Elmsville: A Modern City (Roleplay) [Creation]

Elmsville is a small, modern city which is mainly meant for roleplaying. Everything is interactive, from the showers (which actually work) to the garage doors and shops. Lots of commands and redstone have been implemented into the map in order to make the experience great. It’s perfect to use for role-play!

Creator: 2cuteRedstoneKitty / TripleThreat817
Updated: 14 October, 2018 (read changelog)

Here are some of the features included in this map:

  • Job System – Choose between many different occupations (each have different pay)
  • Shop System – Simple and easy to figure out! (You press buttons to buy stuff!)
  • Restaurant with drive-thru
  • Dentist – Clean up those hamburger-rotten teeth!
  • A selection of modern houses for the average person
  • Three awesome huge houses for the rich persons, complete with garage doors, indoor and outdoor pools, working showers, multiple bedrooms
  • Theme park with a mini dropper, roller coaster, bumper cars, made (partly) by TheSteakPotato
  • Custom texture pack which implements money, TV and more!


  • Finally, after much pestering, a shopping mart has been added! It contains foods and drinks for all occasions- for great prices!
  • Added the Wired House Mystery to the list of solvable crimes! For all of those aspiring detectives out there, now’s your chance- can you figure out what happened to the man at 666 Wired Lane?
  • Added a Health Class at the MineAcademia, for future doctors and nurses. Learn about the Minecraft healing methods so that you can get the Doctor Job when it comes out next update!
  • Changed the money system! Now there will be less bugs, less cheating, and better exchanges! You will no longer be short-changed or be able to buy a  $1000 for  $10… hahaha!
  • (tried to) fix the weird bug where people buy 15 Privet Drive!
  • started construction for a new Office Building, which will come with some new jobs!
  • started the construction of a new Doctor Job!
  • Fixed a LOT of bugs and glitches!
  • and more ;D


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237 Responses

4.47 / 5 (140 votes)
  1. Duck_bubu says:

    It is the best map i ever found in my freakin

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah it’s super cool! Just one question to Triplethreat, though. Is there a way to have like a mystery in the haunted house… I found books but I can’t get further than that.

      • Myah says:

        Have you found the kids head? If yes, Then good if no, Go find it 😉

      • XxJchanxX says:

        No you can right now but next time he updates it he prbly will. If you go to the detective’s place and say that you solved a mystery and click on the haunted house one it’ll say that it hasn’t been made yet

      • Mark says:

        Yes,on the backyard there is a grave dig it and you see a button then click it you will find a book there and the other one is inside the church if you go front you will see a lever then flip it you need to go to the towers one of them had hole

        • TripleThreat817 says:

          Wow! You guys have already solved the mystery… good job! I tried to make it as hard as possible and with the new update there’s an official story to go along with it. Check out the Jail to find out more. 😉 Again thanks so much for playing and it’s so awesome that you guys have spent time solving the mystery I put up! I am wondering if you guys would be interested in a new murder-mystery map, where you solely work as a detective. I want to know what y’all think! 🤔

  2. Shadow says:


  3. Dog54 says:

    I feel this is a great map idea with not so great execution. Many of the jobs seem to lack much to do (or seem to not exist at all) and there are less working things such as showers than there could have been. However, this is a new type of city which I don’t think has ever existed on Minecraft Bedrock before which will inspire many of us.

  4. Anastasis says:


  5. Tahsin kamal says:

    First one!

  6. LallyBear says:

    This is awesome! I love this omg its awesome 😀

  7. YourWorstNightmare >:D says:

    I like it i think next you should add a school thing

  8. GAVIN says:

    This was grate

  9. Anonymous says:

    The map is cool, but I don’t understand where is the info about job description (how much money do you get, when do you get, how do you get).

    • Fastrunner1195 says:

      At the job center there is a chest and in it is a book with jobs and descriptions

    • Potato lady says:

      You get it from the mayor or if it’s Kline a writer or your a chef u already get money and you get money from the mayor after every day!

