Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Night 2 [Adventure]

This is the second map in its series which lets you play through the second night of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location in Minecraft. Five Night of Freddy’s is one of the top horror games out there, so it’s really nice to see parts of it transformed into a Minecraft version. The map got some really nice game mechanics such as the narrated voice which will guide you through the adventure.

Creator: DarkPower202Twitter AccountYouTube Channel
Updated: 9 December, 2017 (read changelog)

How to play?

A narrated voice will guide you and give you tasks all through the second night. Now, go put those animatronics back to their stage but be cautious!

Minimal Requirements

  • Minecraft:BE v1.2.6.2+
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Adreno 5xx Series GPUs (Not sure about Mali GPUs)

Known Bugs

Contact DarkPower202 or comment down below to report more bugs!

  • Unable to see the (Animated) Jumpscares if you do not pass the minimum requirements.
  • Paintings (Decorations) might come off if you have Render Distance set to below 8 and not using Fancy Graphics.
  • Funtime Freddy’s Voice overlaps if you use the restart panel too fast.


  • Fixed Ballora not jumpscaring the player even when the player is standing very near to ‘her’.
  • Bidybab now have animated jumpscare (instead of using pumpkin face) and fixed the game over teleportation.
  • Changed some of the moving position of Funtime Freddy.


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55 Responses

4.67 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. Merrick says:

    Omg so cool I jumped at Funtime Freddy’s jumpscar

    • SlimePlayz says:

      Will this work on a ipad mini 2

      • Joel_creeper says:

        Yep, My iPad Air has the same specs as an iPad mini 2 and works fine.
        I (maybe unofficially) say that fnafsl night 2 is compatible with iPad Air and over, iPad mini 2 and over and iPhone 5 and over and iPod, unsure

        also this is great, can’t wait for night 3!!

  2. DarkPower202 says:

    I just have noticed that Funtime Freddy’s Left Hand has another Bon Bon (Hand Bonnie). I can’t fix this due to the game limitation.

    • Rahil says:

      I cant see the funtime freedy jumpscare. I don’t know what is the problem. I can see the bidybab jumpscare. And you can use the paintings and pumpkin blur to add multiple jumpacare. Pls reply

    • ItzJkGamesYT says:

      Hey DarkPower202 it’s me ItzJkGames!!

    • Grace says:

      I downloaded the first night and it works, but when I downloaded this one and got on the game, I spawned on a flat world and there’s nothing there. Is there anything I can do to get to where I’m supposed to go?

  3. Awesome guy says:

    Latest beta as in?

  4. RedFireSlime says:

    Wow! That so cool!

  5. Creeper person says:

    Yes I have been waiting so long (by long I mean 3 weeks) for night 2! 😄

  6. MineClan888 says:

    Yo, I️ was just wondering how to submit your mcpe world, or to be more specific, how to get the world download, if u can please tell me how to do it the easiest way as possible! Thank you

  7. OliverQueen says:


  8. OliverQueen says:

    FUNTIME FREDDYS SMASING I LOVE THIS I’m sad because the series of fnaf is over at least the games not books tho but this made me happy again

  9. OliverQueen says:

    I meant amasing

  10. OliverQueen says:

    I’m just rating because if you accept my comments your game will have amazing ratings

  11. OliverQueen says:

    So yea

  12. OliverQueen says:

    Keep it up

  13. Squidward says:


  14. BalloonBoy says:

    Hi? Hello? Hahha? After make a fnaf two one or BB will get you

  15. FuntimeFreddy says:

    Love it how’d you make it after making all the night can you make a hide and seek in the sister location place

  16. sheep says:

    Not that scary I played just amazing:)

  17. BlazeRBW says:

    Just realease the 3rd night already. I’m hyped as fuck.

  18. Janred says:

    Yes all waiting for this

  19. Luis Castellanos says:

    I soon as I saw this, you won’t believe how fast my cursor click on this.

  20. READ says:

    Does it work on 1.2.6 or does it need to be

  21. Gabriel Gamer says:

    I dont see the map in the spawn

  22. Tatar says:

    It did give me a scare
    The sound is so creepy
    The voice is like the original game
    (5 Stars)

  23. Geraldthegreat says:

    I got so scared I got a heart attack but in real life no one can scare me

  24. Entity303 says:

    This doesn’t work I’m mad!!!!!!!!!!!😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    • Joel_creeper says:

      You either have a low-spec device, old mcpe version or the map failed to load properly, it happend to me at night 1, it failed to load 100% and crashed on me, so I had to redownload the map due to the fact that the redstone glitched and I got stuck in the elevator

  25. Robo1611 says:

    I love minecraft fnaf games it’s so much fun

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh mer gud the best mc map I’ve ever played!!

  27. Chiersten says:

    Can u not make it adyfly like make the link like ur first night pls

    • Tato says:

      i agree my computer does not not support it because it says it’s an unsafe website. make a mediafire link pls (do this for all the other maps if you can)

  28. Pls do it!!! says:

    Night 3 please i really love sl

  29. Maverick says:

    For horor map it has a lot of commands! Im pretty sure it took you a long time to build it

  30. DarkPower202 says:

    An update would be released shortly. It has some minor fixes and improvements on difficulty.

  31. Star boy says:

    Its just like the real fnaf sl thanks for creating this dudde

  32. Jeremy G says:

    I really liked the map but I wish it wasn’t so short

  33. DAT BOI says:

    Love the map could you add a faint flicker for when you us the shock

  34. Matthew says:

    I love the game but you made it too hard you should make Funtime Freddy be less jerky and I can’t see his jump scare I like a where I can see a jump scare

  35. Random people says:


  36. SKYTDM2187 says:

    During the under the table, Bidybab Couldn’t kill me because I always kick the thing and if that was real I would knew that she was Crying.

  37. Cj says:

    I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one

  38. OrangeWither999 says:

    Thanks for putting Me on the YT shoutout. My vid hit the like goal and im recording PT.2 Now!!! Thanks

  39. Eli says:

    How do you survive bidybab

  40. Gosarg says:

    Can someone give me a link to download that is not

  41. OpticalRainbowz says:

    The loading took 10-15 min too long but great map I was patient

  42. Ryan says:

    How do you get fnaf sister location 4 ?

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