Ekza’s Terrain Overhaul [Custom Terrain]

This is a custom world terrain which took the creator (Ekza) over two months to build and in it are most of the Minecraft biomes. Everything in the map has been handcrafted and as a result most of the terrain looks very natural. There are a few downsides and those are that it’s built in a flat world and that the ocean floor is limited to 2 blocks high.

You are allowed to use the world for building an adventure, creation, minigame or any other type of maps. The only thing he asks is that if you are making a video on the creation then please credit the creator (Ekza).

Creator: Ekza, Twitter Account

Download .McWorld (2.8 MB)
Download .ZIP (2.8 MB)

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60 Responses

4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. SolidMoney25979 says:


  2. JLan123 says:

    Looks like something I would put a Park in, maybe a Jurassic Park, (hint, hint gonza)

  3. rahim says:

    Its so cheap only 2.8 mb I think it will be 28 or 36 mb wow so cheap and tnx for cheap and tnx to the creator (mcpe dl reply something to this comment pls really not joke pls)

  4. JibifProductions says:

    It’s a really well made map, but it would be even better if it was made into a world template!

  5. the legendary rocke (tlr) says:

    Editor, it looks great thanks for making the most beautiful custom terrain map. 🙂

  6. Vladu11 says:

    That is not handcrafted. I can see trails of a brush from a Minecraft World Editing Program called MCEDIT

  7. KingJeff314 says:

    Could be used as a hunger games map. About the right size and it keeps people from digging down and hiding

  8. Zhawk77 says:

    Love the custom trees!!

  9. ChocoPlays says:

    This is really beautiful, the terrain is laid out amazingly, there’s so much detail, it’s just so awesomely amazing! Thank you to whoever did this, you’re amazing and I’m glad you worked on it! Thanks again ^_^ 😸😋🙂

  10. GutsyPaladin404 says:

    Why did MCPEDL go offline

    • Editor says:

      Some services crashed during an automatic update. We had to start these services manually in order to fix it.

      We’ve updated some things related to the website and we will most likely not have any of these issues again the future. 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mojang should take notes

  12. JGsGAMING48 says:

    Awesome!! I can’t wait to play it again with my friend!!

  13. Wilson says:

    Not the best but beautiful!

  14. pixelman546 says:

    Yes! It has been forever since I have seen a real custom terrain map! Amazing job!!

  15. Mr. blah Blah says:

    Is there a. Way to mod it so you can get the biome achievement?

  16. ProGamer5802 says:

    It’s a great map for survival! Awesome work buddy!

  17. AdamPlayz says:

    Can you do a template version of it??

    Editor pls Reply

  18. Gavin says:

    You should totally add some Tempals and villages

  19. Becca says:

    So cool! It would be great for a survival style hunger games

  20. SiLveRGuy says:

    Who is the creator of MCPEDL? 😃

  21. Zedd says:

    Can you make a Template pls? Reply pls 🙂

  22. Ace says:

    Can you make another of this plzz, this is so zing, gorgeous, and everything 😀

  23. Catness says:

    Tip: if you want to play survival on this map, build a village in creative first so you can get iron and diamond tools from the villagers. Would be nice if it came with a village…

  24. Skaarf says:

    It’s great but…
    would have been better if you can play on it in survival, but the world was made in a flat world so…
    you can see that this was ported from pc and you used world edit or mcedit so you could have made in in a normal world

    OVERALL, it’s a great map

  25. Solar says:

    looks like an open world map

  26. Patrick says:

    How do you get ores on this map??

  27. Risky Ashari says:

    Im every wanted this map, and i found it in mcpedl, thanks to maker map for make this map. Thank you.
    sorry for my bad english, im from indonesia 😉

  28. Wietse says:

    It is Sad that it is not a survival world , is it possible for you that you could overhaul a vanilla terrain so it is servival friendly ??? , that would be Nice 🙂
    But you did a great job on the creative flat world .

  29. Daniel says:

    Did u guys watch DanTDM With He’s Friends Play Pixemon Trinity In the Tinova region It’s a custom map build for them U think guys We can make this a Pixemon adventure? Like when someone makes a PixelCraft Add-on we can make A new Pixemon Region like what do we call it? Like I don’t know but guys Do U think it’s a great ideas? Let me know

  30. Zero_h says:

    Make it a world template dude!

  31. Arrow says:

    Is it okay if I make this into an adventure map? I wouod like to know, because I am right now, and I did give full credits for the terrain. And maybe I could make a part two if Ezka makes more terrain? :3

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I’m making this my Jurassic craft world 😉

  33. Zev20x says:

    Please tel Ekza that he should do a land of ooo (adventure time) map

  34. DeltaGamer says:

    OMG!!!! Ekza You Should Definitely Make More!!!

  35. MCPE freak says:

    Easy 5 stars! Amazingly beautiful!❤️

  36. MCPE_PixelMiner_ says:

    hi Ekza ^_^ can i have your permission to use ur map?

  37. Aidan says:

    Great, and I especially like to create my own maps, such as a town, or a hunger games map! I definitely want you to make more of these kind of maps!

  38. Sub2Tripleturtle says:

    I wanna Mike Diamonds on That world and iron, dungeons and a goal with The map

  39. 420 Koala says:

    This is amazing! Is it okay of I use this on a small server (with credit everywhere)? I want to build two small kingdoms.

  40. Superslimeboy says:

    Ok I downloaded this custom terrain and I found the ice spikes and fell in love with that part of the terrain (and also the mesa) then I found holes in the ground, then I saw the superflat world like 7 blocks under the custom terrain…. Sad 🙁

  41. TotisCat says:

    Hey Is It Ok If I Use This Map For A Project Like Fortnite Im Working On Fortnite With Command Blocks And So I Was Asking If I Could Use This I’ll Give You Credit

  1. November 12, 2017

    […] map uses Ekza’s Terrain Overhaul. It’s a free terrain which Ekza released to the public some months […]

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