Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Re-Creation [Creation]

This is a recreation of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza with several of the animatronics and other objects to truly make it a cool (and creepy) creation to explore. If you didn’t know, the location is taken from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 which is a very popular horror game and that one being the second game in the series. The main thing which makes it really awesome is the custom textures.

Creator: Pedrinho1799, Twitter Account


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127 Responses

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  1. JeremiMcPE says:

    Is this available for minigames?

  2. William says:

    Can I have the link to the first 5 night of freddys

  3. Tanji says:

    Cool map
    I love it

    • Xjarrod21 says:

      Thx For The Support

    • SonicBoy says:

      Tanji how did you download the map cuz it won’t let me, On Minecraft it keeps saying “Unable to connect to world” so what should I do? I tried both .zip and .mcworld and it’s still not working!!!😡😡😡

  4. B_Cube_Person says:

    I’ve not played it yet, but this map seems pretty cool from the pictures!

  5. CrystalWinter says:

    Hello. I really like this map. Can you make a FNAF 4 map pls?

  6. MollyAndOreoGaming says:

    AMAZING but can I have the texture pack link I rlly want it :/

  7. ExoWolf says:

    [insert first comment here] hey there, great map, would be even better if you could actually recreate the whole fnaf2 game (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) multiplayer would make it soo epic, but singleplayer is ok too. Bye.

  8. Jake says:

    What’s the texture pack

  9. K says:

    Best day ever

  10. foxcatgaming2 says:

    So now that we have armor stands can someone please make a redstone fnaf game where armor stand get pushed around by pistons to attack the player and the player has to stop them? Or make fnaf 3 with an armor stand riding a silverfish.😺 that will only be teleported to the main room if you close a door?😺

  11. Brina says:

    This map so cool i love it so spooky

  12. KillerGamingHD TG says:

    Hey bro i can make you a free introduction of that map for 3 days only for 1 dollar 3 days free can i get your messenger?

  13. Zachriel says:

    Make more fnaf maps fnaf 3 or 4 or sister location

  14. KillerGamingHD TG says:

    The free is over btw sorry you need to pay 1 dollar only

  15. Rimas says:

    Can you add only addon without the map?

  16. Isack Gonzales says:

    Hey! This map is AWESOME!! May I have the texture pack please? Or could you link me to someone who can make a texture pack? I’ve REALLY wanted to make a map like this! Thanks! 🙂

  17. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    I was gonna do the FNAF 1 map but I didn’t know how to do a texture pack :/

  18. 61_Awesome says:

    Looks cool!! Look forwards to playing it!

  19. Frederikgamer10 says:

    Mega cool map

  20. Frederikgamer10 says:

    Mega cool map;)

  21. Jonny X says:

    Super smecher!

  22. BlueHedgehogGamer1234 says:

    This is awesome can you do FNAF 3 when you finish FNAF 1?

  23. Orchid chan says:

    Hi 👋🏻 I’m an Ios user it isn’t working with me 🙁

  24. Anonymous says:

    For some reason there is no map its just a flat world with a reocurce pack for me

  25. Austen says:

    Whats the texture pack?

  26. JeremiMcPE says:

    Uhhh… But we can Roleplay on this map right?

  27. JeremiMcPE says:

    Wow I really liked it, It really ressembles all the things in the game 😀

  28. Ski says:

    Hey! I love the map! Can you plz make a download for the textures doh? I really want to make a map and the texture pack is AMAZING!!

  29. Pedrinho1799 says:

    Hi, I am the True Map Maker and the Texture I would like to know Why did you put it on the Map boards that you made? I want you to put the real name Why did not you make this texture I am the Texture Creator (Pedrinho1799) If you do not I will fight for my Copyright

  30. Pedrinho1799 says:

    Hello I am the true creator of this map and this texture. Why did you put it? If you do not correct this I will run behind My rights autoraris this is not fair since I made this map and texture gave work and you who leads to fame for it? I Put This Map In The UTK Application My Profile If It Flames (Pedrinho1799) Remove This Download Or I’ll Get It Done

  31. Pedrinho1799 says:

    Hello I am the true creator of this map and this texture. Why did you put it? If you do not correct this I will run behind My rights autoraris this is not fair since I made this map and texture gave work and you who leads to fame for it? I Put This Map In The UTK Application My Profile If It Flames (Pedrinho1799) Remove This Download Or I’ll Get It Done

  32. AWESOME says:

    One thing..this…is… are awesome at making recreation maps for fnaf! I have an idea when you finish all the fnaf recreation maps.BENDY and the ink machine.a awesome challenge 😋

  33. Novabrine says:

    How did you edit texture pack for mcpe 1.2!!! Please tell

  34. Jake says:

    Can you make them move please

  35. I Hate Adfly says:

    Great map…except u didn’t make it! by Pedrinho1799 is the real one. U should’ve at least gave him credit and asked him permission instead of saying u made it!