  10. Tomodachi master says:

    Why can’t I do the security guard job?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t even install

  12. BagcableHW says:

    Awesome keep up the good work

  13. Zachriel says:

    Why to buy house 7ts glitchy i have 50 g8ld ingots i can buy 800 dollars pls fix it

  14. Gamer of Minecraft says:


  15. Gamer of Minecraft says:

    I have been Waitng this for a Long Time!
    Good Ma-…I mean Great Map And BTW First

  16. Rachel herring says:

    I love this map

  17. Rachel herring says:

    1st comment

  18. Katya says:

    How do you make the Dog playground?

  19. Yes says:

    I cant download it, it keeps saying that it is generating a new download code and it never works

  20. Bob says:

    Doesn’t work with media fire download plz fix

  21. Andrey317 says:

    Add a Prison that would be Cool add more houses. Thank you for making this Great

  22. Toomi says:

    Where do I get my money from doin my job? Pls I am very confused and want to know

  23. Henry says:

    Hey can i burrow your creation ? I would like to renovate it:-). I will put some more commands. But this is awsome!

    • TripleThreat817 says:

      Hey Henry! I’m glad you like my map, and seeing as I’ve built this pretty much on my own, it would be cool to have help. Once you are done renovating I’d love to see it! And then maybe I can post it (updated) and we can be co-map-creators or something! 😁

      • Henry says:

        Hey! TripleThreath18 Once again your map is amazing!! Because its now updated! But maybe next time I can renovate because soon I will upload my creation Mall. Check it out when Im done.. Ok?

      • Henry says:

        TripleThreat817 ! Do you have a facebook account or YouTube channel? Maybe if I’m done with my Mall I can send you the link. So your Updated with me! Maybe on June is my Uploading Here.

      • Supermeerk says:

        Add a computer lab to the school. Like what’s a school without a computer lab?

  24. Jeff says:

    It was AMAZING 👍👍👍👍

  25. Linlu says:

    Can’t press any buttons and levers?

  26. Personn says:


  27. James says:

    I really like that this map (I got the 2000 $ house) and all the other houses ar mine…not evil at all

  28. Harleyspaniel566 says:

    Please add a dog pound and a farm. Why can’t I be a farmer or a trainer? Oh yeah, ITS THE BEST MAP EVER!!!!!!!! IM ADICTED TO IT!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶remember, cocker spaniels rule!

  29. Hi says:

    Wait how do you get money and none of the jobs pay you well…I guess you could use your imagination!

  30. JustinELITE_Gamer says:

    If you will ask me to rate this map from 1-10… I’ll rate it 10000000000….its so cool..

  31. Snowflake_911 says:

    Don’t mean to be rude but instead of math it said “match”

  32. D05 says:

    Flaws: job mechanic feels empty without ppl, light issues, flat payment system(you know enough commands to do it better).
    Good points: Innovative type of gameplay, variety of things, sustainable life in the city.

    I think you just invented a new sub genre of mapmaking!
    Keep the good work up ;).

  33. Bioical_Blade1 says:

    This map is amazing but I was starving and broke af and I maged to find a McDonalds well I could not find any food in there so I decided to take the job there, yeah now I have to make burgers and chicken nuggets but I don’t know how to make them please change that

  34. JustinELITE_Gamer says:

    Does the creators have twitter accounts….?

  35. E says:

    How do u become a teacher?

  36. Luke maya says:

    Good map I’ve been looking for a school rp map and this is the 2 rp map
    It’s not the greatest map the roads are just path ways and the lack of organization and Im a modern builder and the buildings are not that modern the city is so open and empty you should add some greenery and a mall and bigger houses with fences and gardens
    The school should be big and with clubs and a lot of greenery
    ‘Modern’ is like fancy houses and things meaning not a lot for color and if there is color it’s all in the same color scheme.
    I’m not trying to say it’s bad because it’s not at al, I’m just saying what you can improve on 😁

  37. Toasty Banana says:

    Is this map for multiplayer? How can you play in singleplayer?

