Footscray [Creation]

Footscray is a real nice city with many different areas to explore. The architecture is faithful to the original Minecraft theme and almost what you’d expect if there was in fact naturally generated cities in Minecraft. The city is constructed in a really beautiful terrain with four different biomes surrounding it. Have fun in Footscray City!

Creator: Republic of Astoria / rj4712, Twitter Account
Updated: 13 September, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Footscray City Hall
  • Astorian Federal Police (AFP) Headquarters
  • Vancouver Apartments
  • Central Train Station
  • IAMA Astoria offices
  • Durham district added
  • Flumejoll Bypass added
  • Sutton Highway added
  • Northern Circular Train Station
  • Inner Circular ring road added, circling the new Central district
  • Treasure hunt added in Sudbury


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147 Responses

4.48 / 5 (65 votes)
  1. ChrisGanze_YT says:

    That’s awesome map! i love it!

  2. KILLERd7r says:

    Are the structures furnished? And this deserves a five star

  3. Emanuel Barajas says:

    Every building is pretty much the same except for the houses so I didn’t find it amusing overall

  4. William says:

    Where is the fireturck 2

  5. Wizardous says:

    * In amazing Italian voice* Yas! MCPE Addons, if you visit other apps on your device, you can get more addons that you couldn’t get in MCPEDL! Like the one with half zombie face, that ones the bast!

  6. Razzbery says:

    if theres a school best map ever

  7. Cyril says:

    Perfect gg/good game it’s nice perfectly organized and I luv it not too small not too big it’s just perfect. Btw can I blow it up

  8. EnderxGamez says:

    Looks pretty good

  9. 554Gamercutepie says:


  10. chicken says:

    Love this

  11. Rj_gamer says:

    And nice!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Notch was the original creator of Minecraft bot herobrine

  13. IAmBored says:

    First comment!! Btw its a really cool map!! 😀

  14. Girlyfox123 says:

    This map is good for roleplays! Good job!

  15. $tryker says:

    WOW. This city really has it’s quality. It’s awesome in a simple way.

  16. rj4712 says:

    Thank you all for your lovely support!

    (And yes, this is the official account)

  17. Rj_gamer says:

    This is fun with lamborgini addon!

    And awesome!👍😉

  18. Max says:

    Fabulous creation!
    Great for the explorer
    Or the roleplayer! (Like me)
    You definitely deserve my 5 stars

  19. Damariobros says:

    This is a really amazing map! However, can you please add a map to make navigation easier, please? That would really help. Also, add a minecart system throughout the city with buttons to go where you want to go to get a better understanding of the layout of the city and where everything is. Other than that, amazing work with this map! You are a legit, dedicated Minecraft player who is also a legit builder, and does extremely legit things. 5-Star Rating for you!!! You are an amazing player! Good job!

  20. FreddieWAKAS says:

    Wow this is amazing I downloaded it thinking the pictures were faulse and it was a scam I had it for a week and no viruses so I gave it to my kid and he was so happy! He made it a realm so his friends could play and they loved it too!

  21. Henybean67 says:

    Is there a theatre?

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. GrimMetal says:

    If this was a ruin city, it could make a good apocalyptic city

  24. BloodyDeath101 says:

    Amazing (I have the other versions)

  25. Skalomanno says:

    Love it! Nice with all the cars, houses, roads and the decorations. The whole city is so detailed, not like many other city maps. Great job!

  26. NavyHazard NVHZ says:

    It keeps saying import failed

    • rj4712 says:

      It’s only supposed to be downloaded as a .zip file.
      Or sometimes when extracting it, there would be a file within a file (meaning that you need to bring out that file outside)

  27. Kidsource says:

    This is one of the best Minecraft city maps I have ever seen. Great work on this creator, top notch! I made a little tour video of the map if anyone wants to check it out. I know this took a long time, there are so many details. Definitely worth downloading!

  28. $tryker says:

    Perfect place to use Modern-style Addons.

  29. Rayyan says:

    Hey I opened a random shulker box in the town and found a sword and gray wool is it a Easter egg?

  30. Martini Armando says:

    very godd is a mod ti is a jurassic park

  31. Sc2 says:

    This I said a very cool map but where can I find the school?

  32. tunrat64 says:

    Hey thanks for the map it has really help me for my videos. don´t worry I do give you credit. thanks again!

  33. YomamaplaysMC says:


  34. YomamaplaysMC says:

    Come big boy speak! Nowwwww!

  35. Drake says:

    Plz to the next update add Crystal Lake and camp

  36. Drake says:

    And why Ariel is here by the way

  37. Ik Minecrafter says:

    Not a really good looking city I made better city than this lol

  38. GrimMetal says:

    So… I’m really fond of this map, is there gonna be teasers or something for new updates?

    • rj4712 says:

      Not exactly- I can’t do trailers/teasers because 1. no computer and 2. few chances at Internet.
      The best thing would be to regularly check the Twitter account.

  39. Ariana says:

    I love thisssss wieee but there is a problem. Whenever I go to the area where the pig statue thingy . The area became nothing its just suddenly the GUI dissapears and that’s it glitchy things happened huhu sorry for my English love from

    • rj4712 says:

      Maybe try re-downloading the map- I’ve never encountered it before
      Also, what pig statue?

      • Joshua says:

        Stop making the city glitch up because every time i go a certain part of the city it glitches up and I rate it 5 stars

        • rj4712 says:

          Sorry about that- unfortunately that isn’t something I can fix, as of course I’m not the person putting these bugs. You can ask one of the Minecraft developers

  40. Anonymous says:

    I blew it up.

