Genesis [Puzzle]

It’s some years in the future and artificial super-intelligence has reached an advancement where it’s thousands times more advanced than a human brain. Mankind have managed to almost reach self-destruction due to nuclear warfare but you are one of the few survivors in your region after a nuclear blast. You have now been put in a facility to go through a series of tests and one day hopefully save humanity from self-descrution.

Creator: MatPatCat


You are slowly waking up but since you are suffering from amnesia you have no way of telling what have happened or where you have been transported. It’s some years in the future and everyone have by this point in time their own artificial intelligence host integrated in their brain.

Your AI has told you that you survived a nuclear blast and humanity have entered a period of nuclear warfare. You have now been put in this facility to perform several different tests in order to one day save mankind from destruction.

genesis-3 genesis-2 genesis-1


  • Set difficulty to easy (-|—)
  • Don’t break any blocks


iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other:

  1. Download Map .McWorld
  2. OR if you rather download a .ZIP, click here.

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61 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Haroon says:

    This maps make me feel crazy its impossible

  2. Sidney Horton says:

    I got confused at the end of it after the AI said to put me keep me for further testing, and I went to the starting place

  3. Nicolas says:

    Cool, its hard…

  4. S says:

    The only Genesis I’ve hearx of is the SEGA Genesis!

  5. clement14 says:

    Thanks for this map
    It was very cool but i juste don’t understand the end

    • MatPatCat says:

      The map was fixed because I left out some buttons vital for actually GETTING to the end. Sorry, but it’s fixed now. If you get it again, shoot the buttons on IRIS’s mainframe with a bow to reach the end.

  6. Eli says:

    Really hard but the redstone is really good

  7. MatPatCat says:

    Unfortunately, I left out a very vital part in the map: the wooden buttons on the mainframe. This link contains the updated version:

    Please update the post, sorry about my error.

  8. ChaoticLemur597 says:

    This was an amazing map, make more, please, I really enjoyed this map.

  9. WithyBarbecue89 says:

    I would not suggest downloading this map because the map is too HARD and complex

  10. Glooby says:

    It’s a .mcpack download, not a .mcworld download…

  11. Arc1Dragon says:

    Can you please fix the file for mcworld? It’s a mcpack

  12. hitsme says:

    I found something really AWESOME!!!!!!

  13. DJDiamondsPlayzMC says:

    It seems to be very related to my map,did u get inspiration from my map?

  14. FFCANTON says:

    Nice map but i can’t do the bit with the lights

    • MatPatCat says:

      You have to get a string of lights from the left to the top right. Two switches together will get that. Then go in the far right door area and close the door while you are in the space to reveal the exit.

  15. Unknown says:

    I need help on the security code one whith the pistons can you give me a tip or something

    • MatPatCat says:

      Yeah I’m sorry about the difficulty. The trick is to get the redstone blocks to the dust under the blocks near the exit door, so that the Pistons behind pull back. Then get the iron blocks in the space and push the blocks and Pistons forward, getting the redstone blocks to the dust directly below the glass.

  16. TaoXtremegaming says:

    Wow, nice map. 8/10 can’t wait to play again, very impressive red stone, very interesting story, and hard difficultty, my type of map, but the map get EXTREMELY annoying later on in the game when zombies and spiders and skeletons keep making noice outside the map. I know I spent a while on the map to the point where it was night at the map but is it possible to make it so zombies can’t spawn closely like putting some torches outside the map? Anyways this map was extremely fun and I can’t wait for a sequel 😃👍

  17. CamHen says:

    Every time I download this map it overloads my MCPE and I can’t get back on. So because of you’re stupid map I lost all my worlds

  18. TheFuriousSlayer says:

    Bro that was an awsome map
    I am a youtuber with not that many subscribers but can we make a video together teach me how to beat your map it’s so hard and your redstoneing skills are unbelievable

    • MatPatCat says:

      Okay my channel (and email) is A Awesome which is short for Accidentally Awesome
      I will make a video of how to win Genesis.
      I will make a behind the scenes redstone tour of it too
      I will post those videos on my channel, and you can base your own off of them
      What is your channel called?

  19. Unknown says:

    Hey im stuck on the part where you need to make the glass symmetrical

  20. Mythrodak says:

    So, I’m stuck on the redstone light thing, it’s like impossible, can anyone give me a hint on what to do?

  21. BlueGem says:

    you had alot of redstone problems

  22. Harrison Canchola says:

    Easy is auxiliary out yet?

  23. Star Wars Fan says:

    When is Auxiliary coming out? I loved Genesis.

  24. Star Wars Fan says:

    I’m doing this again because it’s AWESOME!!!!!

  25. Theashortnose says:

    Can you update the map so it’s compatable with the newest version of MCPE?


  26. Ocelotc566 says:

    This is Portal, but with a few things changed

  27. Hcgvghj says:

    Ok I broke out of that and am now stuck at the red stone lamps light up switches doors level. Help

  28. Xwasp47 says:

    I went mad from this map

  29. Jeff Gordon says:

    Oh yeah mr krabs is a hobo

  30. GalexyFox_Chan says:

    (Slight spoiler, sorry!)

    At the end I really didn’t want to ‘kill’ IRIS, I was fine with staying there for further testing and I was kinda sad the game ended. But it was a lot of fun and really put my brain to work!

  31. Shehlanda Walker says:

    How do you get through the first part!🙁

  32. TheMCpcK says:

    Great Map! I have played Genesys and Auxillary! I can’t wait for Omega to come out! Genesys is a cool map but it gets very complex and there are many bugs that vary. I had to re-establish some of the puzzles. Other than that very, very great Game!

    P.S: I love how you reply to the players of the map. Auxillary was a bit easier than Genesys, I much adore it!

  33. Princess Consuela says:

    At the end I was confused because the pressure plate after you kill IRIS didn’t work, so I just switched gamemodes and floated to the end to read the signs. And I want there to be a reset button so I can see what happens when you don’t kill IRIS.

  34. Mack says:

    It’s cool, but I just finished the parkour near the mainframe and I have no idea what to do. No doors opened, no new buttons. Help? Please

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