  38. #Savage# says:

    Triple threat I’ve got a question how do I get the job and will some kind of villagers or people come to me in single player not multiplayer but I love the map I want to get a job and I want people to come in single player please answer me as soon as possible

    • TripleThreat817 says:

      Hey dude! I’m sorry, but currently there’s no way to have villagers or people approach you on single player… however, there is a way to get a job! Just look in the McDonalds “Employees Only” room, or the Library, and click the buttons labeled “Press to start the job!” Then you complete the job as it tells you to, and you should get payed! In my opinion the easiest job is a writer- you choose some stuff and name your book, then you get a rating on your book. Also, if you really want to play with other players, you can find a friend or a sibling and play on the same WiFi. Then, one player can go to friends and see your world, and then join you. I am updating the map soon, so you could always wait until then, when there will be more jobs! 😉 anyways, hope I helped!

  39. Jayden McDunn says:

    If you have plug for Minecraft (2:99 in App Store) then USE THIS MAP FOR ROLE PLAY!!! If the dev keeps updating this map it will be beyond Legenddary!! Keep up the great work!

  40. D41ch1 says:

    Your map is awesome! If you could, please make a fantasy map with a job system and other elements that you put into this map.

  41. StormHowler97 says:

    Can you please add a grocery store. ;p
    And dorms for the school too. That would be cool.

  42. Fastrunner1195 says:

    Really cool, but it would be cool if you added 1 a mall, 2 a supermarket, and 3, a jail.

    • Fastrunner1195 says:

      And a parking lot at city hall (job center), and a farmer’s market

    • Princess Consuela says:

      And a zoo, aquarium ( Aquatic Update!), and more in the amusement park. And map creator if you want some help I would be willing to help. I would love to help on a map. I just would need some tutoring in redstone and commands. Please let me help.

    • Princess Consuela says:

      And a zoo, aquarium ( Aquatic Update!), and more in the amusement park. And TripleThreat if you want some help I would be willing to help. I would love to help on a map. I just would need some tutoring in redstone and commands. Please let me help.

  43. Neena says:

    As a fellow command block user, you do realize your house system in which you purchase a house doesn’t work properly, right? For example, the command uses /clear @p emerald 0 800, which is saying 800 is the max count for which the item will be cleared. Therefore, every number under 800 will also be cleared, triggering the has purchased Privet Drive saying. I’ve had this problem in my shops as well, let me know if you find a fix!

    • TripleThreat817 says:

      Hey, fellow command block user! I know about this, and it stinks! I’m hoping people will use their honesty for now, but since this is only MCPE and not the PC edition, the commands are kind of limited. I’ve been looking for a fix, however I cannot find one. If you, however, find a fix, I would be more than happy to include it (along with credit to you!) in my map.

    • EliteSurvivor1 says:

      I know how to fix this, By adding ATMs, You can withdraw(Get Xp for emeralds) or Deposit(get emeralds for Xp)

      • TripleThreat817 says:

        Hey! I actually found this out while experimenting for a water-park ticket system! Thanks for the help and I actually updated to fix the problem! It’s so amazing to have other command-block users play my map as well, and I think some people share ideas/give ideas for my map too.

  44. ILuvMineCraftToo1 says:

    This map is AMAZING but where is the farm? I can’t find it.

  45. Foxgamerteev says:

    I love this map!

  46. Alan Tomathy says:

    Can someone make a realm for this?

  47. JKMayDay says:

    Where is the jail? I can’t seem to find it, even though in the ‘Jobs and Descriptions’ book, it says there is one! Despite this little error, I think the map is amazing.

  48. Moolla Mohammed says:

    I keep on lagging out of the game when trying to join it. Please help me!

  49. Minecraft lover says:


  50. DerEnthusiast says:

    I LOVE THIS MAP! But where is the Book Steve Ender Game Part 3? On the Map are just Part 1+2. 🙁

  51. SOmeone says:

    Hi, my friend an I are in love with your map but a little confused. So for the jobs do you have to click anything, how do you sign up for a job? Or do you just see a sign that says “Jobs available” and automatically get the job and get paid?

