have to protect their egg from getting destroyed. And to win the game they will have to destroy the eggs of their enemies. The egg is essential in order to be able to respawn in case that you die.

Creator: AndiuberTwitter Account

How to play?

This game requires at least 2 players and it has a maximum of 16 players.

You’ll start on an island where you have to collect minerals from generators. You can then trade them with the villagers to obtain weapons, blocks, armor and so on. You are also able to improve your generators so that they generate minerals faster.

Your main objective is to protect the egg on your island. However, to win you also need to take down the enemy egg and kill them.

After done playing a round the map will self-repair / reset in 1 minute.



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8 Responses

5 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. MCPE says:

    Wow who do this map? I dont believe its like a server wow fantastic pls update it every day or weeks to make it very cool and great and add some new weapons and materials and maps! Thanks to EDITOR who created this map thanks a lot! =)

  2. wi-li H says:

    It a have nice pvp / minigame but need to know if it has to be on Adventuer or Survival it hit the Egg ?

  3. Some man says:

    Woowow if you read this comment then you should download mcpe 1.8 beta Now There Is Absolutly A Panda There

  4. somebody says:

    this is the best update of minecrat when there is a panda there

  5. MoisesR31 says:

    in what MCPE Version works this map? (i use

  6. MoisesR31 says:

    in what MCPE Version works this map? (i use

  7. JaketheFreak079 says:

    The map is cool but I want more maps to play egg wars.Please keep update it.


    Where is the command block’s location ?

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