FFA – Free For All PvP [PvP]

This map is really useful if you’re a group of friends and want a nice and simple way to practice your PvP skills. It has a fully automatic kits system which lets you select a class before entering into the arena. Everything about this map has been designed to provide a smooth and fun experience. Once you’ve entered the game it won’t take more than a minute to get started fighting.

Creator: HongyiMCTwitter Account
Updated: 28 January, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

The spawn is on a floating platform. Here you can select among three different classes by stepping into the particles.

As soon as you walk into the particles your class will be selected and you will teleport to the PvP arena.

There is no countdown or anything. When you get there then it’s time to fight the other players! If you’re killed you can simply respawn by doing the above steps all over again.


  • Pocket Edition users will no longer see the “Equip Item” button at spawn
  • Added author’s player statue at spawn
  • Random supply drop will now display as a title command
  • Removed Dragon at spawn and Dragon sound effect (less annoying)


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33 Responses

4.56 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. BalMasque says:

    This is what I call, a quality map. Free for all, as the title said. No Minecon. No setup. Nothing. Just click on the links to download. Open Minecraft, port the world, done. Super fun and addictive!

    ~¡f u has no frienz den dats rel bad~

  2. SonorousMC says:

    How do you get particles plss say how

    • Ho Samuel says:

      I can’t find any commands about particles just about armor stands and random says.

    • Ho Samuel says:

      And I found that the colored particles are have names and the flame particle do not have any name. Colored particle can generate by fireworks and flame particles can generate by mob spawner. However the creator do not use that.

    • TheWhackyFoxxx says:

      I believe they made their resource pack for the particles 🙂 Maybe they changed the pressure plate. I don’t know 🙂

    • Hedgie101 says:

      I think I know how he does it. He uses resource packs to get the particles but he also uses commands for choosing kits. He uses either /testforblock or /tickingarea. Either way, this map is pretty cool.

  3. Robert says:

    Love this but can you make it so we can go in creative? thanks! BTW How to you get partials?😀

  4. Kristizzzgaming says:

    Probably best the pvp this year.

  5. Ho Samuel says:

    And I found that the colored particles are have names and the flame particle do not have any name. Colored particle can generate by fireworks and flame particles can generate by mob spawner. However the creator do not use that.

  6. Superslimeboy says:

    This is one of the best kit PvP maps I’ve ever seen!!
    One flaw in this map is that some kits aren’t very balanced…
    My friend and I were playing this and the Archer kit seemed to destroy basically all other kits… This is still a great map but the creator needs to balance the kits out as well as add a few more kits…

    • HongyiMC says:

      Hello there
      thanks for the feedback
      Please tell me what changes you want me to make and what kids you want me to add
      tell me on discord: HongyiMC#0902

      • HongyiMC says:

        Kits not kids
        lol mistyped

      • PixelBoy says:

        Please add Creative plzzzz

      • Christian says:

        Maybe an hunter kit
        •Speed II
        ▪Iron Sword
        ▪Strentgh 3
        ▪All Leather Armor Exept for chestplate(Iron Chestplate)
        -Btw how did u get the Mineplex kinda text on the top

        • HongyiMC says:

          Thanks for your feed back, your kit idea has been selected in the next update
          but it is slightly overpowered, I will have to tweak it a little, stay tuned for updates!
          Also here is how I do the boss text:
          I summoned a invisible and silent Enderdragon and named it “FFA – Free for all PVP”
          That is how I do it! 😀

  7. Andrew says:

    How do you get the particle?

  8. Wade Zer0 says:

    If any body wants to see HongyiMCs commands he used. You can look at them with an NBT Editor and at his hidden “private area” at location x1000 z0, which are the coords you need for the nbt editor.
    Well job HongyiMC, i liked it so much that i sought out to get those command block configs. I dont understand why you put up the private area thing. Those will be copied and i will not credit you for it because of the extra work i had to do to look at them.

  9. c00lguy506 says:

    Love this map its honestly quality

  10. Fire5kull30 says:

    How to get Creative Please?

  11. Steve says:

    Best map ever. I like Tank. It’s look like mobile legend. Now put new class like Mage

  12. BuilderDaimas says:

    Now i know how the particle works 🙂

  13. Firedroid3000 says:

    I got into the private area its a challenge and a half

  14. ЩФLF says:

    You should Add an Invisibility Potion For The Assasin Because In like Other Games They Can Use Stealth Making it really Useful For Killing Other

    ~I like Assasins~

  15. Wolf_Tamer says:

    You Should Add A power-up For The Assasin Like Invisibility Because In other Games Assasins Can Use Stealth Making It Very Helpful For Assassinating Others =)

    pls add this power-up =)

    ~i like Wolf And Assasins~

  16. TheWhackyFoxxx says:

    Can I use this for my realm?

  17. Anonymous says:

    When is the next Update Coming I’m really excited for the hunter skin

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