    • TripleThreat817 says:

      Hey dude! Whatcha gotta do is simple. There are two ways to get payed:
      1) if you get a job at the library, or work as a chef in McDonalds, I have implemented working job and automatic paying systems there. I plan on making all of the jobs work like this.
      2) If you or your friend wants to be the mayor, they go to the mayors office and press the button. Then, they go to a place where they can grab a bunch of money and manually pay you!

  52. GemWolf says:

    I think that the map is AMAZING! I love it and me and my friend wanna use it for a role play for YouTube! The red stone is absolutely incredible and I love the job idea!!

  53. UPDATE says:

    Plz update soon thx!

  54. Minecraft Lover says:

    I LOVE this world so much! But I was just wondering when you will be updating it and what are some of the new things you are adding? Thx!

  55. Anonymous says:

    How do you get a job

  56. Paraphernalia says:

    I know everything and The Haunted House I know ALL THE SECRETS /MAP IS GREAT

  57. MafloBLITZ says:


  58. Morwenallia says:

    I am in love with this map

  59. JaketheFreak079 says:

    Hey I have a idea for the next update of this map!! ¡m==💶😍😍😎😎😎😠😕😍😎😍😍

    Add job Airplane
    Can place furniture in house you will buy and add furniture shop


  60. Mk says:

    you should add more secrets

  61. RAVENCLAW says:

    Maybe in the next update add more landmarks like statues of even build a Castle! Great work keep it up!!

  62. Mcsoilder says:

    I love this map it is awesome, but maybe the buildings need more light. But good job😄🥇🥇

  63. Hi says:

    Can you add a grocery store in which you can buy food. Also I have learned a lot about red stone from this world and I wanted to thank you! This world has introduced a lot of red stone creations that I have been trying to recreate! Also I wanted to ask if you could add a furniture pack cause that would be pretty cool! Thanks for your time!

  64. Anonymous says:

    your the best!!!

  65. Jordan says:

    It’s a nice map, however there are just a few complaints I have. 1st: The food seems overpriced. 2nd: There needs to be a button to cancel job shifts, especially if you have one of the items that it warns you not to have. 3rd You need to be able to buy more foods then bread in single player, the only other food I can find requires me to break into the back of Minedonalds.

  66. Jordan says:

    It’s a nice map, however there are just a few complaints I have. 1st: The food seems overpriced. 2nd: There needs to be a button to cancel job shifts, especially if you have one of the items that it warns you not to have. 3rd You need to be able to buy more foods then bread in single player, the only other food I can find requires me to break into the back of Minedonalds. Also I feel like we need a place to get furniture

  67. Tessa says:

    Great map! I have one question though, how do you get the nurse/doctor job? I’ve looked all over the hospital but I can’t find a button for it.

  68. Martina says:

    Ok this is probably not true their is one gorillaz reference the abandoned looking house looks like the spirit house from the saturnz barz music video and the address is The devils number so Murdoc’s House??? I know I’m a die hard gorillaz fan

  69. Teen 4426 says:

    Can you make it so when you buy a new home it sells your old home. That would be great.

  70. _Minoux_ says:

    Hello, this map is awesome ! The best i found for multiplayers and rp with my friends 😀 But you need to take a new screen for the pictures, we can see easely it was updated. And sorry for my english, i’m french ^^’

  71. DragonGalaxy says:

    How do u stop a job? I feel so dumb asking this for some reason.

  72. VibrantFrog1428 says:

    love the map… only one issue, the map comes with great behavior packs but no texture packs for the behavior packs. if you are able to fix this ( by making the map come withe the texture packs as well ) that would be great. BTW i love how quickly u make updates, the map has changed so much since the beginning .

