Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Night 3 [Adventure]

This is the third installment of the popular recreation of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location in Minecraft. It’s a full-fledged adventure horror experience with approximately 10-15 minutes worth of gameplay. As usual, it’s very cool game mechanics such as a fully narrated story and custom textures.

Creator: DarkPower202Twitter AccountYouTube Channel
Updated: 16 December, 2017 (read changelog)


Recommended Requirements

  • Minecraft:BE v1.2+
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Adreno 5XX Series GPUs


  • Fixed player not receiving Flash Beacon on the way back to Primary Control Module
  • Some other minor fixes (Optimization)


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64 Responses

4.86 / 5 (36 votes)
  1. Foxy02016 says:

    I did night 2 hope I’m in the shoutouts here we’ll im gonna do night 3 now so get readdy as I get teddy for Freddy

  2. Foxy02016 says:

    Awww thanks good to see I have a fan here

  3. Creeper person says:

    First comment.

    • Creeper person says:

      I couldn’t see the foxy jump scare! I don’t know if it’s a bug or it’s just my iPad. I don’t think my iPad Air is old, Plz help! Also, lol I killed Funtime Foxy at the end that’s how easily scared I get.

  4. Lolman says:

    Best job ever

  5. Hmimbiero says:

    are you suppost to be captured at the end

  6. DarkPower202 says:

    An update will be released shortly, this inculdes some bugfixes and optimizations.

  7. Danish says:

    At the end it says you got caught is that the ending of chapter 3?

  8. Sarah Kinter says:

    It is very scary

  9. Jas says:

    How do we download the texture packssss

  10. Lifepackerz says:

    YES!!! FIRST COMMENT please make night 4 and 5 your so cool i realy wish there is now a shield in minecraft😉

  11. Whitfield Gage says:

    Can you make a five nights aat freddy’s 1 map including all of the nights but having to unlock them.

  12. Geraldthegreat says:

    I will make a video of it in my channel name GERALDTHEGREAT TV

  13. Boruda Gaming says:

    Just very nice i loved them all waiting for more 🙂

  14. Minecrafter says:

    One word to describe this: Amazing.

  15. Johnny Test says:

    I want the textur pack please

  16. Rosaroso says:

    Cool Map Please Create Night 4 😉

  17. ☆ DJ Slime says:


  18. Butterchips says:

    I can’t wait to play it

  19. NightmareNikki says:

    As awesome as the game! (And much easier xD)

  20. LollipopChainsaw says:

    HEY BAWNBAWN TO GET HIM!! bawnbawn: Nope! Freddy: HEY BAWNBAWN GO GET HIM! bawnbawn: Nope! Freddy: TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anthony says:

    How do we get the song you cant hide on like witch music disk is you can’t hide

  22. HirwrC says:

    Doesn’t work on my win 10. I’ll just start the world it loads for a while than white screen for one second and… CRASH. Can somebody tell me what’s wrong please?
    PS: this issue was also occurred in night one but not in night two.

  23. HuyDark says:

    I really like you because you made this map

  24. HuyDark says:

    You can do 1 night 2 nights 3 nights 4 nights 5 into 1 map are not please

  25. HuyDark says:

    You are so talented when you have made this map that I beg for

  26. HuyDark says:

    I played but crushed your map but I’m scared of the second night

  27. Amythegirl says:

    this was awesome!

  28. HuyDark says:

    Can you do a 4 day map?

  29. jamaal says:

    give me Jurassic world addon

  30. jamaal says:

    give me Jurassic world addon

  31. Amber says:


  32. Creeper person says:

    I’m scared about night 4, about being in an animatronic and shaking off the marionettes.

  33. FredBear17 says:

    When is Night 4 and 5?

  34. Diamondblack2225 says:

    This is nice I like the texture,commands,and the animatronics I already played sister Location but not this type of sister location the best part is the end cuze the music at the extras or FUNTIME FOXY!!

  35. Mr miner says:

    You can run, but you can’t hide, we’ll always seek, we’ll always find

  36. Rosaroso says:

    Hi Can You Make A Complete Night Containing All Night in SL..That After A Night It Continues Night Please.

  37. KawaiiUnicorn says:

    So scary I threw my Device across the room when I saw the Animatronics gone I freaked out and Funtime Foxy freaked me out a wild ride

  38. Super45 says:

    Nice map can you tech us how to make the vioces and sound effects with the comand blocks? Or is it the resource pack?

  39. Pls do it!!! says:

    Wooooww!!! I love this please make an night 4 thank you

  40. CreeperXD 557 says:

    Pls in night 4 i gonna being shoutout see my video in CreeperXD 557

  41. Fnafiscool says:

    May I ask. Is there a video wherein you can put custom audio in mcpe?

  42. DuRpFNAF says:

    Great Job! First tho, how to you put the custom audio in mcpe?

  43. GamerGodPlaysYT says:

    I would like it if you would release the texture pack of this map some time I really wanna use it for a build world that I play with my cousin that also Loves fnaf Either way I LOVE The Map And love how much time and effort u put into it!

  44. Sucy says:

    Omg it’s amazing 😍 can’t wait til night 4 and 5 come out!r

  45. Vicarialgerm82 says:

    Looking looking looking……nope ……wait not looking in the right place..ok

  46. Vicarialgerm82 says:

    Will it still work on 1.2.13?

  47. Ayden says:

    Weres the button?

  48. Vicarialgerm82 says:

    Getting the resource pack is ease for me

  49. Anonymous says:

    I played night 1 and 2 it was scary and cool!!

  50. OrangeWither999 says:

    so much, im recording night 3 right now!
    Also, thanks for putting me on night 1 shoutouts, but not night 2 yet? I uploaded night 2 on Friday.
    Amazing map!

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