Footscray City [Creation]

Footscray is a really nice-looking city with lots of streets and structures to explore. It’s faithful to the original Minecraft build theme and it’s really what you’d expect if there were naturally generated cities in Minecraft. The city is built in a really neat world terrain as there are more than four different biomes surrounding it. It’s a really cool city for being the first release!

Creator: Republic of Astoria, Twitter Account


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36 Responses

4.76 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. ChrisGanze_YT says:

    That’s awesome map! i love it!

  2. KILLERd7r says:

    Are the structures furnished? And this deserves a five star

  3. Emanuel Barajas says:

    Every building is pretty much the same except for the houses so I didn’t find it amusing overall

  4. William says:

    Where is the fireturck 2

  5. Wizardous says:

    * In amazing Italian voice* Yas! MCPE Addons, if you visit other apps on your device, you can get more addons that you couldn’t get in MCPEDL! Like the one with half zombie face, that ones the bast!

  6. Razzbery says:

    if theres a school best map ever

  7. Cyril says:

    Perfect gg/good game it’s nice perfectly organized and I luv it not too small not too big it’s just perfect. Btw can I blow it up

  8. EnderxGamez says:

    Looks pretty good

  9. 554Gamercutepie says:


  10. chicken says:

    Love this

  11. Rj_gamer says:

    And nice!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Notch was the original creator of Minecraft bot herobrine

  13. IAmBored says:

    First comment!! Btw its a really cool map!! 😀

  14. Girlyfox123 says:

    This map is good for roleplays! Good job!

  15. $tryker says:

    WOW. This city really has it’s quality. It’s awesome in a simple way.

  16. rj4712 says:

    Thank you all for your lovely support!

    (And yes, this is the official account)

  17. Rj_gamer says:

    This is fun with lamborgini addon!

    And awesome!👍😉

  18. Max says:

    Fabulous creation!
    Great for the explorer
    Or the roleplayer! (Like me)
    You definitely deserve my 5 stars

  19. Damariobros says:

    This is a really amazing map! However, can you please add a map to make navigation easier, please? That would really help. Also, add a minecart system throughout the city with buttons to go where you want to go to get a better understanding of the layout of the city and where everything is. Other than that, amazing work with this map! You are a legit, dedicated Minecraft player who is also a legit builder, and does extremely legit things. 5-Star Rating for you!!! You are an amazing player! Good job!

  20. FreddieWAKAS says:

    Wow this is amazing I downloaded it thinking the pictures were faulse and it was a scam I had it for a week and no viruses so I gave it to my kid and he was so happy! He made it a realm so his friends could play and they loved it too!

  21. Henybean67 says:

    Is there a theatre?

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