  73. Unknown says:

    This map is great! I love it

  74. YoutubeLove26 says:

    This sis n incredible map! I have however been looking for the gateway to hell (if confused, go to the stone palace. There’s a book.) It has been an hour and I have yet to find it. If someone could help with this, that would be great.

  75. Unknown says:

    I can’t find Steve Ender Game 3. Where is it!!!

  76. Person says:

    When will the next update be?

  77. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Great map but only 3 jobs have some sort of minigame, the others are for roleplaying and don’t grant you money automatically

  78. Rose Diaz says:

    Amazing map I loved it alot!
    Me and my friends play on it EVERY single day!

  79. OTA48 says:

    has it a school?

  80. Snowflake_911 says:

    This is amazing!

  81. KILLERd7r says:

    How do I get the addon that is on it? It really cool or if you made it, is their a possible way to put the download link in.

  82. ???? says:


  83. Garret says:

    Car mod

  84. Greedy625 says:

    This is one of my top 3 favorite maps for mcp of all time. I love your work and I would love to see more updates in the future. Thanks for making a truly great Minecraft map!

  85. Cassia Taylor says:

    Awwww I was going to make one of these! But nowhere as cool as this 😉

  86. Amber says:

    How do you become mayor?

  87. BenjiiPlayz says:

    This map is amazing !!!💯 but how do you get out of the church room thing 😭 I’m stuck

  88. Bbguy1207 says:

    hey if you ever need help let me know i great with commands,redstone,decorating/building,and etc

  89. ChocoCookieCat2 says:

    This is soo fun

  90. Hi says:

    Can u add more food other than bread

  91. Malthe storm says:

    i love this game however i have a idea (sorry for my spelling i am from denmark) aluxery mansion (whit security) to 2500 maby just an idea

  92. This is probably ma favourite map says:

    Next Update:
    Garbage service!(garbage man picks up garbage and brings it to garbage dump(a pit of lava))

  93. Awesomegen01 says:

    Omg It’s the best world ever I am there super fan and I love the new update I’m in love with this 😍!!! I am the mayor of the town and I rp everyday with it and my friends all have jobs and the texture pack is both. My sister’s favorite part is the liberty they have amazing books. When I got this I loved it and now I’m blown away. Also join me and play in this amazing world at Awesomegen01! I give it 5 stars in a heart beet

  94. Dyven McGaughy says:

    I found out a way to get free money. First, you Head the the job center. Then, you go upstairs. Got to the mayors desk. Walk to the iron door. Go inside. Press the button the the command block. It will teleport you to where you can get free money!!!

  95. Dyven McGaughy says:


  96. Theqveenale123 says:

    Where is the criminal hideout

  97. Anonymous says:

    The TroMail Won’t Work for me when I write the command into one of the command blocks it automatically erases when I leave the screen I’ve reinstalled the map 3 times and it still doesn’t work. Also the first time you join it automatically buys you a house and takes your money but overall a great map

  98. Jsjsjd says:

    It’s amazing! However, you can buy houses without the correct amount of money. Also someone plz comment what the best house is in their opinion. (Idk which one to get)

    • The Meg August 10th, 2018 says:

      The one by the front gate to your left. The first one.with the little shade thing. It’s a good house with a working garage and a indoor/outdoor pool

  99. Unknown says:

    I love but the theme park is trash

  100. Me potato says:

    I think this is an AMAZING world just sometimes when I clicked the food job it gave me the animal stuff and I wonder why that glitched

  101. Alexa says:

    I love triplethreat

  102. Unknown says:

    TripleThreat817 can I pls use your texture pack (or whatever it is) for a world I am making?
    The map that I am making is inspired by this map.

  103. Anonymous says:

    This is a great map and i love it but i think you should add a grocery store, and a restaurant other than McDonald’s

    • The Meg August 10th, 2018 says:

      Like Minerblock Steakhouse instead of butcher block steakhouse. That would be awesome. I wish there was a aquarium because of the aquatic update

  104. Ari says:

    I like this map, but it needs to have a grocery store and more restaurants, like dine in not fast food.other wise great map!

