Glass Tower [Minigame] (Addon)

Glass Tower is a minigame spleef map which requires at least two players (but preferably more) to be enjoyable to play. An addon is included to enable some new explosive items and other tweaks to make the minigame as smooth as possible to play. The objective is simple. Blow up the floor by using the explosives and be the last man or woman standing.

Creator: Cleverlike & SnakeyeZZTwitter Account, Website

How to play?

As soon as everyone who want to participate have entered the map press the button in the ceiling of the glass box to start the game.


The glass towers consists of 7 different floor levels. On each each level you can obtain explosive eggs or explosive snowballs. The objective is to throw these explosives at the floor to make other players fall down. Due to an addon, you will no longer take attack damage or fall damage.

The winner is the one who is the last man or woman standing in the last level of the tower.

glass-tower-4 glass-tower-3 glass-tower-2

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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14 Responses

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  1. Killergreen2100 says:

    The mcworld is actually a zip file!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!????!?!?!Can you please fix this?

  2. B-B-B-BOY says:

    Amazing! But why don’t u add a link to addon only?

  3. Cam Kizo says:

    Editor, can I make an addon request? A Christmas addon, like lights, and other thing? Please reply of what u think!

  4. Ben says:

    Is only generating

  5. Magnusb187 says:

    Where do I get the add on

  6. luis (Redstone Maniac) says:

    Editor, I requested an armor stand addon

  7. Chikęň nůgget says:

    Could u make so u could download the expansion eggs and snow Balls?

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