Elytra Parkour 3 [Minigame]

This is the third (and to date) the most advanced map in the Elytra Parkour map series. It’s a more seamless experience than the previous maps since it makes use of more complex redstone and command block contraptions to automate certain aspects of the minigame. There are lots of different levels too so that means you can expect much fun from this map.

Creators: JPlaysPE (Twitter),  Jannik_DE (Twitter)



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28 Responses

4.86 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Cody says:

    First to comment! Great map!

  2. Cody says:

    Can you also build a camp?

  3. JPlaysPE says:

    Enjoy this Map guys! 😀 should I make a fourth map of Elytra Parkour?!

  4. cybep says:

    Awesome map! You should make more of these except not in the sky but in caves or cities or something like that. I think that would add a little more difficulty and just make it more enjoyable. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  5. ToxicFoxx says:

    I’m absolutely awful at these,
    What the heck!
    I’ll do it.
    *2 minutes into the map*

  6. Abudi says:

    I love the effort and all that things also I wanna do something like that but I got no one all I go at is my bro who doesn’t even download the game others I can’t even meet them I’d even have lots of ideas but they never succeed

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good game

  8. Kidsource says:

    Great map, lots of fun!

  9. Darkgamer says:

    Nice map dude

  10. Jonapint says:

    Good job.

  11. XrRider324 says:

    I rlly like elytra maps.

  12. aloushi_454 says:

    So nice . Plz continue in making minigame maps

  13. XxRealPvPerXx says:


  14. Sophie bradford says:

    Love it I’m not good at flying but I really like it

  15. Ashwin says:

    cool world

  16. Ajenggkia says:

    powerrr !

  17. AnonyMoose Plays says:

    HELLO Thanks Do The map creator/s Im Gonna Ft. THIS to a Yt Video Thanks If You Wanna Check It Out Heres A Link Plss Sub If You Guys Like iT https://m.youtube.com/results?q=AnonyMoose%20Plays&sm=3

  18. Maimur Siddiqui says:

    Anyone with a brain can easily exploit this by just gliding to the end right away. Am I the only one who noticed that?

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