  105. The Meg August 10th, 2018 says:

    Add a aquarium, Minerblock 🥩🏠, a petting zoo, add a slide to the pool, more to the amusement park, and add a link for a 🚙 addon that doesn’t take up the 🐖 , and upgrade the school. Thx!

  106. Asmeyx says:

    The zip won’t work for me.. why? It says it isn’t available.

  107. The Meg August 10th, 2018 says:

    I have a question why are some of the crimes not available? I completed the first one. Stacy is behind bars. But what do .i do now since there are no more crimes?

  108. kx9000 says:

    I love this map!!! But one thing – do you have a full story of that Imaginary Friend book from the book person option?? I love it!! 😂

  109. Update? says:

    When will this be updated?

  110. Silvia says:

    How much does the doctor job pay. I know it says 50-100 but that is for when people come and visit, but how much does it pay on single player??

  111. Aria says:

    Add more stores please!

  112. JessFearLess says:

    Does anyone know which building the entrance to the underworld is?

  113. NonBinaryBeauty says:

    This is good, Triplethreat I read the news when is the next update. You are my role model please play multiplayer my gamer tag is NonBinaryBeauty!

  114. NonBinaryBeauty says:

    Liz make a house key system email me for my design. How do you solve side street?

  115. JessFearLess says:

    I love this map! It’s amazing. But can you add a grocery store? I had to steal from mcdonalds 🤢 to get food

  116. UnspeakableGaming says:

    I love this map but can you have more Redstone operated things?

  117. News_101 says:

    Just read the news and when will the next update be? Please respond

  118. Parker Kate says:

    I loved it!❤️

  119. Adelynn says:

    This map is so Amazing If i can ever help on the map please email me and I’m there

  120. Eibhlinn says:

    You should add an airport next where you can travel to different places!
    Love this map!!!

  121. SaltyPerson says:

    I can’t seem to find where the entrance to he// is? I followed all the clues and went to the location but nothing? I already activated the lever.

  122. Crazyminecraft34 says:

    OMG. This is by far the best place I have ever seen. Also, when I try solve the mystery of the haunted house, it says that this mystery is not available. Plz fix this or tell me how to unlock it. I KNOW ALL ABOUT IT

  123. TripleThreat817 says:

    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’m working as hard as I can ha! I’m only one person and with school I will not be updating as often. Thanks for all of your support as well as your suggestions- they have helped a lot! There are plenty more updates coming in the future, I promise.

  124. Anonymous says:


  125. Danny Sorrentino says:

    Where do I put the button to go into it???

  126. Princess Consuela says:

    So please update soon. Me and my friends are begging for a update. I don’t understand the commands. Plz help me and update

  127. Supermeerk says:

    May you please add a computer lab to the school what’s a school without a computer lab?

  128. Supermeerk says:

    Please add a computer lab to the school

  129. Jolene says:

    When is the update coming? Not to be rude but it’s taking awhile.

    • TripleThreat817 says:

      Hey! Sorry it took so long, what with school (now full-on) and homework and everything, it’ll take a lot longer for updates to come out! I am only one person after all, haha… but I will try to update as much as possible.

  130. TomSureShot says:

    This map is great, definitely my favorite PE map. Just one question, how do you find the detectives office, I’m having trouble locating it. I just wish there were people for me to play with

  131. NonBinaryBeauty says:

    Triplethreat I love this but please update I am dying!

  132. mosjti_fin says:

    i hope its good i need it for mod testing

  133. Lol says:

    Awesome game

  134. Lol says:

    Awesome game woooohooo

  135. Potatoes will save the world says:

    Yeah this map is great and amizing, but could you add a bit more like my sister wants you to add a pet shop but I think it’s great the way it is!!

