Enderman Pet Add-on

This is a really simple and clean add-on which allows you to tame Endermen and keep them as your loyal pets. It will act just the same way as an ordinary Enderman except that it won’t be attacking you but will instead protect you to his last breath.

Creator: Plasmascan
Updated: 29 September, 2017 (tame with an Ender Pearl, 100% success rate, tamed Enderman no longer does random teleporting when commanded to sit

How does it work?

You can tame an Enderman by giving him an Ender Pearl. However, you have to be careful because wild Endermen are hostile. Something worth noting is that if you wear a Pumpkin as a helmet then you can look at an Enderman without him attacking you.

Remember, you can’t tame an Enderman if you’ve already provoked him. This is why it’s very important that you avoid eye contact with them. However, as soon as it is tamed you can look at him as much you want.

  • iOS / Android: Hold an Ender Pearl in your hand, long press on the Enderman and press Tame to tame it
  • Windows 10: Right-click on an Enderman while holding a Ender Pearl in your hand to tame it

A tamed Enderman will kill for you, but only targets which you are getting attacked by or are attacking yourself. If your Enderman pet gets hurt then feed him some dirt to heal him.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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26 Responses

4.51 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Dab says:

    The orugenil Creator is noch

  2. YourStandingInIt says:

    Can You make a tameable evoker addon?

  3. Minecraft Champ says:

    Cool addon but 1 why do you have to take the enderman with a bow and 2 why can you heal the enderman with a block of dirt and cooked pork? (Btw I did check the files to see how it was done so I can make another mob tameable which if the project is successful then I’ll upload it) btw I’m not making fun at this addon I’m just wondering why a bow to take and dirt and cooked pork to heal and a cool idea is to make the tamed enderman to pretty much like anything and fallow your rules by that I mean the enderman loves the water (doesn’t get hurt by water) still automatically attacks endermites (bc there annoying when you get them) doesn’t tp away and doesn’t take blocks

    • Plasmascan says:

      Yeah It is weird stuff for taming and healing, I initially made this add-on for my world and never had uploading it in mind, those items were just convenient at the time, I might change it if I add more features to the enderman

    • Plasmascan says:

      Also I wanted the Enderman to be like a wild one, I thought it would just look like a resin of a tamed wolf or something if I didn’t have the Enderman hate water and randomly teleport and stuff

  4. ja269929 says:

    Does the enderman still teleport randomly???

  5. Sky says:

    It is really cool but when I’m playing with my friend every time she respawns he goes after her again intill she rejoins game and the ender man even when tamed will sometimes attack you and will teleport when make hi, sit and then he goes hostile on you and on every thing else he goes CANNIBLISTIC :0

    • Plasmascan says:

      I’ll see if I can fix this, I tried before and it would work but the Enderman wouldn’t attack anything at all until the first target had died

  6. Withercraftindo says:

    Crazy awesome!!!

  7. Hamza says:

    i soooooooo goooood

  8. Plasmascan says:

    @editor You spelt my name wrong XD, thanks for hosting the add-on 🙂

  9. $tryker says:

    God bless America.

    (I’m not a trump freak, okay.)

  10. Kidtutorialseasy says:

    IT WORKS PERFECT you just get behavior and recourse pack

  11. Green says:

    Col!!! My favorite mob is ender man

  12. Dreadlord450 says:

    When tamed the enderans health goes up like by 40 or 50 hearts

  13. 1v1 me says:

    is no one gonna talk about how u feed it dirt to heal love this addon xD

  14. Goldenwingman97 says:

    Lol I happened to spawn near a pumpkin patch with a huge canyon full of monsters and now I have two pet enderman done ask what happened to the third one…… anyway it’s a really great addition to Minecraft and I have a question do they pick up blocks from your house I’m a bit worried

  15. Anonymous says:

    How come every addon takes me To my frikin home screen (no hate 🙁 )

  16. Ярослав says:

    Блин Enderman vs enderman. Кто выйграет!?

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