Endless Tunnel [Adventure]

The Endless Tunnel isn’t actually endless but it is in fact more than 2000 blocks long. The map consists of more than 5 different stages: Corridor, Minecave, Forest, Dungeon, Nether etc. In each new stage there is a new type of herd of mobs you will fight.

Once you have finished a stage simply push the villager into the hole and your checkpoint will be saved. If you die later on you can get back to the checkpoint by using the railway at the spawn.


  • Warrior
  • Archer
  • Engineer
  • Ninja
  • Monk
  • White Mage
  • Black Mage
  • Summoner


  • Hardmode
  • Max 5 players
  • No mods
  • One job per play (you are allowed to change your job to another)
  • Only allowed to break blocks which you have placed

Creator: Newbieslll

end2 end3 end4 end5 end6 end7 end8 download

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2 Responses

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  1. Billel says:

    woow really cool

  2. Critic loves MCPEL says:

    Ok but I can’t download it it looks like a great map tho

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