Flying TNT Mobs [Redstone] ( Only)

This is a command block showcase which combines TNT blocks with flying mobs and the result is a flying TNT block. No mods are required as everything is powered by command blocks. It’s quite limited in terms of functionality, but it’s definitely unique and something which I hope to see added in some way or another in future maps.

Creator: Dark_Lord

How does it work?

You can obtain the flying TNT mobs (spawn eggs) from the double chest. Before using a spawn egg make sure to press all of the buttons. This is necessary since they are basically powered by command blocks. If you want to learn how it works then simply press one of the command blocks to view the used commands.

Click here to view a GIF animation of a flying TNT block which explodes.

Important: This map is limited to alpha users only. Android users can sign up for the alpha here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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21 Responses

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  1. Epicdude says:

    lol I am first for the 3rd time

  2. The red dragon says:

    MCPEDL,you didn’t listen to my most recent review.Please,don’t make maps or addons that you are only able to get if you have a certain beta!Also,when is 1.1.0 coming out?

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      Sorry, but I do not think they are going to listen to your request. People like to mess with the new features by creating maps and addons. Sure, we ios people will not be able to get those addons and maps, but we must have patience!

    • NeverShowingMyName says:

      The editor doesnt make these

      People submit maps, add-on’s etc on Twitter which if the editor likes it he puts it on here

    • PolygonForLife says:

      First of all,why did you ask editor when 1.1.0 come out?Every1 didn’t know release date of it.
      Secondly,why?Did you just want tell editor to decline all the beta submission? If you didn’t want it just ignore it.Editor does not care about your review.Its up to the uploader or editor himself.

      Clam down dude.

    • Blaze says:

      Us android people wants new maps and addons as well plus ios players ussually get the update first so u cant complain when android finnaly gets it first.

  3. Anas says:

    What the f is this??

  4. LigtPlayzMC says:

    Editor, from all of my Cmd Creations,Pls accept 1[My CMD Creations-Portal Gun,More TNT v2,Mechanics]

    • BUDDY686 says:

      LightPlayzMC do you have a YouTube channel you can post them on because I want to see how to do the Portal Gun one

  5. MinecraftPros says:

    Hey guys why don’t you make a jet plane Addon for mcpe 1.0.6+ IPad and please accept request, I check this website daily #i don’t really make comments that’s why you don’t see any from me

  6. EJC says:

    Wien is Coming out on IOS?

  7. ZeroMinerzPLAYZ says:

    XD This is like TNT April Fools

  8. Stanley says:

    I don’t know how to get the Mods because I don’t know how to use the zip

  9. Stanley says:

    I wish I have a Block launcher

  10. Stanley says:

    I’m still in the 1.0.6 in Minecraft Pe

  11. The red dragon says:

    I’m with ya Darthvader4502.😄

  12. Dark Lord says:

    BTW it works on all other versions after this one…

  13. Dark Lord says:

    Sorry because i was inactive all these times… But this was the hardest year in my life…Anyways, I am working on spookiest MCPE trolls, tricks, creations etc. etc. etc. And I will submit it… It will be all by command blocks… And I promise, since there is command block in MCPE all my creations will work…

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