FS Treasure Hunt [Minigame]

This map is based on Treasure Hunt Simulator which is a map originally made for Roblox. Your objective is to dig for buried treasures which you can then trade for tool upgrades and other miscellaneous items. You can either play this map alone by yourself, or together with friends. The map is fully automatic with command blocks and there’s also a resource pack.

Creators: HAVOC INS4NITYYouTube Channel (Creator) (YouTube), AlmightyOldGreg (Co-Creator) (YouTube)

How to play?

Once everyone have joined and you’re ready to start the treasure hunt then go to the glowing Shulker Box on the side of the map. Take the materials from the box.

  • Bucket – Digging tool
  • Firework – Teleports you out of the digsite
  • Book – Tutorial

After you’ve found some sand and gold you can sell it to the villagers found in the huts. Use sand to get gold and use your gold to upgrade your tools and buy extra items.



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26 Responses

4.68 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Andrew says:

    Yes i like this thank you guys for making this map. Treasure hunt simulator is my favorite game in roblox

  2. SteveBricks says:

    What is that shader plz reply editor!! 😀

  3. Pop opioid says:

    Cool! ,Now I can play This with my Friends! 😄

  4. Ay_its_me says:


  5. Zitoutnoir says:


  6. XPAdventureYT says:

    Man this is great! Gives me an idea for a map…

  7. IIGenisisII says:

    cool map can u make a download for your shaders pls

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Ziggy says:

    love this minigame, lots of fun!! I also love the texture pack so much, is there a way to download the resource pack so i can use it in my survival world?

  10. Sugestion says:

    Awsome! But could you make a lightweight version of the texture pack? The texture pack you made makes my device lag a ton and it also makes it crash it would be greatly appreciated if you made a lightweight version that was not so heavy on the HD textures! Great job anyways tho!

  11. danielwolen769 says:

    its the exact copy as Treasure Hunt Simulator in roblox .-.

  12. Uganda Knuckles says:

    Omg the thing i been waiting for.

  13. Aliakbar050 says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome!Keep up the good work!

  15. Starpphire says:

    Nice make more ROBLOX stuff please make Pokémon brick bronze because it was ban and I miss playing it!

  16. Zehasep says:

    Um hey can u low the MB OF THIS MAP plz can u make a map more than 1MB

  17. Dave300 says:

    Someone needs to make a SoT creation in minecraft

  18. MCPEROBLOX says:

    Good map, can you make lumber tycoon? Hehe

  19. Hilmias says:

    I Like

  20. Liam says:

    Y can’t I cheat to see how far i get?

  21. jamel says:

    i loe this game and i play ths on roblox! i have jack hammer lol ahahah cool game

  22. Piston says:

    What mcpe version is this map use. My version was 1.5.0 and it bugged i can see trought thing and the texture errored

  23. NOOB says:

    I like you map

  24. Alesscreeper says:


  25. Marshmellow 878 says:

    This seems really cool especially the fact that I play this game in roblox all the time but, everytime I try to load this map, it crashes Minecraft and closes the whole program.. Is the resource pack required?

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