  41. Teen Tube 23 says:

    It’s the best I play every day could you add a school so I can roleplay I’m a youtuber I’ll promote it for you

  42. Itsyeboi says:

    Its not built on a flat world, the buildings are nice, and its a pretty big city… so this deserves a five star

  43. JossMIT says:

    Why the cars go on the left are you British,australian etc.

  44. Kurtis says:

    could you make a Clash Of Clans map with trees and just flat with townhall ive been wanting to remake but takes time :/

  45. Froggod says:

    It’s cool

  46. Yo says:

    Why is it called footscray?🧐

  47. The White Wolf says:

    I love this map! Great job.

  48. I'm crazy says:

    This map plus me and my crazy brother plus 10 tons of TNT = the end of the world.

  49. Anonymous says:

    when I break a block in survival like wood and carpet I do not get it back

  50. Teen Tube 23 says:

    I’ve done some roleplay vids on this It’s amazing 10/10 best map ever

  51. Dog54 says:

    This map is great! I’ve had hours of fun here. When will Central be added? Next update?

  52. Elias Herlitz says:

    I’m making a map and wonder if I can use your map in it. That would be awesome

  53. SmartGamer00 says:

    This is amazing. Just one question. When will the airport be done?? I really think that would be cool!!

  54. Random says:

    Is there an aquarium?

  55. Cixo says:

    I actually love this city, I copied the world a few times because I was testing addons. I ended up using the dolphin riding addon and found two villages not too far from the city. Did you actually realize that the closest village to the city literally has a stronghold under it? I just happened to stumble upon it! Plus, if you do /locate endcity, the nearest one has a chest with 6 elytra’s in it! Definitely one of my favorite maps

  56. Anonymous says:

    Is it in survival?

  57. memecrafter27 says:

    Great map! 😀 I have used it for testing addons/minigames/roleplays! believe it or not its great for a crafting dead minigame yall should try it some time!

  58. Joshua says:

    When I reach a certain part of the map something happens. It completely destroys my control buttons . its not seen on the screen . and the map then glitches . not like your going to help me anyways plus why isn’t it on playstore

  59. joshua london says:

    i love it the city the details everything rj4712 you are a genius . I’VE been in footscray 1.0 and now 1.3 and then 1d4 version !!!!!!!!!!! please i hope we meet 1 day but in 1.3 my world glitched up but in 1d4 i felt happy but however its litterally taking up my space on my phone . first it was 28.6 MB and now 51.2MB . im literally disappointed in that and now its 115.5MB but other than that . its great . why isnt the worlds on play store to download its awesome

    • rj4712 says:

      Happy you enjoyed it! 🙂
      Unfortunately, I can’t do much about the size increasing
      Also, it is not on Google Play because:
      1. I am not an app developer 🙁
      2. the Play Store app doesn’t work on my device for some reason
      and 3. it is only supposed to be downloaded from MCPEDL, and MCPEDL only

  60. joshua london says:

    love it but the space on my phone increases as i downloaded it fix that . footscray 1.0 , 1.3 now 1d4 . 1d4 is better than all of them . you are a genius bro

    • rj4712 says:

      Glad you love it!
      Unfortunately, I can’t do much about the size increasing- I think it’s because the updates cover more area than before- nearly 3,000 blocks in width! 😮

  61. Nesrine993 says:

    I can say that Tazader is very furnished, more big, and more designed than Footscray, Footscray is not that laggy and I like this kind of city not like Tazader where your app glitches until your whole Android phone stops functioning, but in Footscray it only affects the game and not the phone, also this map is more perfect for roleplaying (like making a walking dead roleplay), the only problem with the map is lag and glitches but it doesn’t bother me

    • rj4712 says:

      Sadly, there isn’t much I can do to fix that problem 🙁
      Either you upgrade to the latest version of PE, or lower your render distance- recommended 5 chunks

  62. Zengamer says:

    I build new structures and I need the permission for publicate my update thx.

  63. Martinwang9 says:

    Really nice city! Usually in other big city maps all or most of the buildings are empty, but in this map most of them have full interiors. Very good detail

  64. KittyCake25 says:

    Is this based on a real city cuz near where I live there’s a city called footscray

  65. Joshua london says:

    One part of the city glitches everytime II get to that same part of the city . please fix that !!! I like the city by the way . foitscray is #1👍👍

  66. GalaxyGamer says:

    Is this British?

  67. TheDyenosaur says:

    this is a pretty neat map, mind if I use this map to host some command creations?

  68. GalaxyGamer says:

    It doesn’t appear on my worlds screen when I downloaded it

    • rj4712 says:

      Could you explain further?
      If you downloaded the zip:
      1. Move it to games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds
      2. Extract it
      3. Open the folder that comes and check whether there’s another folder inside
      4. If so, then move that folder outside of the first folder
      5. Delete the first folder
      6. Open Minecraft, then you’re ready to go!
      If you downloaded the. mcworld file, just rename the file to, then follow 1-6

  69. :/ says:

    I can’t download the map

  70. MapLover says:

    I have downloaded the map.. And when i click it it says “Level Import started…” then “Level import finnished succesfully” but the map doesnt show up… And nothing changed….

  71. EnchantedTheCat says:

    I played this map once about a year ago and it started glitching every time I walked over a certain point. Tried to re-download the map using the option above the ZIP(I don’t know how to unzip files yet). Does anyone know what’s going on?
    It’s a great map though! It inspired me to build my own city which I have been working on since late November 2017.

  72. Anna Rizza Armiza says:

    When after download it doesn’t go to my worlds tab, plz help…

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