  36. UG says:

    How do you get the map

  37. toybonnie1987 says:

    do not let me download it

  38. toybonnie1987 says:

    do not let me download it 🙁

  39. Mcpe gamer says:

    How to upload maps on mcpedl ????
    Please tell i want ot upload a map

  40. rocky supporter says:

    This is a really good map I hope you make more ^_^ keep doing what your good at

  41. rocky supporter says:

    5stars not two sorry about that

  42. That evergreen 41 says:

    Cool map is it a mini game as well?

  43. That evergreen 41 says:

    Me rate a 5

  44. Saileeic says:

    When i download it, everything was just purple/pink and black!

  45. TheImperfectOne says:

    On how is the texture pack called because I want to use it. By the way awesome map.

  46. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    Dear editor ik you posted the texture pack in the comments but I can’t find it, my freind is a YouTuber OrangeWither999 and created his own fnaf map for YouTube rp, he dose not want his map to go to waste but he wants the texture pack, can you post the texture pack on mcpedl thx have a good day or night

  47. Sage G. says:

    Omg!! Best fnaf map I have ever played!! I love it! I know it is a lot to ask but could you make fnaf 1 and fnaf sister location? It would mean a lot!!

  48. Toybonnie says:

    I made a way better map of FNaF 2 and made fnaf 1 3 4 and Sister_Location

  49. Squootre says:

    Nice!! But, can you please make the texture pack public please?

  50. Ian says:

    Make five nights at Freddy one please I will play and why didn’t you make the first one first

  51. Jp says:

    Hey can you please make a five nights to Freddys 1
    make sure you add the secret room you know everything please

  52. Jp says:

    Make a five nights at Freddys one please

  53. Jp says:

    Hey can you please make a five nights to Freddys 1
    make sure you add the secret room you know everything please

  54. BaghasArt​146 says:

    Make more fnaf 1-SL please :3

  55. BaghasArt​146 says:

    Make more ! Fnaf 1-SL please :3

  56. Frosty’sGaming YT says:

    This Is Awesome I want to showcase this map also

  57. Derp MAN says:


  58. KaiKai says:

    Love it so much!!!!!! Thanx for publishing…Although give REAL credit for the texture pack’s creator…😊

  59. KaiKai says:

    *hint I posted this on October 20…I skip time on this(by settings).

  60. FNAF Fan says:

    I love your game can you make FNAF 1,3,4,sister location plz make them in 3D

  61. FNAF Fan says:

    Hey im a big fan i love your game plz make FNAF 1,3,4 and sister location can u plz make animatronics in 3D

  62. SebasGamesAndVlogs says:

    Amazing! Never seen a Fnaf 2 map as great as this 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  63. Your number one FAN says:

    Can you make the texture pack

  64. YourBoiKaleb says:

    really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i liked the way you made the arcade machines!

  65. Ty says:

    Can you post the texture pack? It would be fun in regular, or we could even bould our own maps, so please post the texture pack

  66. Azorathemage says:

    Can I use the texture pack? If I can I will have your name and or social media some where in my world i just wanted to use the pack to use it for my friends and I enjoyment. If I can I wont use it in any video or stream.

  67. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Would you please recreate the FNAF 6 and the Ultimate Custom Night Office in Minecraft?

  68. Sofia Struck says:

    I know this is a recreation but I want to see a sister location map it would be cool with all the fun features! By the way I want to make a map how do I post it to here?

  69. Giovanny Medina says:

    You should upload the texture pack by its self I think people would love it i know I’d love it and ive been wanting someone to upload a texture pack so i can make my own Freddy Fazbears pizzeria

  70. Seth says:

    Five nights at freddy’s 4 map please

  71. Fox says:

    I have made the first and second fnaf

  72. Fox says:

    I love FNAF I have made my own FNAF 1 and 2. I play with my sister and brother

  73. AlwieEX says:

    Great map!!

  74. DeepDaHeapz says:

    Can this be played for a roleplay

  75. OrangeWither999 says:

    Its amazing!
    Why dont you do the same to FNAF 1, 3, 4, SL, 6, and UCN?

  76. RoboXeno says:

    this creation is perfect for a minigame!(need those command blocks)

  77. Temmie says:

    Link is deleted!!

  78. Commandblock.exe says:

    I was gonna build something like this, but the animitronics could actually move, and if you get to close to them they will kill you, and if the animitronic is at your door and the door is closed then the animitronic will be teleported to its original location! You can do this using commands, am planning to build something like thatI might and post it.

  79. Twisted says:


  80. David says:

    None of the download links work.

  81. Randomuser says:

    The link is deleted why?

  82. Pomell says:

    Mc world link doesn’t work

  83. itsOcelotPlays says:

    Look, I’m giving 5 stars because this is a great map. But I updated my game to 1.6, and (for me) it keeps on crashing my game! PLEASE fix this because this is a great map and I want 2 play it!

  84. blob says:

    I cant play it can someone give me a reason?

  85. lol says:

    I downloaded the world but it does not let me get into it and the minecraft closes 🙁

  86. Game1577 says:

    lol, the texture pack is bugged !

  87. Jake says:

    The only way i can play it is if i remove the texture pack

  88. Anonymous says:

    The resource pack crashes the game and it clichés till it resets the app

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