  136. Undecided says:


  137. Anonymous says:

    I decided notch to be mayor of this map i have a herobrine and notch addon anyways cool map tripethreat

  138. DSMC65 says:

    Please Update Soon

  139. I am confusion says:

    I found the portal but it just took me to an empty room with signs

  140. Coolio face says:

    Love this it’s so cool! Keep it up

  141. Nadialy says:

    The map is cool but the red stone to buy houses doesn’t work

  142. Anonymous says:

    I love the map thank for your hard work in the map

  143. Anonymous says:

    The map have a problem in the money system wasn’t working after I complete any job don’t give me the. Money

  144. honeylavendersandstars says:

    WOW AMAZING!!!!!!!

  145. ? says:

    The doors won’t work for me 😞

  146. Anonymous says:

    Love The Map! This is by far the best RP map I’ve ever downloaded! Keep up the great work!! 🙂

  147. MissTaco says:

    Please help! I’m really confused with the new money system and I like to play multiplayer w/ my friends but now there’ s no solid currency and I can’t make purchases except for the command automated ones. Other than this I really love the map and think you did a great job! I can’t wait for future updates and am super impressed on how much work you’ve put into this!

  148. MEF227 says:

    Great map but I have a few problems. A few times when I have been working a minigame job I don’t get payed. At the LuxApartments it takes my key away after a few uses. And when I buy anything anywhere it doesn’t take the money and I don’t get the item. Sorry to bother you but it would be much appreciated if you could fix these. Otherwise great map.

  149. Arvee says:

    it doesnt give me any money once i finish a job please fix this. also im addicted to it.

  150. Lily says:

    Best builders ever you should build more please I always love you worlds

  151. Cassidl says:

    So, Does the shop system work for Minecraft:  Education Edition?

  152. Unicorn girl says:

    OK,this map is fun, but CREEPY! don’t get me wrong I love this map but one time I was just rp having fun then…i saw it. 666 wired lane. (I think that was its name) It looked so scary! Then, i went inside for some reason, I went on the roof, and I saw a dead kid! AHHH! Then I went inside. saw some more blood (red stone) then saw a chest. I opened it get the book, “come play with me” read it, and now im gonna have nightmares. Please don’t make this scary!!!!! 😫😖😰

  153. Amber says:

    Is it avalible for xbox one

  154. Dragon says:

    I can’t press the button and get tickets for the amusement park though…

  155. Moon_Springs says:

    The writing job doesn’t give money after completing it, can you fix this please?
    Thank you

    • TheObsidianGem says:

      You have to visit the mayors office to receive your money if you are playing by yourself or no ones the mayor take the right amount if someone’s the mayor go to them

  156. TheObsidianGem says:

    Where do I find the criminal base? Asking for a friend

  157. JamesJack24 says:

    Not a single thing works

  158. Googlegirl2001 says:

    How do I get the detective job?

  159. Anonymous says:

    I can’t buy anything and I’ve tried with gold ingots and xp Halp meeeeeeeee

  160. Shopvil says:

    RedstoneKitty Good job I suck at making maps you made meh life!

  161. Luis says:

    When I go further when I break something or press something it takes a while to load why?

  162. Lee says:

    How can I buy the $2000 house?

  163. Anonymous says:

    Hey TripleThreat can I work on it with you?

  164. Georgia Bree says:

    I love this map but since the latest update the shopping functions aren’t working. I can’t buy a house or anything from the stores. Please fix this so I can start playing again I miss using it

  165. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if someone already mentioned this, but in the detective offic there is a sign that says missing child last seen in a red van? I found a red “van” (horse) in one of the houses. I searched the entire thing but couldn’t find anything. Did anyone have questions about this?

  166. Aj sean says:

    Hey I really love this map but its a bit too lonely, why not add some people to live in the city in single player, also a marriage and child system.

  167. Sandwich says:

    As nice as it is, all of the automated XP purchases don’t work for items, the command blocks check for the money, then put the item in the chest without taking the money. Please fix. Also make more of the jobs minigames, I would love to see the criminal with minigames!

  168. Nate says:

    Amazing! I know the creator!

  169. Anonymous says:

    How do I make money? That’s my only question and otherwise this game is awesome!

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