ExplosiveLightning (Hardcore Survival) Addon

This addon has the potential to set in motion a series of natural disasters. The main change is for the lightning strikes which will now cause epic explosions and lots of fire. This can result in forest fires and massive destruction to the terrain and man-made structures. As much as this is just horrible it also creates a fun challenge which I’ve set up further down on this page.

Creator: Baxterblue

How does it work?

Lightning strikes are much more dangerous than ever before since they will cause both great explosion and lots of fire.

This creates a very difficult challenge for survival in Minecraft. Here’s my challenge proposal:

  • Set difficulty to max
  • Set the weather to thunder and make it last forever (/weather thunder 1000000)
  • Play in survival mode

Give it a try and see for how many days you can survive. Let us know in the comments on your progress (and maybe a video)!


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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43 Responses

4.5 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Lol xd says:

    I think 30 minutes…….

  2. Brdon says:

    I only survived for about ten days because the lighting blew up my house while I was getting food

  3. Sharpswords56 says:

    great addon but it gets really really laggy with thunder…so laggy hard to move..besides major lag it is really fun.

  4. raccoon says:

    This is awesome!!! I survived for 19 days before I died.

  5. NeverShowingMaName says:

    I’m gonna attempt that challenge tomorrow because my tablet has no charge right now. Just a quick question have the amount of lightning bolts been increased?

  6. Baxterblue says:

    Thanks For Posting My Second Addon Very Fast. Also Can You Change It So It Says Behavior Pack Because It Says Resource Right In This Post. Thank You

  7. Anonymous says:

    I survived 35 days

  8. Alterlolz says:

    Editor can u make me a survival map 🗺 I will love it if u announce me in decripion

  9. Noah says:

    Please make the light visible

  10. Noah says:

    I really want to see the lighting

  11. bnhhl says:

    i love this i survived 50 days

  12. KevinKhangYT says:

    i love this i survived 50 days


    Can you tell me what the map you were using that had the houses on it please?

  14. Ayman says:

    What was the map which was used in the pictures.I would like the link.

  15. Benalmond says:

    Play this on a city map and add dayZ addon

  16. Dan says:

    Can u guys put the download off the map too?

  17. Thoriq2 says:

    THIS IS SOOO COOL. lol i littelary made it 0 days i died when I was crafting a crafting table xDDDDDD this is sooo fun

  18. Matthew Au says:

    I survived for 11 real life days. It was hard though

  19. Noah says:

    Please make the lightning visable it goes by to quick

  20. Darius1st says:

    I got it made a new world and this is what happened.it took me 3 days to make my dream house when I went outside and closed the door. I had to make a grave.1 day later the grave blew up and so did i

  21. Me Me says:

    This looks awesome. Unfortunately, it would make the Pikachu/Raichu add-on unusable because they would kill you 20 times a day 😀

  22. Anonymous says:

    I survied 0 beacuse i did it on hardcore and i made a mob spawner in creative then turned it to survival

  23. CABc says:

    I lasted 14 seconds before I actually went to my house to make a bed then it exploded my whole house. Nothing was left when I spawned in.

  24. Steven says:

    A great add on for sure. I survived for as long as I played it because I mad a underwater house in the ocean quickly and then at times of need I got seeds for my farm and saplings for a underwater tree farm.

  25. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    I dont know maybe if I do this I will last 5 minutes lol

  26. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    12 seconds lol XD

  27. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    Ok I respawned and this time
    42.7 seconds
    I was just running trying to find where was I last died

  28. Michael Thomas says:

    I was minding of time and then I went up to the surface it took a while and then I died by a lightning strike. Still it’s a fun out on you should get it

  29. ConnorrowleyYTreal says:

    I made it 50 days in minecraft then died 🙁

  30. Andrew Lyberopoul says:

    I survived 27 days in my underground bunker, then there was a major amount of water on top, An thunder hit my bunker, also I died from losing all my food, as I was using the Minecraft Pe map “State of democratic”

    • Yo! Yo? Kold! says:

      Thunder is a sound. And how did you know if it hit if you were in there the whole time? And is it even a challenge if you are underground? -Oh yeah~ survived? More like cowarded!

  31. Alex63005 says:

    Just started a new survival world last night. I’ve been on it for a couple hours. Two whole villages destroyed, and my house is gone. Working on building another house. Oh and there’s a massive forest fire! This add on is great for anyone who loves a good challenge! I love this add on!

    • Alex63005 says:

      Update: I traveled across the an ocean and found a savanna biome working on building a bunker. I died and lost everything except for a few tools and some random things I had in a chest in the bunker, so I’m pretty much starting fresh. Probably one of the most fun worlds I’ve ever made.

  32. Alex63005 says:

    Note to self, DO NOT build a wooden house with this addon lol

  33. lleyton weaver says:

    Been playing like this for a while. I mean all I really had to do was make an underground base but instead I went past that I made a base in the nether. Although without that stuff coulda been pretty bad.

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