Gimmeabreak: Coast Village

The spawn is in the village which is located on the coastline somewhere in the world of Minecraft. The village itself is located on what looks to be an island very close to the mainland. Though, you won’t have to swim to get to the mainland as the village got bridges nicely generated just perfectly making it look like there is a bridge connecting the village island with the mainland.


A little further into the village there are some houses and bridges spawned out in the water. This makes it look like if the village have its own dock. When fishing have been added to Minecraft PE you can just stand out there, chilling and wait for fish.


If you get off the village island and walk on the mainland for a bit you will find an opening in the ground leading down to a huge cave system with lots of ores to mine.


Seed: Gimmeabreak

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4 Responses

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  1. MISS UNICORN says:

    This is a really good seed

  2. anon says:

    There’s another village not too far from the spawn village. Just follow the river upsteram.

  3. A aron says:

    If you dig under the biggest house there is an open dungeon, with a witch and gold plated zombie

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